An intimate music evening dedicated to the piano. Five concerts in one, from classical to minimal and electronic.

About this Event

The 2nd. edition of Amsterdam Piano Sessions at Threehouse art complex invites you to partake in a unique evening scenario: listen to 5 pianists, in 5 diffeent spaces and 5 different instruments on the same night.

Manuel Wouthuysen, Ischico Velzel, Xicoribas, XA4 and Marko Ivic will provide a varied program ranging from classical music to minimal, cross-classical, improvisational and electro-acoustic.


Upon arrival the audience is divided in 5 small groups, which will each go to one of the piano studios to listen to their first artist. After they're done, the group rotates to the next studio and so on until all the groups have visited all the studios. Each artists plays for about 20 minutes.

During the performances, you will have a unique opportunity to experience the music, and meet the performer, get to know their studio and the particular sound of their piano.

The ticket includes a welcoming drink!

ISCHICO VELZEL - classical, modern, improvisation

Ischico Velzel is a young Dutch/Indian pianist that takes her audience on a journey with her fresh approach to classical music. She is active as a solo pianist and chamber musician, and has found her distinctive voice in experimenting with the borders of classical music. Her playing has been described as 'effortlessly expressive' and 'technically extremely fluent’. Ischico connects strongly to performing unique and adventurous piano repertoire. In 2021 she won the first prize in the Lamond Prize and she recently made her solo debut on Dutch national radio performing her own version of Mozart’s Lacrimosa and solo works of Armenian composer A. Babajanian.

PIANO: Yamaha C5 (1986)

XICORIBAS - ambient, noise, glitch, improvisation, live electronics

xicoribas is a classical trained pianist and a music creator which main focus relies in electronics, experimentation and improvisation. he refuses fixity! As in nature, xicoribas lets chaos and rules interact and dance between each other so together they can give birth to a new creation, everytime.


MANUEL WOUTHUYSEN - classical, improvisation

Pianist, componist, producer en docent Manuel Wouthuysen is actief jazz- en klassiek pianist. Daarnaast heeft hij een eigen band onder de naam MANOLO. Hierin combineert hij disco, met warehouse en een knipoog naar Herbie Hancock. Van 2011 tot en met 2016 studeerde hij aan het Utrechts Conservatorium. Aanvankelijk hoofdvak jazz, later ook hoofdvak klassiek. Gedurende deze periode kreeg hij les van Boy Edgar prijswinnaar Bert van den Brink en Lisztconcours winnaar Martyn van den Hoek.

PIANO: Feurich 115


XA4 - minimal, ambient, neo-classical, alternative, electronic, impressionist

XA4 mixes live acoustic piano with electronic enhancements and creates soundscapes with recorded samples from his old Bechstein grand piano. Influences in his music range from minimal and ambient to classical and electronic. He released work with Excelsior and Philip Glass's label in America: Orange Mountain Music.

PIANO: Bechstein (1920's)

MARKO IVIC - minimal, live electronics, ambient, neo-classical

Marko Ivic is an interdisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam. His music style is inspired by minimal electronic music and combines the piano’s lyricism with live effects and improvisation. His exploration of an installative, workshop-like environment with improvised music called Reflective Music, has had well received editions internationally and still constitutes an important part of his practice. He has also been active as a composer and physical performer for theatre, dance and film in projects that have toured the Netherlands and internationally.

PIANO: Kawai GE-30

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General Admission EUR 22
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