Love & Fire Couples Retreat: November 8-9-10, 2019


3 Ways you will Supercharge your Relationship during a Love and Fire Couples Retreat NOVEMBER 8-9-10, 2019 https://www.playfulloving.com/retreats/
1. Speak Your Truth
2. Hone Your Senses
3. Master Your Body

Love & Fire weekend retreat is your place to disconnect from the world and CONNECT with PASSIONATE PRESENCE with yourself and your partner.

Inviting couples, partners, and lovers. Your weekend retreat guides you through experiential learning practices and rituals of love and fire. Quality time spent consciously connecting and having fun. Exploring with curiosity and wonderment. Relaxing and recharging. Turning up your level of awareness, confidence, passion and profound presence

Decide to leave the mundane routine everyday behind you. Join us for your weekend in the beautiful Canadian mountains of Kananaskis, Alberta (30min from Banff).

Join us this weekend and gain the awareness, confidence and profound presence. Your yearly ritual to keep your love & fire, joyful, passionate and present.

LEARN MORE: ? https://www.playfulloving.com/retreats/

You will learn and practice:

* Practice the fusion of breath, sound and body movement
* Authentically express your desires, intention, boundaries and consent
* Become consciously aware of your body, mind, heart and energy
* Learn to read your partner’s body, mind, heart and energy
* Learn how your playful loving energy can ground, nurture and heal
* Immerse yourselves in the sensate practice of the 6 senses
* Learn how to express your elements of intimacy; primal, sensate, energy or blend
* Play creatively with words to expand your seduction skills
* Learn and play with tactical tactile titillation skills
* Know yourself through your respective love languages
* Listen and expand your heart connection with compassionate communication skills.
* Share and dive deeper with your intimacy with a SPECIAL ancient adoration ceremony of heartfelt connection.

Everyone has the power to ignite the embers of passion and love in a relationship. Deepen, sustain and nourish an authentic expression and connection between self and partner. Tap into fun with curiosity and wonder. To creatively stoke and fan the flames of your love and fire for each other.

*Puja; an adoration ritual for today's woman and man. Inviting you to drop all the masks and be open and vulnerable to each other. You are seen as the goddess and god in this ancient ceremony.

Your yearly ritual to keep your love & fire joyfully PASSIONATE.and profound presence. A conscious connection, with curiosity and wonderment with yourself and your partner. Your yearly ritual to keep your love & fire, joyful, passionate and present.

at Kananaskis, Alberta for your Love & Fire Tantra Couples Retreat GETAWAY!
We appreciated the comfortable and safe space you created for us to further deepen our connection. We enjoyed the freedom to move, sit, stand and lay down with each other. The location was amazing.

Viktoria is a highly skilled workshop facilitator and relationship coach who attends to your comfort and creates a safe place for exploration. Her simple and powerful exercises allowed us to learn how communication beyond words is so important for connection. EVERY couple needs to take a workshop with Viktoria at LEAST once.
Trish & Paul, Calgary, AB

My lover/partner and I recently attended the Love and Fire couples retreat which Viktoria hosted out in beautiful picturesque Kananaskis in the mountains of Alberta.

Even though our relationship is sexually quite active, we still felt like we could learn more about how to connect more deeply in lovemaking but also in our communication with each other.

The sessions Viktoria facilitated exceeded our expectations! In fact, we learned a lot about ourselves, our vulnerabilities, our needs. We also learned how great it made us feel to learn how to communicate with love and compassion.

Since that weekend, there is a sense of a deeper loving bond between us. Can’t wait for the sequel! Love and Fire level 2!

Clarisse & Ray, Toronto, ON

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