Chandrayaan-2 Science fun weekend workshop for kids in Vashi


Chandrayaan-2 the Milestone event in the history of India’s Space Programme is carve into a workshop to get an activity based experience of the complete journey to the Chandrayaan-2.

Beginning with the INTERACTIVE SESSION about space and the role of ISRO in the India’s Space Programme, the workshop takes you through the hands-on activities such as making a Satellite Model, building a Rocket Launcher and understanding and experimenting the Centripetal n Centrifugal forces, and how it helped the Chandrayaan to start its journey with a Geosynchronous Orbit. This is where the working model of Geosynchronous Satellite Model will enter into the picture.

There is a small activity of Elliptical orbit to explain how Chandrayaan-2 was a cost-effective mission, and finally the video of Pragyan Rover to explain what we expected to study on the Lunar Surface.

'Hands on activities' is a beauty of ScienceUtsav's workshop, so here in Chandrayaan 2 workshop kids will be learning basic science, used practically, with technology and engineering miracles, by making, exploring, and building take away models as a memory of the event.

The half day workshop (4 hours) consist of with 11 activities in it and 3 take away models.

Mini projects:
1. Model of Satellite
2. Centripetal Force

Major project:
Geosynchronous Satellite Model

Age Group: 8 to 14 years old

Alistair's Dance Academy Satra plaza shop 403 4th floor, Palm Beach Rd, Phase 2, Sector 19D, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Date : 2nd Feb 2020 (Sunday)
Timings : 11:00am to 03:00pm

For more details : 9819529406
Ticket Information Ticket Price
Chandrayaan Workshop INR 1,499

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