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Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 4th, and join us for “May Day," featuring Tour de Coop and Bristerfest, hosted by Memphis Made Brewing Co. May Day will be a community field day of bikes, birds, bees, bands, and brews.

May Day will start at Memphis Made Brewing Co. with the fourth annual Tour de Coup, a unique bicycle tour visiting community gardens, backyard chicken coops and beehives throughout the city. This tour not only offers participants examples of how they can make their own neighborhood self-sufficient, but also connects different areas of Memphis in new ways. As participants arrive back at Memphis Made Brewing Co, the seventh annual Bristerfest will begin where attendees will enjoy live music from local and regional bands, art from local artist students and professionals, and a bazaar of vendors with crafts and gift items.

This event is free and open to the public. However, a $15 registration fee per person for Tour de Coop or Bristerfest will include an EXCLUSIVE 2019 May Day t-shirt (limited supply). A suggested pay what you can registration fee of $10.00 per person to benefit the work of Memphis Tilth is greatly appreciated! Registration will be available April 1st - May 3rd.

We have vendor booths available. If you are interested in having a vendor booth, please contact Ainsley Stephens at YWluc2xleSB8IG1lbXBoaXN0aWx0aCAhIG9yZw==.

If you would like to sponsor this event, please email Carole Colter at Y2Fyb2xlIHwgbWVtcGhpc3RpbHRoICEgb3Jn

Tour de Coop was inspired by our local food movement and growing urban chicken keeping in the City of Memphis. What better way to connect with your neighbors and community than to share information and resources to build the momentum and support for a sustainable local food system. Our City is populated by residents who understand the complexities of our food system and use that knowledge to grow or raise their own food and to support other sustainable growers. Community gardens abound, which reduces blight, rekindles community relationships, and provides healthy food. Farmers markets and restaurants support regional farms. Farming is a viable livelihood and our youth look toward it as a career path. Our food system is supported by local policies that enable and provide space for community and home gardens and sustainable farms. These activities are an intrinsic part of our economic development engine and Memphis is widely known as a community that cares deeply for and produces locally grown or raised food packed with flavor.

We are so excited to feature Tour de Coop at our May Day event this year! Sylvia Crum will be organizing and leading the bicycling rides.

2019 Tour Information

Date: May 4, 2019

Time: 9:00 am – 12 noon

Experienced Bicyclist Ride will begin at 9:00 am at Memphis Made Brewing

Family Ride will begin at 10:00 am at Memphis Made Brewing

The Walking Tour will begin at 11:00 am at Memphis Made Brewing

Registration Fee: This event is free and open to the public.

However, a $15 registration fee per person will include an EXCLUSIVE 2019 May Day t-shirt. *limited supply

A suggested pay what you can registration fee of $10.00 per person to benefit the work of Memphis Tilth is greatly appreciated!

Registration will be available until May 3, 2019 at https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4195167

Start and Stop Location for Group Bicycling Tours: Memphis Made Brewing Co., 768 Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38104

Plenty of room to park, your bike or car, and tons of options for post Tour entertainment and refreshments.
Bike Valet will be provided.

Tour Location:

The Walking Tour - A Walking Tour will be offered this year to accommodate families with small children that would like to bike, roller skate, skip, walk, or shuffle their way through the Cooper-Young Neighborhood stop locations. This approximate 2.5-mile round trip Tour and will incorporate a few gardens, beekeeping, and backyard chickens. This Tour will also feature a picture page scavenger hunt for the kids participating with a few more surprises in the works.

The Family Ride- The Family Ride will include the neighborhoods of Midtown and Cooper-Young, approx. 4-5 mile round trip Tour will incorporate gardens, beekeeping, and backyard chickens.

The Experienced Bicyclist Ride will include the neighborhoods of Midtown and Cooper-Young.


Walking Tour: Approximately 2.5 miles round trip

Family Ride : Approximately 4-5 miles round trip

Experienced Ride: Approximately 10 miles round trip

Map: To protect the privacy of the volunteers homes, the map with the stop locations will be emailed to you Friday, May 3rd. This map will include the address and information of each location. You will also be able to view this information, without the address, on the "Featured Coops, Gardens, and Beehives" Memphistilth.org website page.

Options: 1. You can join us for the GROUP TOUR that will begin at 9:00 am for the Experienced Ride and at 10:00 am for the Family Ride. Each group will be a total of 15 people with volunteers assigned as 1 leader and 1 chaser. This will allow everyone in the group to cross major streets together safely and in a timely manner. The leader and chaser will keep track of the time at each stop so that you will visit all stops. You can choose to stay at the stop location and not continue with the group at any time, the leader and chaser will not count heads but notify the group when it is time to move to the next stop. 2. You can choose to do a self-guided tour of the stops. You can visit any of the stops during 9:00 -12:00pm on May 4, 2019.

Weather contingency: The event will take place rain or shine. We will cancel the event for lightening or otherwise dangerous weather. If we suspect that we may have to cancel the event due to weather, we will send an alert email the evening of the 3rd and final notice of cancellation through email the morning of the 4th.

Tour Stop: At each garden/coop/hive the volunteer will take 10 minutes to give a presentation and then time for Q&A. You can stay as long as you like at each stop with the consideration that the Tour ends at 12:00pm.

Volunteers: We will have volunteers at each stop to assist you with information and to watch the parked bikes.

Bike racks: We will not have a bike racks available at each stop. Please do not place your bike against the location’s home/fence.

Bathrooms: Bathrooms will be available on the Tour at Memphis Made Brewing Co.
Please do not ask to enter anyone’s home to use their bathroom. Each volunteer has been instructed to not allow the Tour participants to enter their home.

Water: Please bring a water bottle with you during the ride.

As a reminder, you MUST register for the event through the brownpapertickets.com.

Although this event is free to the public, a suggested registration is posted to help fund the Tour. You do not have to pay a fee to register. If you are unable to pay for a registration fee at this time and would like to register with cash at the event, you will still need to register with brownpapertickets.

We are really excited about this event and as always thank you for your support!!!

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