For Covered Girls: Roundtable Discussion/Filming w/ Baraa Ktiri


For Covered Girls: Roundtable Discussion + Filming with Baraa Ktiri
1 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020


AANM artist-in-residence Baraa Ktiri will host and film a roundtable discussion for her upcoming project, "For Covered Girls," a documentary series about hijab. The discussion will center on the hijab in all aspects: personal, professional and political. Muslim women and girls of all ages and backgrounds are invited to participate (hijab is not a requirement).

Baraa Ktiri is a Moroccan-American photographer, writer and filmmaker. Often told through a vérité and conversational style, her personal work centers on religion, immigration and identity. She loves to explore language within her art, and the way those living between cultures blend it. Baraa began her technical education in photography and video at Oakland Community College, and completed her studies at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Throughout her residency at AANM, Baraa will be working on her documentary series about hijab, "For Covered Girls."

"I started wearing the hijab when I was ten, and have long since worked towards creating a piece that would highlight the conversations Muslim women and girls have with each other regularly when it comes to this practice of our faith. I see this project both as a love letter to those within my community, and a resource to remind and teach ourselves and others of what came before."

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