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The Small Business Initiative’s BOOST! Entrepreneurial Boot Camp (EBC) is an intensive learning program designed to “BOOST” potential entrepreneurs’ business idea into reality. Throughout the accelerated program, you’ll apply practical, real-world management and planning tools to not only develop a business plan, but learn the essentials of running a business. Learn from subject matter experts about the necessities of financing and promoting growth that will create your roadmap for business success!

The concept of the boot camp aims to:

Train participants in the basic skills necessary to start or expand a business

Develop the entrepreneurial spirit

Create networks of new business owners

Provide support services of capital, businesses operation and planning, as well as marketing.


This intense 26-hour program is scheduled over five days, spanning one and one-half weeks. The format includes learning activities as individuals and as a group, interactive dialogue with the presenters, individual project work on the business plan and opportunities to network with presenters and classmates. The topics covered in this program are a sampling of high demand areas that any entrepreneur would be seeking for approval of product and/or service. They include:

• Risk and Inspiration to begin the journey of an Entrepreneur • Accounting/Bookkeeping • Legal Matters • Marketing / Branding / Social Media• Resources • Insurance 

Time Commitment

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening – (5:00PM – 9:00PM)

Saturday, full day – (9:00AM – 3:00PM)

Monday evening – (5:00PM – 9:00PM) (Individual presentations will be made during this time frame.)


$199.00 includes program materials, snacks, continental breakfast & lunch on Sat, and beverages


The goal of the boot camp is to provide the participants with a working tool they can utilize in additional educational training programs over the course of the business development process. The additional investment in time and energy will yield the following results:

Develop a strategic business model canvas that identifies customer segment, value proposition, and customer relationship, channels of distribution, key activities, key resources, key partners and cost structure.

Establish the initial framework necessary to create and/or revise a comprehensive business plan and prepare a solid one-page business plan.

Create a presentation, utilizing completed business model canvas showcasing initial business plan highlights that can be presented to an executive panel of investors, business leaders and entrepreneurship coaches.

Develop the foundational strategy for a comprehensive marketing plan and branding platform for the service / product listed within the business plan.

More Information

The NWTC Small Business Initiative provides assistance and resources to help small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve peak performance in their business. As part of Corporate Training and Economic Development, we strive to provide support to the small business and entrepreneurial community throughout Northeast Wisconsin. The Small Business Initiative is located in the Advance Business & Manufacturing Center, 2701 Larsen Rd., on the north side of the NWTC-Green Bay Campus. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this or any other workshops we offer. We can be reached at: Small Business Initiative at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, c2JpIHwgbnd0YyAhIGVkdQ== or visit our website at www.nwtc.edu/sbi.

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