Not Just a Headline: Stories from Palestine


We invite you to an evening of storytelling, songs, and poetry from the Palestinian interfaith communities and friends in solidarity. We invite you to hear our memories experiences and hopes for Palestine. We invite you to witness listen with an open heart and share our hopes and dreams. We are not numbers. We are not a headline. We are grandparents, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. We are human. 


For decades Palestinian narratives have been reduced to news headlines charts and statistics. The erasure of Palestinian stories from the public space is part of the dehumanization of Palestinians. In this event, we disrupt the disconnect between the media’s representations of Palestinians and their lived realities.


In this public event, “Not Just a Headline: Stories from Palestine,” we amplify the voices of Palestinians in the diaspora and friends in solidarity. Some of our speakers are Palestinian Americans who’ve lived or traveled in Palestine. Some speakers are friends from the interfaith community who have led educational and interfaith trips to the holy land for decades. 

We may not be able to end this war but we have a moral duty to witness the stories of Palestinians’ hope resilience and heartbreak. Free event but RSVP required: https://forms.gle/1JdDtyCaj52A75oH8

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