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Music signifies the vibrant energy of the place! Such music events in Los Angeles make the city alive throughout the year. From live music shows and concerts to karaoke nights and gigs at bars and cafes, music fills the silence beautifully in Los Angeles. The city has a lot for you in store, and there isn’t any lack of music events in Los Angeles for classical lovers or concertgoers! Music is here to heal you and make you groove with festivals and heartfelt concerts in Los Angeles. Explore such music events happening near you with us and get in the groove to set the stage on fire.

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Upcoming Music Events in Los Angeles

Date Event Venue
30 Oct 2024 Halloween Downtown LA Club Crawl Please see our website for exact starting location. , Los Angeles
03 Aug 2024 EL DIA DEL SALVADORENO USA FESTIVAL 2024 Street on Venice Blvd between Normandie and Vermont, Los Angeles
22 Jul 2024 Salsa and Bachata at Zaya Zaya, Los Angeles
24 Jul 2024 St Kio - Nicole Bandoquillo The Echo, Los Angeles
25 Jul 2024 X - The Smoke & Fiction Tour The Regent Theater Los Angeles
24 Jul 2024 Topeka Clementine Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles
26 Jul 2024 Devon Thompson Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles
24 Jul 2024 Alex Johnson Catalina Bar & Grill, Los Angeles
23 Jul 2024 Chloe Lilac The Echo, Los Angeles
30 Jul 2024 Lizzy Donzis Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles

Music Festivals in Los Angeles

Every year, people in Los Angeles await music festivals, a tradition for years! These festivals make the year musical, brighter, and cheerful, making everyone groove with a smile.

1) Coachella

The Festival that made California what it is today is Coachella ! Since 1999, it has been an iconic and world-renowned festival. Music performances from rock, pop, indie, hip-hop, and electronic dance music conquer multiple stages here! People await this musical journey to catch some of the best artists in the industry. Live music performances here are breathtaking and will get your attention within a second!

2) Cruel World

A relatively new festival started in 2020, Cruel World is truly a high-energy music festival. The festival revolves around genres like new wave, punk, alternative rock, and gothic rock! Even in this short time, it has headlined some of the most popular people in the industry! In the park of Rose Bowl, multiple stages host live music throughout the festival.

3) Hard Summer

The Hard Summer Festival hits every year and turns summers into a rave-like festival. This edgy LA festival features EDM music and an exuberant atmosphere! It was first initiated in 2008, and since then, it has been throwing diverse lineups of elite DJs and artists. Spend your sunny weekend in Hollywood Park across from SoFi Stadium to feel like a rave has just begun!

4) Head in the Clouds Festival

Started in 2018, the Head in the Clouds Festival made everyone feel like they were on cloud 9. It is a blend of Western and Asian musical talent set in different locations yearly. Tune in for diverse genres, art installations, and a lively atmosphere! It is a perfect way to give stage to artists and honor cultures in the music industry!

5) Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

Curated by Tyler, Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival is the annual music festival in LA. In addition to genres like hip-hop, R&B, and alternative genres, it also goes beyond music and entertains everyone with carnival rides, art installations, and amazing food! Every year, they organize a surprise by arranging high-profile artists' performances. It is an intimate space with an inclusive environment and music, art, and culture celebration.

Music Venues in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has some beautiful venues around the city, although music events and live shows every day at such music venues in Los Angeles make it even more pleasing to visit.

1) Hollywood Bowl

Built-in 1928, Radiohead to James Brown performed at the Fillmore Hollywood Bowl because of its amazing outdoor stage. While you are surrounded by hills and California sky, listen to the melodious tunes of your favorite band. The best part is that the Hollywood Bowl boasts flawless acoustics because of the surrounding scenery, which brings out the clarity of every song. Embrace the romance of an outdoor concert beneath the stars.

2) Troubadour

A famed club since 1957, the Troubadour is a platform for legends! This small stage has seen the birth of musical history, from the smoky folk sessions of Joni Mitchell to the electric rock of The Doors. The best part is that you never know who you might find next; perhaps tonight's star of tomorrow is sharing the stage with an established veteran. Therefore, grab a drink, take in the vibe, and join in on the Troubadour's tradition; you never know when the next big thing will emerge.

3) The Echo

Opened in 2001, you can see sweltering mosh pits and thrilling punk performances next to rising indie sensations at The Echo ! Not only can you see music at The Echo, but you can also feel it there rising through your chest! The best aspect is that, with a capacity of only 350, The Echo maintains an intimate atmosphere that makes you feel like you're part of a hidden club where musical magic unfolds every night.

4) Greek Theatre

Bright stars are above, warm evenings are in Los Angeles, and the Greek Theatre is filled with the soulful tunes of your favorite performer. This renowned 1930 building is not only a performance hall but a transformative experience inspired by the amphitheaters of ancient Greece. Prominent performers such as Frank Sinatra and Elton John have graced the Greek Theatre's famous stage, securing its position as the gem in the crown of LA live music scenes.

Where Can I Listen To Live Music In Los Angeles?

From some of the top music venues hosting concerts and music events in Los Angeles, we have all that you need.
Enjoy musical nights, karaoke events and concerts at live music venues in Los Angeles:

  • Scientology Celebrity Centre
  • The Mint
  • Liberate Hollywood
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall
  • Mr Musichead Gallery
  • The Study Hollywood
  • The Wiltern
  • The Sayers Club
  • Pips On Labrea
  • Route 66 Bar
  • Neat
  • Atmosphere Mar Vista
  • LN2
  • Lodge Room Highland Park
  • Playhouse Hollywood
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