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Screenwriting Masterclass: Writing Stories of Personal Growth


Screenwriting Masterclass: Writing Stories of Personal Growth

Have you been trying to figure out exactly why Lady Bird is such a good film? Have you been noticing a new kind of protagonist emerging from films such as Moonlight, The Shape of Water, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing,Missouri? Are you not quite sure how to describe this protagonist? Do you want to write a story that doesn’t fit the Hero’s Journey? Then make sure not to miss Kim Hudson’s unique screenwriting masterclass.
Kim Hudson has studied mythology, psychology, story structure and hundreds of movies for over 2 decades, in order to recognise a second story structure – The Virgin’s Promise. This story structure is not taught anywhere else, and yet it represents the future of screenwriting – one based on personal growth and on characters dealing with inner issues.
In this two-day weekend masterclass, you will learn the 13 steps fo The Virgin’s Promise structure and how to use them to craft your own story. Expect to roll up your sleeves and do some treatment writing!
Stories of personal growth are about daring to live your best life, and by best, we mean a life of meaning, joy, and fulfilling relationships. This story takers a non-linear path. It’s a story of learning to trust that inner guide and following it wherever it takes you.
A personal growth perspective story can be a feel-good movie like Little Miss Sunshine, or a high concept movielike Arrival. It can also be a horror movie where the ballerina turns inward and we see she has lost touch with reality (Black Swan). Or, the tragedy of a failed attempt to know joy (Virgin Suicides). The defining quality of the personal growth story is that the story revolves around an effort to know love.
Most story writing workshops are still giving insights on how to write following the Hero’s Journey. However, storytelling has developed, and contemporary audiences want stories about enlightenment and awakening. Attend Kim Hudson’s pioneering masterclass and learn how to write the new fresh storyline everyone is looking for. 
What you will learn:

how to craft a story, at any budget level, that creates a believable transformation and resonates with audiences;
the 13 beats of the Virgin’s Promise and multiple ways they can unfold including romance, coming of age, feel-good and horror genres;
how to write antagonists that grow rather than get eliminated and
the fundamental differences between Virgin and Hero structures and how they can work well together.

Day 1: Introduction to the feminine perspective: ‘The Virgin’s Promise’
Kim Hudson has named the personal growth perspective as “The Virgin’s Promise’. The Virgin’s Promise isn’t about sexuality – but about stories of enlightenment and awakening. Kim has taken this to extremes.  and even using the female Femme Fatale – one of the types of so-called feminine characters. Other movies she uses and compares are the Oscar-winning movies Moonlight and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri – movies that call upon this structure.
On Day 1, Kim will introduce you to the first seven beats of the Virgin’s Promise feminine perspective story structure. She will lead a discussion on the difference between masculine and feminine story lines.
The first seven of thirteen beats are:

Dependent World
Price of Conformity
Opportunity to Shine
Dressing the Part
Secret World
No Longer Fits Her World
Two Worlds Collide
*In Kim’s November 2017 class, 23 out of 28 participants completed a treatment for a novel or screenplay – an outstanding result*

Day 2: How to conclude The Virgin’s Promise
Kim Hudson’s ground breaking work on feminine perspective stories divides her revolutionary paradigm The Virgin’s Promise Story Structure into 13 story beats. Learn how the last six beats of the Virgin’s Promise story structure, and with it gain new understanding of screenwriting and storytelling from the feminine perspective.
The beats eight – thirteen story beats are:
8. Gives Up What Kept ‘Her’ Stuck9. Kingdom in Chaos10. Wanders in the Wilderness11. Chooses Her Light12. The Reorder (Rescue)13. The Kingdom is Brighter
*Discussion of the different elements of masculine and feminine perspective story telling and how they can work well together*
Who should attend
This class is NOT about women’s stories, or about stories about women. It is about stories of personal growth and enlightenment. No matter what kind of stories you want to write, you will find ground-breaking story innovation in this weekend that will help you with your documentary outlines, short and feature film scripts, TV shows and VR stories.
What they are saying:
“I met Kim Hudson at the Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles. Everyone in the room was nodding in agreement as she spoke, wondering why no one had ever outlined the Virgin’s Journey before. The Virgin’s Promise is an essential tool for anyone looking to develop their own writing. It also makes a great companion piece to Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.”– Tiffany Tang, LA
“I just knew that there was a funny feeling of something missing, something lopsided — like a jigsaw puzzle that’s missing all the pieces on one side. When I saw Kim’s work, I thought, “That’s it! She’s found the missing pieces!” Kim’s work not only makes me feel better as a female individual, it makes everything fit together intellectually as well.”– Karen V., Boston
“I have been hoping someone would take on this project of a comprehensive theory of drama from a feminine perspective, and I believe Kim Hudson has done exactly that with her personal growth theory. . Kim offers an eye-opening retelling of the universal human story from a feminine perspective, with quite different language and thinking than I had ever considered.
Kim Hudson repeatedly pounds me with how much I didn’t know. You won’t find a more lucid guide to these sometimes challenging concepts of archetypes and psychological theory. Kim shows the variations of the male and female archetypes and their positive and negative potentials at different stages of life; these alone are worth the price of the class.
The two approaches are seen as complimentary rather than confrontive, and combining them will give a complete set of language and mental tools for screenwriters and storytellers of all kinds.”– Christopher Vogler, Author The Hero’s Journey
About Kim Hudson
Kim Hudson is a pioneer in personal growth stories. She’s the originator of the ‘Virgin’ story structure. While a film student in Vancouver, Kim was told that all story from all time was based on one story, the Hero’s Journey, one universal story. Kim instantly recognised the power of the Hero’s journey and began a lifelong journey to adapt and innovate the Hero’s journey into a revolutionary paradigm to enhance the storytelling and screenwriting journey from the feminine perspective or stories of personal growth.
For the next two decades she was thrown into her own quest to bring this new journey to life. Exploring mythology, psychology (Jung), story structure and hundreds of movies, Kim recognized a second story structure. She described it in her ground-breaking book, The Virgin’s Promise: Writing Stories of Creative, Spiritual and Sexual Awakening.
Kim has an unusual background. She is trained in geological exploration and is a specialist in treaty negotiation with indigenous people. She is currently a Fellow with Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue and Director of the Two Ways of Knowing project. She presents her unique story class internationally. She currently lives in the Yukon, Canada with her daughters and dog.

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