III. Amsterdam Piano Sessions


A unique night of Musical Intimacy

About this Event

Are you ready for a music evening different than anything you've ever experienced?

The third edition of Amsterdam Piano Sessions comes back to Treehouse NDSM to bring you a a special soiree of piano music, where you get to experience five private concerts and a vegan tasting experience, all included in the same ticket!

Ischico Velzel, Xico Ribas, Daria Fedorchenko, Linde Tillmanns and Marko Ivic, each skilled in their own right, await to captivate your senses. From poetic classical repertoire to the elusive rhythm of jazz, the allure of contemporary compositions to the ethereal tones of minimalism and electronica, prepare for a kaleidoscope of musical genres that will transport you to realms unknown.

? Private Concerts, Personal Connections: Experience music like never before as you embark on a curated journey through the studios of our pianists. Divided into intimate groups, you'll enjoy exclusive access to private performances, where the artists will share with you tales of their craft, their inspirations, and the stories behind the melodies that dance from their fingertips. They will open the doors of their studios and play in their pianos, giving you access to a unique experience of diverse sonorities.

? Savor the Experience: But wait, there's more! As a guest of this year's Piano Sessions, indulge in a sensory feast curated just for you by the Vegan Bear Chef. Delight your palate with a tantalizing array of vegan delicacies, expertly crafted by renowned chef Gabriele Bonomi. And to complement the symphony of flavors, sip on a signature welcome cocktail that's as enchanting as the music itself.

About the Menu

With its strength and emotional essence, the music envelops the fundamental elements - earth, water, fire, and air - while Vegan Bear Chef brings them to the table. Together, we create a multisensory experience that combines the evocative power of music with the tasting of dishes, transporting guests on a complete and engaging sensory journey.

Begin your culinary journey with our Old Fashion Spritz, a refreshing welcome drink that pays homage to the classic spritz with a personal twist. Our version combines wine, bitter soda, elderflower, and rose for a delightful fusion of flavors that transport you to a bygone era with a modern touch.

Next, indulge in our elemental trio of snacks. The polenta slice with mushrooms embodies the stability of earth, while the spicy 'nduja crostini brings the fiery passion of flame. Elevate your senses with the ethereal cloud of rice topped with almond ricotta, representing the freedom of air.

? A Journey Beyond the Ordinary: Reserve your seat today, and prepare to be transported to a realm where the ordinary fades away, and the extraordinary takes center stage.

? Location: Treehouse NDSM
? Date & Time: Sunday, May 12th, 2024, 19:00 - 21:45

ISCHICO VELZEL - Modern Classical
Babajanian, Chebotarian, Scriabin, own works and improvisations

Ischico strongly connects with performing unique and adventurous piano repertoire. In 2021, she won first prize in the Lamond Prize, a competition for lesser-known piano works, with her performance of Medtner's Sonata-Skazka. She has also won prizes at the Princess Christina Competition and the Bender-Petrof Festival. Ischico actively explores the connection between classical music and other genres and disciplines. She will release her debut album with her favorite pieces and own work in 2024 with 7 Mountain Records. Ischico has been invited to perform in prestigious concert halls at home and abroad including Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam, Musis Sacrum in Arnhem, Sloane Square in London and Casa Battló in Barcelona. She was featured in several national radio programs in The Netherlands and SBS in Australia. Ischico completed two master degrees at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu in Barcelona under the tutelage of renowned pianists Frank Peters, Albert Attenelle, Petras Geniušas and Fali Pavri. She is grateful for the aid of the VSBFonds, Het Heij Konijn Fonds and Ars Donandi who have supported her studies financially. ​ In 2019 Ischico ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund a part of her second master’s at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She currently plays on a Yamaha C5, generously supported by Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument and Ars Donandi.

