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Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) on the Nile

Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) on the Nile

Sat Sep 23, 2023

Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) on the Nile

Time Sat Sep 23 2023 at 08:00 am to 05:00 pm

Tiriji Eco Spiritual and Retreat Center, Meru-Ruiri Road,Meru, Kenya, Meru, Kenya

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Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) on the Nile, 23 September | Event in Meru | Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) on the Nile
Welcome to the first Ecovillage Design Education course on the Nile!
The NILE Journey is co-hosting "EcoVillage Design Education on the NILE" bringing African wisdom to the centre of Ecological, Economic, Social, Cultural & Spiritual as well as the regenerative design and learning from the local communities by co-designing and co-implementing ideas and projects of relevance to the local communities.
This program is designed to bring you in close contact with two rural Kenyan communities; Rusinga Island and Kithoka Meru. We will be hosted by Rusinga Island Organic Farmers Association (RIOFA) and Tiriji Eco-Community in Kithoka Meru. Throughout a month, we will experience a unique EDE, bringing the African wisdom at the centre of Ecological, Economic, Social, Cultural & Spiritual as well as the regenerative design. We will bring these dimensions into practice, learning from the local communities by co-designing and co-implementing ideas and projects of relevance to the local communities.
Location: RIOFA, Rusinga Island, Kenya & Tiriji Eco-center, Kithoka, Meru, Kenya
Time: From September 23rd 2023 to October 21st 2023
To explore the permaculture practices in Africa in general and in Kenya in specific.
To learn social tools for leadership, participatory decision making, group building, conflict transformation with a focus on indigenous wisdom from Africa.
To learn about the eco-social dynamics of the bioregion of the Nile, lake Nalubaale (Victoria) and Eastern Africa’s highlands.
To experience a holistic education process in the four dimensions of sustainability
To explore solutions for food sovereignty and effective models of transforming society from dependency to interdependency.
To experience two visionary community in “real life”, and learn from their story of existence.
To experience playfulness and artistic approach to life
To explore the importance of spirituality and creating sacred space in building new societies
Certification by Gaia Education as an EDE designer
In-depth knowledge of Kenya, East Africa, the Nile Bio-region and Africa.
Integrative design skills in four areas of sustainability: ecology, economy, social aspects & culture
First step for setting up EDE-courses in your region
An experience of the mode of life in a Kenyan rural setting
Visited three regions in Kenya: Meru, Nairobi and Homa Bay
New friends, ideas, inspiration and hope!
PLease check the pdf attached HERE
(Please note that the cost is divided into two components (Course fees & Food and accommodation)
1. Course fee:
Regular €1250
Early Bird € 1000 (First 5 applicants)
*payments will be made up on receiving a confirmation for your application
2. Food and accommodation options:
Single room in RIOFA €1400
Shared room in RIOFA €1200
Tent in RIOFA € 1000
(Worth noting that accommodation in IPI and Nairobi are all shared rooms).
We do not want the financial issues to be a blocker for your participation, please communicate with us if you are interested in participating. We have limited scholarships. Priorities for scholarship will go to locals, a second priority will go to people living in Africa and the global south. We also are open to discuss group discounts, if organisations are sending 3 people or more.
A 25% deposit must be transferred to book your slot after receiving a confirmation of your attendance. Confirmation is on the basis of “First Apply First Served”
Application Deadline: 21st July 2023
APPLY here:
Triji Eco Centre
is (a place of abundance; a place of remembering)’ an ‘edible’ eco-cultural retreat and peace conference centre situated in Meru, Kenya. Triji was created to remind the Meru people of their so-called old ways that have been forgotten, yet were very Earth and people enhancing. These skills are needed today to kick back the impact of climate change that is affecting our world and our livelihood today. They are also critical for rebuilding the broken people-to-people relationships across cultures. One of the main purposes of the space is to develop and put in place regenerative energies, appropriate technologies and sustainable agriculture for a healthy relationship with Mother Earth. Also, to create a peace academy space where people come to learn and share effective ways to build non-violent lives and resilient communities. Triji wants to bring forth and embody an Earth-respecting culture of “restore, respect, replenish” instead of the current one of “domination, depletion, and destruction” of nature and to model for high quality, low impact lifestyle; build community as well as integrate marginalised groups in order to tap into the wealth of our diversity; engage in sustainable projects that inspire children, youth, women and men to contribute to sustainable peace and development in our communities;
is a community social enterprise working with smallholder farmers in Rusinga Island and around lake Victoria Region, committed to being a model and learning centre in regenerative farming and business practices through being with the land and promotion of organic farming principles as well as permaculture ethics of earth care, people’s care and fair share. RIOFA aims at promoting sustainable land use management, resilient food systems, empowering smallholder farmers, women & youth groups through Permaculture, agroecology, organic farming with the dream of nurturing vibrant, flourishing and peaceful communities in Rusinga Island and around lake Victoria. RIOFA is founded by 21 farmers from Rusinga island. The organisation is committed to gender equal opportunities with 50% of the members being women farmers
Inspired and instructed by the Nile RIVER, the NILE Journeys aspires to offer such a regenerative approach while at the same time complementing the business, political and economic progress in ways that strengthen and further weave the grassroots fabric.
The NILE Journeys aspires to connect people of the Nile River through practices that build on values deeply rooted in our African soil. The Nile Practice, although particular to a region of Africa, will hope to offer universal practices of how people can live in balance with all life forms to be applied anywhere in the world. This platform is the safe container that will host the NILE Journeys’ activities online and on the ground. The online dimension will allow for dialogue, knowledge sharing and connection to occur. The on-the-ground dimension will translate into a network of learning spaces across the region.
In a nutshell our overall dream or vision is to live in “Nile Basin ecosystems that Nurture Life affirmation”. Our mission to reach this dream is “To foster meaningful relationships towards a thriving ecosystem in the Nile Basin by creating & facilitating experiential learning, nurturing regenerative impulses and cultivating indigenous wisdom”
Visa to Kenya
You need a visa to enter Kenya. Kenyan entry visas are exclusively issued electronically, with passengers required to obtain their e-visas before departure. You can apply for a single entry on the e-visas website.
You may need a yellow fever certificate when entering Kenya from certain destinations. Check whether you need a yellow fever certificate by visiting the National Travel Health Network and Centre’s TravelHealthPro website.
Health information (Covid PCR and Vaccination/Malaria…) (Shallala)
All passengers over 18 arriving in Kenya must present proof of vaccination against COVID19. Vaccinated travellers are not required to take a PCR test before travelling to Kenya.
You must upload your vaccine certificate to the Global Haven website before boarding your flight. You should be prepared to present a printed or digital copy of the Global Haven confirmation certificate when travelling.
The following categories of travellers are exempt from presenting proof of vaccination but will need to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate, conducted within 72 hours of your departure, to enter or travel through Kenya
a. Travellers with medical conditions precluding vaccination. Such persons shall be required to provide a letter from a recognized medical practitioner detailing the medical reason precluding vaccination.
b. Travellers who have recovered from an active COVID-19 infection or received convalescent plasma in the preceding 90 days. Such persons shall be required to provide a letter from a recognized medical practitioner showing that the person may have recovered from an active infection in the preceding 90 days.
Unvaccinated travellers must upload your negative PCR test certificate to the Global Haven website before boarding your flight.

