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2 Day Zen Retreat


2 Day Zen Retreat

This is an opportunity to experience a traditional two day Zen Sesshin, a traditional Zen day retreat. This is the Rohatsu retreat, the most intense retreat of the year. It is a time when we celebrate the enlightenment of the Buddha, we sit like the Buddha, just like he sat beneath the bodhi tree and refused to get up until he saw the Truth. This is the intention that we bring to this retreat. It is a time to anchor your spiritual practice through periods of uninterrupted Zazen (meditation), Kinhin (walking meditation), Samu (working meditation).

It is a time devoted to nothing other than the practice of awareness. We go to much trouble to get away from our usual daily life and pleasures. We give ourselves to a strict schedule and an old traditional method of training to help us to wake up to who we are. The whole retreat is meditation, we do this as a Sangha, a family, a community of people committed to the Great Search.

Cost of the two days, including 4 traditional Zen Temple Oryoki meals and very high quality organic Pu'erh and Oolong teas for the Tea Ceremonies is £50.00 for Lancaster Zen Sangha members -- £70.00 for non-members. I really want to keep the cost of these retreats down so that they are open to all.

Please message me at aml0ZWl3aGl0ZSB8IGdtYWlsICEgY29t to book your place.


09.00 AM Orientation with Tea

10.00 Zazen / Kinhin / Morning Service / Kinhin

11.10 Zazen / Kinhin / Zazen

12,30 Oryoki Meal

1.15 Samu (Work Meditation)

2.00 Rest / Reading

3.00 Zazen / Kinhin / Zazen / Kinhin

4.00 Zazen / Kinhin / Evening Service

5.00 Kinhin / Zazen

5.40 Oryoki Meal

6.30 Samu / Rest / Reading

7.20 Zazen / Kinhin / Zazen

8.30 Kinhin / Zazen / 4 Vows

9.15 Rest / Reading / Bed

10.30 Light out


06.00 AM Wake up / Wash / Tea

06.30 Zazen / Kinhin / Zazen / Kinhin

07.50 Oryoki Meal

08.30 KInhin / Zazen / Kinhin

09.20 Tea Cermony

10.00 Zazen / Kinhin / Morning Service / Kinhin

11.10 Zazen / Kinhin / Zazen

12,30 Oryoki Meal

1.15 Samu (Work Meditation)

2.00 Rest / Reading

3.00 Zazen / Kinhin / Evening Service

4.00 Tea

4.30 End

This is a two day retreat and it is ok to either stay overnight in the Centre or stay at home for the night. Be aware though that the first Zazen on the Sunday is at 6.30. If you are staying over, please bring a sleeping bag, towel and toiletries.

Rev Jitei White, a Zen Buddhist Priest in the lineage of Maezumi Roshi in the Soto tradition of Zen. My teacher is Genshin Roshi, a student of Genpo Roshi. I have been a practising Buddhist for 37 years and a teacher of mindfulness meditation, loving kindness meditation and shikan-taza meditation for over 20 years.

My ordination name, Jitei, means Compassionate Gardener but as time goes on I am interpreting it as Cultivating Compassion, in others and in myself.
Of cultivating open-ness and humility.
Of sharing my life as a humble monk and gardener in the service of the world.
Of sharing the Truth that Love is the universal breath of the universe, we are the expression of that Love and meditation is the act of that love.

Rev Jitei White

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