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Upcoming Business Events in Milano

Date Event Venue
19 Sep 2024 Dietro le quinte di un progetto AI Via Raffaele Lambruschini, 4C, Milano
19 Sep 2024 TALK DONNE E IMPRESA "back to work senza stress Copernico Milano Centrale
10 Sep 2024 Limenet Opening Talent Garden, Milano
19 Sep 2024 Perch i nani non diventano CEO e altre sette tossicit aziendali Spaces - Milan, Spaces San Babila, Milano
09 Oct 2024 APERITIVO CON AIDDA Wellfare Aziendale Copernico - Milan - Isola Copernico, Milano
16 Oct 2024 Human&Green Retail Forum 2024. P.za del Duomo, 14, Milano
19 Nov 2024 00S Governance Experience Missione Sostenibilit Enterprise Hotel, Milano
27 Jul 2024 Essential Community building. Incubation Acceleration and grant incentives. Via Angelo della Pergola, 11/4, Milano
04 Dec 2024 LIFT EXPO ITALIA 2024 Allianz MiCo • Milano Convention Centre

Business in Milan

Milan is one of the largest cities in Italy. It is the business capital of Italy and focuses on arts and culture. It is one of the most famous fashion centers in the world. Milan aims to become one of the topmost business capitals in the world. It supports many business conventions and seminars from around the world.  One of Milan’s business development strategies is to host as many conferences as possible and it also provides space and structure for the offices to work and deliver.


Milan Conference And Business Events

The business startup scene in many countries is different from the geography of Italy. While many countries have start-ups clustered around in major cities like San Francisco to London, the start-ups are kind of spread out in Italy. While there are many cities that act like a startup hub in Italy Milan is one of the greatest starts up in the city. After hosting the World’s Fair Expo, Milan business has gained recognition among many start-ups. This Milan conference Expo along with fashion has increased its value in the world of business. With highly developed transportation and communication facilities along with a lively environment, people prefer Milan for startups.

Milan Conference Hubs

Milan has hosted a number of conferences all over the city. Milan conferences are famous all over the world. The conference ranges from medicine to research and development of the business. The organizations that continuously arrange conferences are IIER, IRES, and RW. These organizations arrange conferences, workshops and provide sponsor from different countries and support for workshops. A wide range of Milan conferences is done by these organizations. One of the most important events in Milan is the Milan Fashion Week which takes place for nearly two weeks and all the major fashion designers and seekers from around the world visit Italy to attend this function. All these have made Milan’s networking events famous and approachable.

Meeting rooms in Milan 

Milan’s a business district and it has made a lot of changes in infrastructure to support business. There are many meeting rooms in Milan like, Milano convention centre which is the largest convention center, to host conferences of many industries and top tier services. Other places suitable for conference and seminar hosting are Palazzo Emilio Turati which is nearly 140 years old and recently renovated, with mural paintings and high ceilings.  Some the venues suitable for conducting parties are Just Cavalli a restaurant opened by famous chef Roberto Cavalli, Officine Del Volo, Pallazo Matteotti, are some places for parties.  The Milan business society has also built many Milan co-working centers like Copernico’s co-working spaces cover almost any requirement for a start-up or freelancer could require. 

Places For Business Meeting & Conferences In Milano

Learn how to grow your business or find the top business events in Milano that help you build your own startup.
List of business venues in Milano for business meetings, conferences and networking events.

  • Le Village by CA Milano
  • Talent Garden Calabiana
  • Metropolitan City of Milan
  • Milan, Italy
  • Copernico Milano Centrale
  • Meliá Milano
  • TruVs
  • Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli
  • Leoncavallo Spazio Pubblico Autogestito
  • Al Cortile
  • Milan
  • BASE Milano
  • Istituto Piero Pirelli
  • punto.sud
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