Introduction to Dabki (Arabic line dancing) with Dana Najib


DABKI* (Arabic line dancing) : Literally meaning "Stomp" in Arabic,
Dabki (also spelled Dabka, Dabka, Dabkeh, plural Dabkaat) is a group dance found in the Eastern Arab countries. Performed mostly as a unisex line dance, Dabke is avidly done at the weddings and parties of Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian and Palestinian communities. A version can also be found in Iraq, known as Chobie. The movements include rhythmic stomping, kicking, sidewards walking, hoping and jumping. In social
settings the dancers hold hands and form long moving lines or wide rotating circles. There are also many stage performances and musical theater shows that feature Dabke dances. You may also find Dabke used as a form of non-violent social protest during war and conflicts. But it is primarily a proud and energetic group line dance enjoyed by all ages and both genders. All are welcome! No dance experience necessary.

While normally performed in shoes, please note that only bare feet, dance shoes or indoor-only shoes are permitted on the dance studio floors.

*Special thanks to Karim Nagi for description.

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