xicoribas - Ambient, Lo-fi, Noise

Electro-acoustic improvisations

Xicoribas is a classical trained pianist and a music creator with a strong focus in sound-art, experimental electronics and improvisation. His studies start with a bachelor in classical piano and a master in improvisation in Barcelona (ESMUC 2017 and 2020, respectively). In 2022 he graduates in Amsterdam with a master's degree in Live Electronics, where he researches on ways to make generative electronics with different degrees of noise or unpredictability. Since graduation he’s been actively involved in the experimental and improvisational scene in Amsterdam, highlighting the residency ‘Windows of Opportunity’ in Akoesticum in 2022, a radio mix of his solo project for Radio Alhara (2023) and the Spatial Sound Workshop with Sonic Acts (2024). xicoribas’ music references a wide range of styles, usually complicating the task of a concrete definition: nostalgic impressionism and neo baroque meet harsh noise, ambient maximalism, samplephonics, distortion and instrumental post-punk, all under the agency provided by the unpredictable.

Daria Fedorchenko - Classical, Late Romantic

A.Scriabin. F. Liszt. D. Scarlatti


Daria was born into a family of classical musicians and she started to play the piano naturally at the age of 3. For her, music was the first language, and often she would translate words into it and vice versa. She studied piano performance in the Conservatory of Oviedo (Spain), and later in ArtEz Conservatory in the Netherlands, where she also participated in numerous art projects, creating interdisciplinary performances. She had the opportunity of learning from professors such as Galina Egyazarova, Irina Zarytskaya, Victor Derevianko and Tatiana Zelikman, who inspired her to explore pianism and music beyond the scope of academic performance into a deeper level of artistry. After her graduation, she deepened her study on music in esoteric traditions. During this period, she started experimenting with different concert formats in the search of a way to bring stillness and authenticity to the stage. For her, music is never a means of entertainment but a tool to express beauty and awaken love that awaits latent in the heart of our human condition. To bring back the presence of the audience, she plays, integrates, and expands her knowledge of mystery schools in her performances, in order to sublimate the collective experience.

Linde Tillmanns - Improvisations, Free Jazz, Pop/Folk

Linde Tillmanns is a Dutch pianist, composer and improviser. For this special concert in Treehouse she will do an all-improvised set, where one can hear the wide range of music that influences her, from jazz to folk music to modern classical. Improvising freely and instant composing is a form of playing that Linde has been doing all her life, from the moment she took on piano lessons at age 6. Therefore you will see her in her 'natural habitat'.

Marko Ivic - Mininal, Neoclassical, Electro-acoustic

Own compositions from the upcoming album "When I entered, there was a room"


Marko Ivic, a Venezuelan artist with Croatian and Italian roots, is making waves in the music industry as a pianist, composer, and sound designer. Born and raised in the colorful backdrop of Venezuela, Marko's music is a heartfelt exploration of the human experience. Driven by a deep appreciation for the intricacies of sound, Marko finds inspiration in everyday moments and the complexities of human emotion. After completing his education in classical piano at the University of Zagreb in Croatia and earning a Master's degree in Live Electronics from the Conservatory in Amsterdam, Marko delved into electro-acoustic music. Since then, he has staged and taken part in interdisciplinary performances of varied kinds, alternating the roles of maker, performer and composer/sound designer. His works resonate with echoes of minimalist pioneers such as Glass, Reich, and Eno. Yet, amidst these influences, his music exudes a unique authenticity, inviting listeners to rediscover the subtleties of existence often overlooked in daily life. Through his music, he seeks to foster connections – not just with the audience, but within himself as well.

Vegan Bear Chef - Gabriele Bonomi

I grew up in a small town in northern Italy, surrounded by countryside. My early days were spent helping on my grandmother's family farm, and tending to plants and animals. In my teenage years, I dreamt of becoming an artist. However, practicalities led me to study accounting. But since 2012 I decided to change numbers and invoices into food and tastes!

My culinary journey has taken me from Copenhagen to Amsterdam. Now, in Treehouse, I blend my culinary skills with my artistic passion through Vegan Bear Chef, a project that merges plant-based cuisine with artistic expression.

Ticket Information Ticket Price
General Admission EUR 27

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