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REBORN | 21-day online course to reconnect with yourself


REBORN | 21-day online course to reconnect with yourself

If there was a way to access your higher self and end the negative mental chatter that blocks your personal power, would you say YES? 

How much longer are you willing to:

Shrink even though you know you were meant for bigger things? 

Let feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm create lack and scarcity in your life? 

Feel the regret of breaking promises to yourself? 

Keep seeking validation outside yourself, please others and never feeling like it’s enough? 

Imagine if in 21 days from now you could have: 

More clarity to pursue your desires, stand firm in your decisions and to let go of what no longer serves you. 

Skills to shift your energy into a positive state and attract what you desire the most.

Daily tools and embodiment practices for reconnecting with yourself.

Renewed purpose, desire and energy for creating your new reality. 

The confidence that comes from tapping into your inner power.

Here’s what I want you to know: You are powerful beyond measure. You have everything you need to create the life, love and abundance you desire.

I created the online course REBORN to help you reconnect with yourself and explore your desires so that you can stop living in survival mode and accomodate others and instead start thriving and make yourself a priority. As a Self-Love Coach who blends tantric practices and mindset work with energy-shifting healing modalities, I have developed a 21-day program for you to embrace your authentic power and embody love as a state of being.

Do you feel like after investing in other programs, reading books and watching all the YouTube videos you could find, you’re still running in place? Here’s the real reason why it’s difficult to step into your personal power and break negative patterns: you are doing it alone without guidance and the support of like-minded people.

What makes REBORN so different and effective? 


You’ll be part of a community of like-minded individuals who are taking steps to reshape their lives and reclaim their personal power. The course includes a group video conference call on the third Sunday of the month from noon to 2 p.m. EST.  During the call, you will have the opportunity to share and connect with a supportive community. Your purchase of the course includes lifetime access to the calls. 

One-on-One Support 

This course also includes a one on one coaching session with me where you will have the opportunity to get a personalized plan for addressing the changes you want to create in your life and support for overcoming the challenges that are holding you back. 

Self-Guided Practice 

REBORN offers a unique mix of focused support, community interaction and personalized feedback. You’ll have the opportunity to share written exercises, ask questions and connect with participants through our discussion chat on your own schedule and timeline.  

So how do you know if REBORN is the right step for you? 

Because I’ve been where you are. I grew up without a sense of belonging due to a broken home, always chasing the love and validation outside myself. All the while I found myself shrinking, people pleasing and losing myself in unhealthy relationships. Over the last 10 years I’ve become an expert in a unique mix of conscious healing modalities including Tantra, Kundalini yoga, energy work, mindset reprogramming, meditation, and shamanic practices. My deep-dive into spirituality and personal development was part of my own quest for transformation. What I’ve learned is that there is no magic solution for overcoming the wounds and beliefs that hold us back. Everything we need for transformation is inside of us if we are willing to show up for ourselves, face our fears and cultivate self love. 

What I want you to know is that you have the power inside yourself to break free of toxic emotions and situations that do not serve your higher self. You don’t need years of therapy or to invest thousands of dollars in self help programs. 

As a Self-Love Coach I have helped dozens of individuals develop a stronger sense of self, overcome emotional triggers and shift into a space where they know they are always provided and supported by the universe. 

I invite you to sign up for 21-day online course REBORN so you can break free from old ways of being and reconnect with your authentic powerful self.


REBORN combines self-care healing modalities such as body-movement, breathwork, meditation, positive mindset practices to help you cultivate healthy habits that stick. During the course you will focus on the three areas: 

Week 1: Body

By connecting with the wisdom of your body and unrooting past traumas, you’ll learn how to release negative emotions and cultivate healthier ways of dealing with stress and anxiety. This module includes breathwork, movement and relaxation exercises.

Week 2: Mind 

Here we will focus on exercises to expand your sense of self, cultivate a positive framework and shift your perspective through mindfulness practices, meditation and mindset reprogramming. 

Week 3: Energy  

When we surrender our attachments, connect with our essence and harness our own unique life force we can manifest and attract instead of subbotaging, pushing and pulling. Here you will have the opportunity to evaluate the energies you are creating and learn a manifestation ritual to attract what you want. 

You’ll get these BONUSES along with course resourses: 

Complimentary 30-mins personalized coaching session with me

Monthly community calls for continued support and accountability 

Lifetime access to the course and resource library 

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