Save the Date : Maryland Humane Lobby Day


UPDATED: Registration Link now open!

**Please note that we will be in Room 150 of the House Office Building, NOT 170&180**

One of 2020's biggest days for animals in Maryland is coming up -- Humane Lobby Day! It's up to you to tell your legislators what you care about--if you don't, who will?

We'll be advocating for legislation to prohibit the sale of cosmetics tested on animals and furbearer killing contests, organized events in which participants compete for prizes for killing the most or the largest animals within a certain time period. Additional animal welfare bills are likely to be filed and may also be covered at the event.

***IMPORTANT: You will need to register with the official link to attend http://action.humanesociety.org/site/Calendar?id=117010&view=RSVP. RSVPing on Facebook is not your registration***

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