2/2, Sun, Womxn's Intro to tools & wood 11-2:30 PM

2/2, Sun, Womxn's Intro to tools & wood / Toolbox project, 11-2:30 PM

This class is a special womxn only workshop to create a safe space, led by a talented lady woodworker. When we use the term womxn, that is inclusive of trans, womxn/non-binary identifying people. We are an inclusive space, but also know woodworking can be a male dominated industry. Our hope is to create a warm, welcoming, safe space in this workshop for and led by womxn. This class also includes a super sweet screenprinted tool apron and Workshop journal for notes!

Getting into the woodworking game is tough. It can be overwhelming just knowing where to start with the thousands of tools that are out there! In this class we will introduce you to some of the most common tools that you’ll need to start building with wood! You will learn which types of wood are good for home use, tips for selecting the correct wood from the hardware store or lumber yard, and which tools you’ll need to cut, assemble, and finish your woodworking project. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice correct use of each hand & power tool included in class, as well as apply your new skills by constructing your own wooden toolbox! And even if you’re current arsenal of tools won’t quite fill up your toolbox, it can easily be repurposed to hold plants, magazines, or any other household items that need a home!

Each student will leave with one completed, wooden toolbox, a working knowledge of the basic concepts and tools necessary to complete further building projects, and resource guide on where to source your wood and tools.

- general safety procedures
- identifying and selecting wood
- measuring with measuring tape, sticks, and squares
- cutting with power saws, handsaws, and mitre boxes
- assembling wood pieces with clamps, jigs, and wood screws
- using a power drill and identifying different drill bits
- sanding and finishing your wood pieces

PLEASE NOTE: This class is great for total beginners with zero woodworking experience, as well as intermediates who simply like the project and/or feel a little rusty and want to get back into the craft. Our classes are more lo-fi and intended to be accessible to anyone with an interest in the subject and desire to learn!

Supplies Needed: None. You will be working in an environment with sawdust and wood stain, so please dress accordingly. Do not wear open toe shoes or sandals. Boots or tennis shoes are recommended. We will supply gloves, goggles, dust masks, and aprons as necessary.

1. No kiddos, classes are 16 and over.
2. To cancel, move or change classes we need 48hrs notice for this class. So after that, we cant refund you as we lock your space and have a unique matrix of seats in class w costs to keep out teachers paid a fair wage that supports them.
3. Have a gift certificate- just email us to sign up
4. BYOB and BYOS (snacks) is totally cool! Go for it! .
5. Parking in metered till 6pm Mon to Sat, side streets are not but be sure to check for signs!
6. Cancellations by Workshop- time to time we don't get enough sign ups and cancel class or if there is a snow cancellation- we will post cancellations on the site, facebook and instagram. Be sure to check before class but we will email anyone in a cancelled class with at least 24hrs notice if not more.

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