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    Business in Madrid

    Madrid has one of Europe’s largest populations and hence it has a thriving business and start-up scene. Madrid with its central location is the financial and economic hub of Spain. Post the recession in 2009, and due to the pace of the economy slowly rising in the last decade, the economy has grown robust and has been showing rapid growth. The strong economic activity in this region is due to the wealthy population, the research & development expenditures, the high level of initiatives taken for development, the low unemployment and the high added-value services it provides. Due to the dynamic and prosperous economy enjoyed in Madrid, the region is rich in offering business opportunities and provided for landscaping of upcoming companies, and hence one can see a considerable increase in the number of start-ups in this area and subsequently the business events in Madrid. It must be mentioned here that Madrid is well invested in its infrastructure and telecom industry and hence one can say that telecom aspect of Madrid is inviting not just the local business but attracting international investors too.

    Business Events in Madrid

    The booming business in Madrid can also be attributed to the countless number of initiatives taken to promote the same. Apart from the International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship Social Innovation and Business Research held in March, Madrid hosts an ample number of seminars, conferences and workshops in relation to business strategies, business outlooks and other market-relevant knowledge (at a national and an international level). Some of the eventos de networking en Madrid held through the year are Espana GRI, which is more of a networking event where people are provided with opportunities to identify business partners. The International Conference on Economics Management and Social Study provide an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, educators to get together and exchange ideas and solutions in the field of business, economics and social study. The Eaquals International Conference that assists in the professional development of persons by using internationally accepted techniques.

    Start-up scene in Madrid

    The environment of the startup in Madrid has a vibrant ecosystem characterized by a range of communities and ecosystems that help in promoting the general start-up atmosphere. One must only also take note that there are a good number of incubators and accelerators such as Grupo Intercom, seed Rocket and Mola that facilitate these start-ups. Hosting eventos startups Madrid is a way to encourage budding start-ups to enter the market. As the start-up market is booming, one must take note of the upcoming start-ups in Madrid such as Billin, Cabify, Drone Hopper, Indexa Capital and Influencity. All the above-mentioned startups have come into the market to develop local infrastructure and increase local employment.

    Madrid has its only business district where the entire city's business population has been concentrated. This is known as Cuatro Torres Business Area or Four Towers Business Area and is located in the Paseo De La Castellana area of Madrid. Known to be the business hub of Madrid, this area is also house to some of the tallest buildings of the European Union. There are many hubs for business activities in Madrid, like the Colon Area, Azca Area, Cuzco Square and Alcobendas Municipality.