Girija Devi Sur Festival

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Seating Layout:

We Actor Studio Event planner is entrusted for organizing this year 4th Girija Devi Sur Festival by Surindia

About SUR
SUR established in 2014 and aims to spread finest arts to aficionado and lovers of arts. SUR’s founders engage in these arts’ services based on their experience of working in the field of arts over the years. SUR is trying to build the necessary resources and expertise to help artistes with the arts meaningfully, in ways that one wishes to and in ways that meet one’s arts-related requirements.

The world of classical music is a diverse and passionate one. So naturally, with all its brilliant compositions, outstanding performances, and crazy history, there's something for everyone when it comes to Classical Music. Music is life, and there is so much within it to be explored.

Music is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. It affects us in the deepest, most intimate ways. It draws people together. It raises spirits, and it conquers nations.

4th Sur Festival is the only festival in town who is impressing its audience since inception and this year onward it would be named as"SUR GIRIJADEVI FESTIVAL"​A tribute to the legend Padmavibhushan Smt. Girija Devi who was 88 years now and was a performing and serving age old legacy of Indian Classical Music highly regarded and respected by connoisseurs and also by Business fraternity. She was the queen of Thumri and queen of Purab and gayaki. We wish to pay Homage to this evergreen legend.

Artist Line - Up
¨ Pandit Anindo Chatterjee
¨ Ustad Shahid Pervez Khan
¨ Acharya Pandit Jayanta Bose
¨ Pandit Viswa Mohan Bhatt
¨ Sri Subrata Bhattacharya
¨ Pandit Subhankar Banerjee
¨ Pandit Ramdas Palsule
¨ Subh Maharaj
¨ Sushree Sunanda Sharma
¨ Anubrata Chatterjee
¨ Abhishek Lahiri
¨ Sri Moinak Das
¨ Pinaki Chakraborty
¨ Hiramoy Mitra
¨ Allarakha Kalawant

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