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Learn How to Give a Yogic Restorative Full-Body Massage

Learn How to Give a Yogic Restorative Full-Body Massage

Saturday 25 January (10.30-17.00) & Sunday 26 January 2020 (10.00-13.30)
By dr. Japjeet Rajbir Kaur

In this yogic restorative anti-stress full-body massage (as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga), twelve specific nerve plexes (five on the front of the body, seven on the back) are massaged in sequence, allowing the nervous system to deeply relax, repair and rejuvenate. It is still very rarely practiced in the UK and Europe – Japjeet Rajbir Kaur is one of the few practitioners in the UK alongside a handful of other people (several trained by herself in the past years).

This particular massage is especially recommended for people who have high stress-levels and a fast-pace life and who find it difficult to relax; for people suffering from anxiety and/or panic attacks; for people with cancer going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy; for people with an imbalanced or damaged nervous system; for people with fertility issues – and of course for anyone wanting to experience a truly deep state of relaxation. The touch is very light, as we don’t need to put strong pressure on any muscles, but the effects are incredibly deep.

Clients are normally recommended 10 consecutive treatments of this massage to let the body fully restore itself to its natural stress-free state, but even just one treatment will leave one feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

No oils are used and the massage is received fully clothed. The massage can be given either on a massage couch or on the floor.

For more information on the massage, visit .

The training format will be slightly different than in the past. You will have to book in at least once only to receive the massage from me before the training dates – more times is optional – and afterwards you’ll have to give me the massage at least once so I can correct your technique where necessary. During the training weekend we have 1 full day of tutoring (10.30am to 5pm) which includes practicing on each other a first time, followed by another half-day of extra supervised practice on one another (10am-1.30pm). We will practice the massage on the floor but will have a couch present so I can show differences between the two approaches; the massages you receive from me will be done on the massage couch, and for your own practice on me you can choose between floor or massage couch work.

During the full-day training day you will be taught the purpose of this massage and how it relates to other massage forms; you’ll learn about the nervous system and the nerve plexes that this massage works on and you will be taught the massage techniques that are used, the importance of the relaxation afterwards, etc. There is no anatomy module included. You then get to practice in pairs, giving one another the massage while I assist and correct where needed. Once both partners have received the massage we will share experiences, have time for questions and will share information about energetically protecting and cleansing yourself and the massage space, how to ground yourself, how to help ground a client when needed, how to take care of your own back while massaging, etc.

So apart from the training weekend you will also receive the massage at least once from me (and you can of course book more treatments should you want to). This way you will get a more in-depth experience of receiving them than we can offer in the training day. If you want to deeply experience and understand how the massage releases built-up tension from the nervous system and how that can lead to totally different experiences in consecutive treatments, I advise to book an extra (few) massage(s) with me, but these are optional; the effects after consecutive treatments are each time very different, especially in the first few sessions (like peeling off layer after layer of stress and tension). For people travelling from further afield or abroad, this first massage can be booked on the Friday preceding the training weekend – I will keep the day free for that.
And as already mentioned, you will finish the training by performing the massage on me so I can give corrections and any last pointers and advice. For people travelling from further afield or abroad, these can be booked on the Sunday afternoon of the training weekend or on the Monday after – I will again keep the days free for that.

Location: Leicester, exact location to be confirmed (either at my home or at a slightly larger venue if needed).

Investment & registration details: £225 per person for the full training, which includes one massage to be received from me and one practice on me. Any extra massages you’d want would be £45 each.

You’ll need to pay the full registration fee upon registering – if that is a problem, contact me to see if we can work something out. In the event of cancellation by yourself with more than 21 days notice, you will receive a refund minus 15% administration costs. In the event of late (less than 21 days notice) cancellation by yourself or of non-attendance at the workshop, the training fee is non-refundable BUT you can still get 1 massage (the massage that is included for you to receive – to be taken within 6 months). In the unlikely event that the course needs to be cancelled by myself (such as sickness), all fees will of course be fully refunded.

To register, please message me or find all details here:

What to bring for the training day: a yoga mat, pillow or cushion, blanket and ideally eye pillow. Please do not wear any perfume for the massages or the training day, as it can cause headaches for yourself or the other participants. Wear comfortable clothing through which we can easily work. Definitely no jeans!

Lunch is not included. Herbal teas, water and snacks will be provided.

Sorry, women only.

Dr. Japjeet Kaur (previously known as dr. Nele Bemong, before she became a Sikh) gained her PhD in 19th-century literary studies and worked in academia (at K.U.Leuven in Belgium & Penn University in Philadelphia, USA) for over a decade before she left her academic career in 2011, to embark on a life focused on serving others in their journey towards consciousness, awareness and healing. Since 2012 she has been working full-time as a yoga teacher and holistic therapist. She has been offering these yogic massages for over 7 years now. Japjeet is based in Leicester, UK. She combines her teaching of Kundalini Yoga (which she has been teaching since 2008) with serving new yoga teachers in KY teacher training programs; teaching pregnancy, postnatal & baby yoga; and (mainly postnatal) doulaing. She will also be training to become a postnatal doula trainer. She combines all this with offering Closing the Bones ceremonies, as well as training others in both Closing the Bones and yogic massages, and with working as a health & nutrition coach, life & yoga coach, and her work as an aromatherapist (which includes her making her own line of organic skincare and natural cleaning products). Find out more about Japjeet on her website: .

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