Unvaccinated travellers may also be asked to take a rapid antigen test on arrival. These tests will cost 30 USD. Anyone who tests positive may be asked to take a PCR test at a cost of 50 USD.

You must also fill in a traveller’s locator form before travel on the Kenyan Ministry of Health web portal. On arrival, you will be prompted and required to submit daily health information on the Jitenge platform for 14 consecutive days.
If you have been in, or transited through, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Ghana or Nigeria in the past 14 days, you may be required to take a free rapid antigen test on arrival for surveillance purposes.
Full details of the Government of Kenya’s entry requirements in relation to coronavirus can be found on the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority website.
First Aid Kit and access to the hospitals:
First Aid Kit including Covide rapid test is available on site. Health and Safety facilities to isolate participants if needed are available. Access to clinics and hospitals is within max 30 minutes in both sites in case of any emergency.
Can I apply if I am not living in Africa?
This program is mainly targeting people from Eastern Africa and the Nile Basin, as well as the whole of Africa. Priorities for accepting participants will go to people in Africa. However, anyone is welcome to apply.
Accomodation and sleeping arrangements
Accommodation in RIOFA will be in shared rooms and shared tents, with shared bathrooms. There are 8 toilets (4 compost toilets) and 4 shower places. Accommodation in RIOFA is clean and simple.
Accommodation in Tiriji will be in shared rooms with ensuite bathrooms and toilets in most of the cases. Some of the rooms would have common toilets and bathroom facilities.
Airport pickups
Our team will arrange airport pick-up for you, we will arrange that with you one-on-one.
There are limited scholarships available. The priority will go to local Kenyans then to people living on the African continent, particularly in the Nile basin or in Eastern Africa. The second priority will go to applicants from the global south. This said, we do not want the financial matters to be a burden for you to take part of our experience, please write to us the details of your request and we will do our best to respond to your needs.
Meals are mostly vegetarian from the local produce of our communities. If you have any dietary requirements please indicate in the application form.
Meals in RIOFA will be either in the common restaurant or in farmers’ home, depending on the flow of each day.
Meals in Tiriji will be in the common restaurant area.
Certification, and what Can I do with the certificate?
The certification from GAIA education allows you to put you at the first steps of pursuing the field of EDE facilitation and EDE design. It also gets you plugged in the network of GAIA Education and possibly facilitates our upcoming EDEs.
Can I attend if I attended previous EDEs?
Flights to and from Kenya are not covered in the fees. We recommend you arrive one day before and leave one day after the EDE, this is already taken into consideration in the fees and cost of accommodation you are paying. You are welcome to stay longer before and after at your own expenses.
What to pack
Torch light
Walking shoes
Light colored clothes with long sleeves.
Mosquito repellent (ideally from natural ingredients)
Head cover for the sun.
Local traditional dress, food, music, instruments etc..
Offering for the ancestors’ altar
Games you want to share
Water bottle
NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC BAGS (This is legally banned in Kenya for Environmental reasons, a huge fine and possible sanction can be inflicted if caught with single use plastic bags)

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Sat Sep 23 2023 at 08:00 am to 05:00 pm


Tiriji Eco Spiritual and Retreat Center, Meru-Ruiri Road,Meru, Kenya, Meru, Kenya

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