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This event is a No-Voice-Zone (NVZ). Meet other local students, teachers, and fluent signers of ASL.

Hello, signers! The Chicago Community Chat in American Sign Language is still here helping you meet new friends, reconnect old friends, improve vocabulary, and develop a better understanding on Deaf culture.

Some of you have taken sign language classes for while but have yet mastered your signing skills. Some of you may have taken the sign language class for the first time and would like extra practices in fingerspelling and signing.

The group is committed to help you become better signers as long as you are committed to continue practicing signings. Think of it as the extra practice outside the classroom. Free of charge. So come over and chat with us with your hands, not your voice!

***IMPORTANT*** (for students)

The coffee chat is being used as the project or assignment counted towards class credit. In order for the event hosts to sign off, you must:
- spend an hour minimum carrying conversation with no voices -- using your hands and body language as your mode of communication
- present a list of 5 new vocabulary words in ASL that you learned tonight and using them in conversation

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