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Innovation in the automotive sector


Innovation in the automotive sector

Breakfast Meeting - 08:00am to 10:30am
Juergen Maier, CEO at Siemens, would like you to join him at Business Reporter's Breakfast briefing: Innovation in the automotive sector
This breakfast will explore today’s automotive landscape and consider how manufacturers and other organisations can respond to the ever-increasing rate of change and innovation in the sector.
Technology in cars is constantly evolving. And a huge part of this is digital technology. These days, mechanical design is only 20% to 30% of the design work: the remainder is systems and software. This has implications for the design skills required. But it also means that the development cycle is altered: for instance road testing can be in part automated, meaning that it can be quicker to get new models to market.
The key theme this breakfast will explore is how digitalisation can give the automotive industry the opportunity to do so much more. If they can navigate the complexity that comes with it then they have more flexibility with design, more simulation & testing can be done with less resource. Ultimately it will look at how it helps to create better, smarter, greener and safer vehicles for their customers.
Digital has other consequences. With so many sensors in cars, more and more data is being collected. This data can be used to enhance customer experience, for instance by helping owners predict and avoid problems. And it can also be used to drive new revenues as data is sold across wider transport ecosystems or used to deliver new paid-for services aimed at drivers, such as navigation, voice controls or entertainment.
In addition cars are increasingly moving away from the internal combustion engine and using electrical power. Requirements here around battery technology, energy recapture and sensor technology mean that change in this area is not so much evolutionary as revolutionary. The potential rewards are high. But so are the risks and the design effort required.
Another trend is the move towards autonomous vehicles. Individual car systems are having autonomy built in to them. For instance, while 20 years ago active breaking was a niche option it is now the norm. Fully autonomous cars are being trialled but while these may well be safer than cars driven by people, natural human biases may well prevent them from being a commercial success.
Manufacturing is changing as well. Increasingly there is a focus on lightweight engineering, driven by electric cars. Product personalisation becomes more and more important as individual purchasers demand unique, or at least mass customised, vehicles.
And the factory itself is changing: becoming smaller, cleaner, more accurate; packed with robots that displace human workers, and robots that enhance the ability of humans to perform better, quicker and more safely.
And of course there is the end customer. Major social trends are affecting user requirements. How will manufacturers design for an aging audience? What will they do about increasing urbanisation, increasing congestion, and a consequent reduction in the desirability of private motoring? And what about the trend towards sharing or renting products, rather than owning them outright?
All of these changes are eroding the comfortable certainties of car manufacturing. Increasingly manufacturers need to become more agile, adopting a start-up mentality, constantly innovating, accepting rapid failure as part of the price for success.
The questions we will explore
During the meeting we will focus on strategic questions such as:

How is digitalisation helping to create smarter, safer and greener vehicles?
How will changes in manufacturing, mechanical engineering and materials science change the way that cars are developed?
How will testing and compliance requirements change as new technologies become the norm?
With data increasingly being captured as cars are driven, where are the new revenue opportunities?
How will cars keep up with constantly evolving technology? For instance, will your existing car work with your new phone? And will your existing phone work with your new car?
What does today’s customer want from their vehicle, and how different will tomorrow’s customer needs be?

Who is invited?
Top management (CIO, CTO, COO, CEO and their direct reports) at organisations across the automotive sector: manufacturers and assemblers, parts manufacturers, automotive and engineering consultancies, design companies, software companies.
Registered attendees include:

Technical Director - Revolve Technologies Ltd
Chairman - Morgan Motor Company
Engineering Director - Contechs
Director of Electrification - Jaguar Land Rover
Technical Director - Autoglym
Head of Automotive - CK Hutchison
VP head of mobility - HERE Technology
Company Architect - Riversimple Movement Ltd
UK Head Of Automotive - KPMG LLP
Head of Propulsion - Tata Motors European Technical Centre
Technical Director - Williams Advanced Engineering
Chief Operating Officer - RDM Group
Managing Director - Prodrive - AT
Director - SBD
Managing Director - Hella Ltd

Successful companies will ensure that they develop the sophisticated skills and knowledge to protect their organisations from the changing nature of cyber threats. If learning and understanding how to do this are priorities, then this briefing is a must-attend.
Be one of 12 senior business professionals around the table at The Goring who will all bring their expertise to bear to analyse the present – and the future.
For any enquiries, please contact Lace on 0208 349 6458 or email bGFjZSAhIGIgfCBidXNpbmVzcy1yZXBvcnRlciAhIGNvICEgdWs=.
The breakfast briefing is brought to you by Siemens and is only for senior executives as mentioned above. Registrations of junior professionals, consultants, solution providers or other sellers to this market won’t be accepted. In addition, to be eligible for this event you must be employed by a corporate legal entity such as a private or public company: if you are a sole trader or in a partnership other than a legally incorporated partnership we will be unable to offer you a place.
This breakfast briefing is free of charge to attend. However, if you cancel your attendance less than two weeks prior to the briefing, you will have to provide a replacement of equal seniority otherwise you will be a subject of £150 cancellation fee. Please also note that when you register we will ask you for your corporate email address which we will share only with the event sponsor(s). See our privacy policy.

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