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  • Apr
  • S21
    • Jazz Notes – Jazz Jam @ The Spice of Life, Soho
    • Shrek’s Adventure! London – Daily Entry
    • Madame Tussauds London - Standard Entry
    • BBQ Sundays - Afrobeat Meet Bashment
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  • M22
    • 2024 EdTec – International Conference on Education & Learning Technology, 22-23 April, London
    • Globe Story And Guided Tours
    • Merlin’s Magical London: 3 Attractions In 1: Shrek's Adventure! & Sea Life & Madame Tussauds
    • Merlin’s Magical London: 5 Attractions In 1: Madame Tussauds & London Eye & London Dungeon & Shrek’s Adventure! & Sea Life
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  • T23
    • Tech Startups, Entrepreneurs & Professionals Networking Event in London
    • ILFORD Single Muslims Dating Event
    • Learn to mend your clothes | Invisible mending
    • John Floreani
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  • W24
    • Business and Startups Social Networking Event In London
    • Ladies of The 80s - A Retro Movie Quiz
    • Gay Speed Dating
    • Brooklyn Brewery X The Stonewall Inn IPA Launch Party
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  • T25
    • Startups and Investors Networking Event in London
    • EDT Comedy - Peckham Comedy Night
    • 1BNO Central London Pub Crawl - Every Thursday
    • Radio
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  • F26
    • Networking for Entrepreneurs, Investors, Startups at Mint Leaf Bank
    • Media & Film Networking at Sanctum Soho Hotel
    • OLd Skool Bingo - RNB Special
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  • S27
    • Saturday Film School: One Day Intensive Filmmaking Class
    • The Katriona Taylor Quintet at Bulls Head Jazz Club
    • Muslim Marriage Events London
    • BIO-TECH LDN 004
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  • S28
    • Sima Taparia's UrbanMatch Singles' Mixer - London
    • London Pub Crawl
    • Geoff Norcott: Basic Bloke
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  • M29
    • The Soundtracks Movie Quiz - Bonus Features
    • Talk to Me(rv)- An Audience with...Self Acceptance with Jess!
    • Monday Night Music at Mabels w Mac Adams, Jessie Dipper and G.
    • Les Miserables
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  • T30
    • Speed Business Networking at Sanctum Soho Hotel
    • SNEAK RAVE @ XOYO // Every Tuesday
    • Two Strangers (carry A Cake Across New York)
    • For Black Boys...
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  • May
  • W1
    • London Pub Crawl
    • Showcase', an evening of acoustic music @ The Spice of Life
    • Back To The Future: The Musical
    • Sophie’s Surprise 29th
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  • T2
    • Compliments Battle, Groovie GROVE, THE GROVE TAVERN,W6 0NQ
    • Women in Business, Entrepreneurs And Professionals Networking Event
    • Stand Up Comedy Club
    • 1BNO Central London Pub Crawl - Every Thursday
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  • F3
    • Blackout Club at The Underworld Camden
    • London Pub Crawl
    • CLAPHAM CARNIVAL - Londons Biggest Carnival Party
    • FRIDAY 3RD MAY @ The Covent Garden Comedy Club
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  • S4
    • Singles Mixer & Happy hour till 10pm at Roxy Mayfair
    • British Films Market
    • Healing Cacao Ceremony with Beltane and Rose energy
    • Club de Fromage - Mayday Bank Holiday Party
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  • S5
    • Ledisi Live in London
    • ABBA Boat Party London - 5th May
    • SABOR - Cinco de Mayo
    • Hidden Literature & National Trust Say Sutt'n Open Mic
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  • M6
    • London Pub Crawl
    • Popcorn at Heaven Every Monday
    • The Government Inspector
    • Urban Krav Maga - Self Defence Classes
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  • T7
    • Fashion Entrepreneurs and Professionals Networking Event
    • Long Day's Journey Into Night
    • The Hills Of California
    • SNEAK RAVE @ XOYO // Every Tuesday
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  • W8
    • Stand Up for Palestine fundraiser
    • Two Strangers (carry A Cake Across New York)
    • Priscilla The Party!
    • Sophie’s Surprise 29th
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  • T9
    • London Pub Crawl
    • Join The Network with Steve Gantzos
    • YOGA & SEX...for women (over 40)
    • Stand Up Comedy Club
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  • F10
    • Business Networking at Home Grown Club
    • Cocktail Daiquiri experience
    • Wedding Pop-Up Event
    • Property Connector Networking at Home Grown Club
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  • S11
    • Brunch Business Networking at Drake & Morgan Kings X
    • Get A Social Life Family Day Rave in Crystal Palace
    • Single Dating Party in London
    • Advanced Cinematography Masterclass
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  • S12
    • Luxury Rooftop Mix & Mingle at Sanctum Soho Hotel
    • London Pub Crawl
    • South Bank Summer Market
    • SABOR - Salsa in the Garden
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  • M13
    • Factual Filmmaking Skills For Brand Engagement
    • Speed Dating. 25 - 35 years. Mondays
    • Back To The Future: The Musical
    • Priscilla The Party!
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  • T14
    • London Pub Crawl
    • SNEAK RAVE @ XOYO // Every Tuesday
    • January Blues Festival - Billy Walton Band
    • Vinny Peculiar full band show
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  • W15
    • London Pub Crawl
    • Two Strangers (carry A Cake Across New York)
    • Stranger Things: The First Shadow
    • Matilda The Musical
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  • T16
    • Stand Up Comedy Club
    • 1BNO Central London Pub Crawl - Every Thursday
    • Brahms By Candlelight - Andrew Zolinsky
    • Cruel Intentions: The 90’s Musical
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  • F17
    • Business Networking for Investors, Entrepreneurs, Startups at Mint Leaf Bank
    • Get Social and Party Upstairs at the Great North Wood Pub
    • Get Social and Party Upstairs at the Great North Wood Pub
    • The Errol Linton Band + DJ Jamie Renton at Jamboree
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  • S18
    • The Candlelight Club's May Ball
    • Exclusive VIP Mayfair Mixer & After Party at The Escapologist
    • Muslim Marriage Events London - 21-36 Year Old’s
    • Stand Up Comedy Club
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  • S19
    • Sip n Paint Event | BRUSHNDRINK| Shoreditch
    • Kamao Quartet at Jamboree
    • London Pub Crawl
    • Cruel Intentions: The 90’s Musical
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  • M20
    • Back To The Future: The Musical
    • Guys & Dolls
    • Zoo bar // Leicester square // Every Monday // R&B // Get Me In!
    • The Big Air Ambulance Comedy Gala
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  • T21
    • Concerts By Candlelight - Queen
    • Speed Dating. 35 years & Over. Tuesdays
    • Stranger Things: The First Shadow
    • Long Day's Journey Into Night
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  • W22
    • Sounds Familiar Music Quiz
    • Speed Dating @ Simmons, Soho (Ages 27-39)
    • Harry Potter And The Cursed Child
    • Long Day's Journey Into Night
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Events in London

