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Functional Breathing - level 1 Practitioner.

Sun Jul 26, 2020
Functional Breathing - level 1 Practitioner.

Time Sun Jul 26 2020 at 09:00 am to 04:00 pm

Customised Fitness Solutions Training Centre, 557 Princes Highway, Kirrawee, Austalia

AUD 997

Functional Breathing - level 1 Practitioner. Functional Breathing - level 1 Practitioner.
Functional Breathing - LEVEL 1 Practitioner training.

About this Event

"The Art and Science of breathing"
  • Are you a personal trainer or wellness professional?
  • Would you like to learn the little-known secrets that help elite athletes?
  • Would you like to get better results for the same effort?
  • Would you like a competitive edge over your competition? (Other trainers/gyms)
If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then read on.

My name is Glenn Weinert and since 2017 I've been training elite athletes and coaches. I've been featured in Good Health Magazine and I've taught high performance master classes in gyms, wellness classes in yoga studios, and I've taught corporate high performance and wellness workshops.

At Functional Breathing we've blended many modalities, created new techniques, produced a framework called the BREATHE Method. The old and new has been blended with art with science.

As a professional you already know the health and fitness industry is extremely competitive. The Level 1 training by Functional Breathing gives you a significant advantage. But to be transparent, what we teach is not completely new. There have been universities around the world and some high-end sports scientists working in labs doing similar things for decades. And even before that Yoga and traditional healers have been using the breath to improve health and wellness. To stay current, we study other modalities and industries, we read the scientific studies and we integrated the best into our training. We do this is much the same way as the sport of MMA does.

With the tools and techniques you’ll learn at Level 1, you’ll be able to achieve similar result to those that sports scientists are getting in their labs. But you won't need an expensive lab, just knowledge, a smart phone and a small device that fits in your pocket. We are quite simply at the right time and place in history for this opportunity. This is the next big thing and it's already here, and Functional Breathing can help you and your clients, with this industry evolution.

As already mentioned we have taken a mixed modalities approach to teaching techniques and breath conditioning. We've made complicated concepts very easy to understand, and the BREATHE Method framework makes it easy for coaches and trainers to get consistently great results for their clients. Best of all, you can incorporate these leanings as a value-add addition to your clients existing workout or treatment.

Did you know?

Elite athletes in certain sports often have what we call “powerful breathing patterns”. This can contribute to off field stress and anxiety. It can reduce recovery time and can even be a significant contributor to premature retirement.

Is fit-fat a thing?

Having run several marathons and a couple of ultra-marathons as a mid to back of the pack runner, I noticed many chubby people running marathons and to a lesser extent the100km events. It wasn't until I dived deep into breath science that I understood why. The way I and my chubby counterparts were breathing was causing our bodies to preference sugars as fuel. We blocked a well known but little understood process called lipolysis from occurring. Every day I see fit fat people at gyms and out running. I also see an abundance of fat people who are not being able to get fit, because they lactate out prematurely. These two things are actually related and we can show you some quick fixes.

Level 1 - Practitioner Course.What you'll learn:
  • The BREATHE Method
  • Breath science. (Including take home manual)
  • How to do client breath assessments
  • How to create action plans for clients
  • How to track progress and to determine specifically what foods are an issue.
  • To compare and select the optimal breathing techniques.
  • Introduction to circular breathing and didgeridoo. (You'll take home a PVC didgeridoo)
  • The advantages of nasal breathing during rest and physical exercise
  • Breath related metrics, including the use of pulse oximeters
  • How to simulate altitude training
  • How to improve VO2 max and running economy
  • How to delay the onset of lactic acid and fatigue
  • Improve mental focus
  • How to improve health through breathing
  • Stress reduction
  • Practical: Breath conditioning workouts
  • Practical: Relaxation and functional breathing
  • Practical: Circular breathing and didgeridoo

Glenn Weinert

*Our principal didgeridoo player is from Darwin and has consulted Elders. There is no dreaming prohibition against women playing the didgeridoo except in traditional ceremonies. Some makers of didgeridoos wish their instruments only to be played by men, and we respect their wishes. The instruments in our workshops are PVC pipes which function and sound like a didgeridoo, but they are not considered to be didgeridoo.
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Customised Fitness Solutions Training Centre, 557 Princes Highway, Kirrawee, Austalia


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