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Vegan BBQ Cook-off & Festival

Vegan BBQ Cook-off & Festival

Sat Oct 30, 2021

Vegan BBQ Cook-off & Festival

Time Sat Oct 30 2021 at 11:00 am to 07:00 pm

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Early Maxwell Boulevard, Early Maxwell Boulevard, Memphis, United States

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Vegan BBQ Cook-off & Festival, 30 October | Event in Memphis | Vegan BBQ Cook-off & Festival
PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD.................. text or call if you are a chef or cook that is interested in signing up or entering the c

About this Event

PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD.................. text or call if you are a chef or cook that is interested in signing up or entering the competition to win cash prize and chef trophy.

(901) 249-0779


 The Chef Dr.  and MissFitnessDiva will be happy to assist you.


€HEF £. N. T Production LLC presents....

The time is now! If you think you got what it takes to step up, inbox me your email address for the best details we can offer!!

First Annual 

“Vegan BBQ Cook Off & Festival”

“Veggies with a twist”

Free to enter but $20 Adults that will give you access to sample food from all Competitors, q&r backstage pass, Goody bag, and a chance to one lucky audience will win cash prize, they will be given a number ticket. The host pull your number out and you will be call up to spin the wheel for your chance to win up to $1000. Must have a VIP wristband and must be present!


Details for Vegan Cook Off & Festival:


It will be 12 to 48 individual chefs or cooks going for the grand prize to determine who moves on the other semifinal round. And then the final to see who Reign Supreme in the Vegan BBQ Cookoff. Vegan dish for the judges: Looking for Appearance, Taste, Smell, Creativity with mystery ingredient. you will be given 30mins to plate up your dish and make your way to the Pavilion of Judges.

The contestants will be given a cook station to showcase their skills. If that contestant win, they will move on to the semifinals round to battle against other chefs or cooks. For the final round it will be a fatal 3way or 6way square off which is the playoffs of culinary arts. This will determine what place each contestant place in.

1st Place winner: Beautiful Gold Chef trophy and a $250 cash plus a free entry into our next cook off.

2nd Place winner: Silver trophy and $100 cash plus free entry into our next cook off.

3rd Place winner: Bronze trophy and a Spin the wheel to determine the cash prize.

4th Place winner: A Gift Card with Cash on it.

5th Place winner: A Spin at the wheel to try to win a gift card with cash on it.

For All the Chefs and cooks that was in the cook off get a Free entry into the next event as an audience.

Who will emerge victorious!  


We want to keep this show fun and appropriate to our audiences and the youth who attends. ( each audience  who attend will get a opportunity to find hidden Treasure in the park as they walk the trails to each Competitor station to watch them make magic.



One lucky audience will win cash prize, they will be given a number ticket numbers 1 through 100 B for black or W for white card the host call their number with color, they will win cash prize. Must be present to win!!!

Also, the audiences can be the judge of what food they think look and taste the best.

Share invite and spread the word the more supporters we have the better this event will become in the future.

Live DJ to play your theme song must be clean and edited to host you. If you have a bio of you just submit it in your file, pictures of your work will be great to showcase as well.

Questions and Answers about the cooking show:

1. What the purpose of this cooking show? To motivate and encourage our young people to look up to someone who's close to them in the African American, mixed cultures and other nationality community and to one day showcase their skills in front of a large audiences. 

2. Will I be getting paid for this? Yes, if you win Place 1st - 5th place winners

3. Can kids be a part of it? We will have a Halloween costume contest for the best kids costume I have one event down the road where I will have family vs family cook off and you will be given a mystery basket to figure out how to prepare that food item as a family.

4. How much will it cost to be an audience? It's Donations $20 and kids $5 No pets unless if blind.

5. Will there be judges? Total of 8. 4 of them are vegan other 4 non vegan

4 males and 4 females, there will be 4 blind folded 4 unblind folded it will be a number on your plate for those to choose from. This will make it fair for those who know the judges. to see the plated dish that way you will know and see who dish stand supreme.  

6. Will this show be aired? Yes, it will be recorded and aired live and possibly on the news and other radio stations.

7. Would I need my cooking equipment? If you have it, yes bring it. if you have your favorite knife you can bring that, but you will be provided a mystery basket of ingredients and plates to plate up your dish.?

8. Do it cost to sign up to be a contestant? Yes $40

9. Sign waiver? You will not have to do anything intense or grueling. This is not the Titan games yet lol...

  1. Would I be able to have a crew member assist me? Unfortunately, you won’t for this event. 
  2. What’s the veggies with a twist? What’s something unique you can add to your dish, this is when your creativity comes into play. You will have a mystery item to use in your vegan dish. And the theme for that month!

What Charity is this for? Y.M.C.A Youth Ministry Culinary Association & Civic Club (teaching and inspiring our youth to learn the basics of culinary as well as the word from Jesus. The word of God is food for the soul.

Rules and regulations:


1. No foul language to your Challenger, but you can talk smack!

2. No smoking or alcoholic beverages at the event!

3. No Pets or other animals, unless blind 

4. Must be on time for the contestants meeting for any updates or changes!

5. Must give a notice 7days in advance if you cannot make your competition! 

6. Must come rested and focus for the challenge ahead of you!

7. Must come dressed appropriate, dress your style, but not overboard!

  1. If you lose please don’t take it personal and throw things down to cause any damage.
  2. This show work around everyone and anyone scheduled, you will be going up against people that have the same availability you have, so schedule wisely.


What you will need to bring: one 6 feet tables, a nice chair, 2 gas burners. A chafing buffet warmer to keep your food or condiments warm. ice bucket or cooler to keep stuff cold. 3 containers for wash, rinse and sanitize goes under your table on a crate. Cutting boards. Fire extinguisher.  And of course......................... a BBQ Grill



Other things you might need to bring: your favorite knife, kitchen tools, design for your station, favorite table cover and anything else that make you feel good to showcase.


What I will need from you:

Your full stage name:

Your best contact you can be reach:

A picture you would like to use:

A history and bio of your cooking skills:

Cool updated videos:

Your hobbies and things you like doing:


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Tickets for Vegan BBQ Cook-off & Festival can be booked here.

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Nearby Hotels Early Maxwell Boulevard, Early Maxwell Boulevard, Memphis, United States
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Date & Time

Sat Oct 30 2021 at 11:00 am to 07:00 pm
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Early Maxwell Boulevard, Early Maxwell Boulevard, Memphis, United States

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