Art, history, and ethnic diversity all come together at events in London. The calendar is dotted with sporting events, dazzling exhibitions, and breathtaking fireworks. The Big Smoke thrives on its long-lived historic landmarks like the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace amidst the contemporary modern structures! The Theatre Capital spreads a charming aura into its people.

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Places to Visit in London

1. Tower of London

A guardian with centuries of stories etched into its stone, the Tower of London stands tall and proud. The renowned ravens that have prevented the collapse of the country, the Crown Jewels, and the recognizable "Beefeater" Yeoman Warders are all housed in this ancient fortress with more than a millennium of history. It's a stoic storyteller, sharing the grand tapestry of London's past with every stone and tower. While you are free to explore the castle and exhibits on your own, taking a guided tour will make your time at this beloved destination go more smoothly.

2. London Eye

A majestic giant on the city skyline, the London Eye gracefully gazes over the Thames like a sophisticated observer of London's pulse. It sweeps across the cityscape with a panoramic vision, offering a human touch to the urban panorama. When visibility is good, Windsor Castle can be seen up to 25 miles away from the summit. The sunset view and the glittering lights at night of London skyline are breathtaking.

3. Tower Bridge

The iconic bridge of London’s cityscape stands tall like a Guardian. The Tower Bridge is an architectural marvel that beckons you to step into a living proof of history. Along with the legendary structure and Victorian Engine Rooms, the Tower Bridge Exhibition is the one that you shouldn’t miss to explore. Relish the stunning panoramic views of The Capital from high-level walkways.

4. The British Museum

Enter the museum where a small part of the whole world resides! The British Museum is a treasure trove of human history and culture in London's heart. Each artifact within these hallowed halls, from the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon sculptures to the Elgin Marbles and Egyptian mummies, whispers tales of bygone eras. Whether you're a history enthusiast or a casual visitor, prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary legacy housed within these revered walls.

5. Hyde Park

The royal park of London, Hyde Park , is a sprawling oasis where you can escape the chaotic city life and have a moment to yourself. Whether you're seeking a peaceful stroll along the tree-lined avenues or a leisurely boat ride on the Serpentine, Hyde Park caters to every mood. Some significant park attractions are Speakers' Corner, where people speak their minds, and Rotton Row, a famous horse-riding area. Step into Hyde Park, where the rhythm of city life fades away, and the tranquility of nature calls you to unwind in its scenic embrace.

6. Camden Market

If you love exploring to find that perfect pair of clothes, Camden Market is the right place for you! The market never gets boring as new stores and traders are added to the market every day! Camden Market is not just a shopping destination; it's a cultural hub where the modern meets tradition. Its pulsating energy, fueled by live music and street performances, creates a dynamic and irresistible atmosphere. Step into Camden Market and immerse yourself in the bohemian spirit of London's most eclectic shopping experience.

7. Big Ben

The Great Bell, popularly known as The Big Ben , is the identity of London’s Skyline. Recently, Big Ben was officially named the Elizabeth Tower, which has become synonymous with the very essence of London. You can ascend the Elizabeth Tower during tour hours to get a close-up look at the clock and bell, but space is restricted to UK citizens, and bookings are required.

8. Sky Garden

Meet Sky Garden, a three-story oasis cradled within the embrace of a skyscraper crowned by a captivating glass dome. Venture to the observation decks to lock eyes with the breathtaking skyline or wander through the carefully landscaped gardens that add a touch of greenery to the urban panorama. Sky Garden is an invitation to escape, a harmonious blend of nature and city chic that promises an elevated experience like no other. Sky Garden is an urban sophistication intertwined with the wonders of the natural world.

9. Buckingham Palace

The official home of the British monarch, Buckingham Palace , lies in the regal center of London. The palace is an epicenter of tradition with its iconic facade, adorned gates, and famous balcony. Witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony, a display of precision and pageantry. Explore luxurious State Rooms and lavish gardens, open to visitors during summer and select dates in winter and spring, showcasing treasures from the Royal Collection. Step into the grandeur of the British monarchy at Buckingham Palace.

10. Churchill War Room

Tour the infamous Churchill War Rooms , an underground bunker that functioned as Winston Churchill's headquarters during World War II. Discover what life could have been like during World War II's fearful days and nights by strolling down the top-secret passageways. The Churchill War Rooms offer a gripping glimpse into the life and leadership of one of history's most iconic figures.

Things to do in London

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