HEARTCORE Retreat  Connections. Love. Embodiment.

HEARTCORE Retreat | Connections. Love. Embodiment.

HEARTCORE Retreat | Connections. Love. Embodiment.

Mon Jul 01 2024 at 02:00 pm to Fri Jul 05 2024 at 07:00 pm

Finca Vrij, Kapelleweg 29A, 4322 NG Scharendijke, Nederland,Scharendijke, Kapelle, Netherlands

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HEARTCORE Retreat | Connections. Love. Embodiment., 1 July | Event in Kapelle | AllEvents.in About the event HEARTCORE Retreat | Connections. Love. Embodiment.
Connections. Love. Embodiment.

So, you do your Yoga, meditate, completed CORE, have done some Tantra and breathwork.

Now what?

Ready to look at your most intimate relationships?

Soft enough to sense, feel and rest in a body that breathes love and acceptance?

Excited to unlock the full potential of your juicy, pleasurable and vital sexuality?

At HEARTCORE you are softly welcomed back inwards.

To the intimacy of your heart.







And soothingly alive.

Resting in the seat of your sexuality,

Embodying that all is perfect, exactly as it is.

Come and experience love,

not as a concept,

but as a memory of yourself.

In this 5-day journey we will open ourselves through ritual, meditations, touch, Tantra, radical honesty, connection, nature, beach, nourishment, self love exercises, food and transformational practices. Melting tensions, stress and stories around our hearts, bodies and soul, coming back to that natural, soft, unconditional, loving presence.

From this open-heart-space we gently surrender.
Can my love move beyond physical borders or limitations of the mind? Entering the realm of conscious relating, embodied intimacy and connected living.

Melting into the gifts of life and it's beautiful abundance.

- Forgiveness Ceremony
- Conscious relating essentials
- Self pleasure ritual
- Heart-dearmouring
- Embodied intimacy practices
- Tantric Rituals
- Nature immersions (beach Zeeland)
- Dinner of Desires
- Cermonies

Through deeply transformational, embodiment practices we welcome you simply into a space of safe surrender.

The retreat is for those:

- That have completed the Free your Mind / Out of your Mind, Tantra or CORE training
- Deepen the relationships with friends, family and beloved(s)
- Open your heart more and access states of unconditional love
- Dare to slow down and sink into purity
- Feel more pleasure, connection and self-love in the body
- Heal the connection between to the masculine and feminine
- Dive into the essence of Tantric practices
- Learn how to use sexual energy for more pleasure and deeper orgasmic states
- Looking for a space to bask in nature, nourishment and ease into deeper rest and self love

"Love is not something to be done. It is the absence of distortion." - Karlijn

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This retreat is a lush experienced focused on nourishment and establishing loving relationships with ourselves and others. Techniques are rooted in Social Psychology, Tantra, ISTA, Sacred Sensuality, Bodywork, movement, Osho and Authentic Relating.

- Soft emotional release
- Agreement field
- Holding in love

- Desire active meditation
- Embodiment practices
- Boundaries & desires
- Temple of intimacy

- Kali meditation
- Forgiveness meditations (3 stages)
- Temple: Shiva Shakti Ritual

- Yin Yoga
- Beliefs & judgements
- Do&don't like about myself
- Temple of pleasure

- Soft Movement Flow
- Tantric massage essentials
- Intimacy play
- Temple of touch

- Cuddle huddle
- Appreciation attack
- Closing (17h)

*This is just an indication, the schedule will adjust to group dynamics.

Arrival: Monday afternoon, 15h
Closing: Friday around 17h, dinner not included.

- 08:30 - 10:00h Breakfast experience
- 10:00 - 13:00h Workshop
- 13:00 - 15:00h Lunch & free time
- 15:00 - 18:00h Workshop
- 18:00 - 19:30h Dinner experience
- 19:00 - 22:00h Embodiment temple/ ritual

We recommend making yourself fully available for the duration of the retreat and minimize contact with outside stimuli (such as phones).



Blanca Durga is a 2024 CORE graduate and has a background in yoga, tantra and emotional bodywork for over 15 years. After a corporate career of over two decades she started her company B-conscious to guide people towards more body awareness and aliveness. One of her own main practices is kirtan, which she loves to share with others together with her friends of The Bhakti Groove. Blanca's travels on her bicycle gave her life-changing insights. She loves to work with groups and shares her playfulness, care and inspiration.

"CORE gave me a tough loving kick under the butt. Clarity arose from the layers of stories I used to hold on to. Assisting, teaching yoga at HEARTCORE just like in 2023 is my full joy."

Located close to the beach, with a lush garden (edible plants), labyrinth, natural lake overlooking Dutch fields, Finca Vrij will be our temple space.

Finca Vrij | Scharendijke | Zeeland, The Netherlands

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All of our meals will be healthy, organic and deeply nourishing. Catering is provided by our private chef.

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- This retreat could include touch and (partial) nudity.
- All practices are optional, and can be designed to your own liking. There is nothing mandatory, all is with consent.
- If you come with a fixed partner, you can do intimate practices together. If you come by yourself, come with an open mind to share practices with other human bodies (all genders).
- Explicitly open to all genders identities, backgrounds, stories, singles, couples, relationship constellations, political preferences, sexual orientations, abilities etc. etc. LGTBQI+ friendly.
- Scholarship tickets for students & low-income available. Installments for max 6 months.
- Max 17 spots

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"This Retreat opened my heart in a way that can not be closed, I am very grateful for finding out I am capable of unconditional love and I can experience this through all of my life." ~ Kees Schenk, Amsterdam

“Such an amazing process words can’t describe… fully in my strength, knowing that playing and staying with the tools and connecting to my heart is the only thing that I need to open up for abundance from the universe.” - Katharina Britzke, Berlin


If you have any questions, schedule a Discovery Call with me or send an email to aW5mbyB8IHdpdGhrYWJpcmEgISBjb20=.

Early bird tickets till June 30th.

The retreat ticket includes:

- Enrollment in the 5 day HEARTCORE programme
- Shared accommodation for 4 nights
- Vegetarian, organic meals daily
- Tea & healthy snacks
- Homework practices

tickets: https://www.chipta.com/en/tickets/event/70251/heartcore/event-info/

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Tickets for HEARTCORE Retreat | Connections. Love. Embodiment. can be booked here.

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Date & Time

Mon Jul 01 2024 at 02:00 pm to Fri Jul 05 2024 at 07:00 pm


Finca Vrij, Kapelleweg 29A, 4322 NG Scharendijke, Nederland,Scharendijke, Kapelle, Netherlands

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Welcome to the magical world of Kabira. A world filled with connection, ecstacy, freedom, bliss, liberation, spaciousness, joy, juiciness, clarity, presence, opening and unconditional love for all that there is. At Kabira we are passionately dedicated to expand our ability to experience love and presence. We come home to full acceptance of ourselves, with all our funkiness, secrets and shadows. “As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others” - Marianne Williamson. We offer ecstatic experiences, transformational retreats, gentle reminders & private coaching through simple, hands-on and deeply transformational techniques. It's a powerful blend of Tantra, yoga, Psychology, dance and healing practices. We increase our awareness of our body, mind and soul in order to rise above duality and experience ourselves as who we truly are. We simply LOVE to experience the orgasmic bliss of the now. 1hour podcast interview with KABIRA: https://open.spotify.com/episode/67tRaXkxdhx4Qbyrw6gis4?si=XU19I5usS0K_pPlY5D2j5Q
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