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Honoring Boundaries


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Honoring Boundaries

Many of us were not taught how to set firm friendly boundaries. We were taught to speak when spoken to and never to question authority. That mindset perpetuates a follower-mentality rather than helping to build confidence, a sense of sovereignty and the ability to discern.

In this seminar, learn to set firm friendly boundaries. Build confidence, strengthen your discernment abilities and mop up childhood programming that limits your sovereignty and self worth.

We are kind and generous people and we love to help others. However, when our actions, words and body language say,
“Come on in, I will never say no,” the message relayed to others, reflects that there are no clear boundaries to be upheld.

A sovereign being with firm friendly boundaries never feels compelled or required to say yes. Yes is a choice and the
words "No", "Maybe" and "Let me think about it"…are boundaries. When you take the time to make clear decisions, you honor your self and show others that you have boundaries.

Regality is something that comes from within; it is a confidence that radiates. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, the kind of car you drive or how much money you have in the bank.
Regality is a sense of personal empowerment that reflects a stately bar of nobility that never lessens in the midst of conflicting energies; in fact it rises even higher in the midst of conflicting energies.


• A life with no raised voices, name calling, rudeness or cursing.
• A life with thoughtful discussions that honor all opinions and beliefs, free of lecturing, interrogations and the disrespect of talking over your words.
• A life free of sarcasm, mocking and disrespectful words, tones and body language.
• A life lived in the now, free of recriminations and limiting reminders of the past.
• A life free of violence, hitting, throwing things, threatening gestures and dishonor of personal property.
• A life free of guilt trips, shaming, ultimatums, conditionality, threatening statements and behavior.

As you design your sovereign life, it will continue to evolve until the bar you raise reaches the stars. What you vision today will shift from that image as you evolve to embrace higher ideals,
so dream big. Expect your ideal realities to manifest and be open to them evolving to be replaced by the next step upwards to an even higher vision.

Instructor : Linnet

About Linnet

Linnet is a Level 3 Master Serenity Practitioner, Level 1 & 2 and L1 Mastery Animal Healing Teacher, directly trained by SVH founder Jill Marie over the past 12 years. She travels with the Serenity group
of teachers on sacred transformative journeys to ancient sites around the world; many in Egypt, Greece, Peru, and France.

She has spent 2 decades extensively reconnecting with various modalities, such as sacred geometry, merkaba, kundalini meditations, several energy healing and DNA transformation systems. She is also a student of various key systems; Egyptian, Tibetan, Shaman, New-Age, Theosophy, Transpersonal Psychology, and several other ancient and modern traditions.

Linnet completely believes in a life of freedom, self-empowerment
and self-mastery. Having traveled across 6 continents on the planet;
visiting and living in over 120 major cities around
the world, she is a committed advocate for integrating wealth
and spirituality in this 21st century.

Date: 18. January

Time: 10am-12pm

Price: RM120

For more information and registration, contact Monika Wyss phone/Whatsapp +60 12 961 0150 or book by email monika | monikawyss ! com

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Map Heart Sanctuary, 17-3, 3rd Mile Square, 151, Jalan Kelang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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