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  • Oct 2021
  • S24
    • Büyük Ev Ablukada Fırtınayt
    • Istanbul, TR GENERATION POUND Pro Training
    • Lâl Hayal
    • ine Özsoy ile Sonbahar Ayurvedik Arınma Çemberi
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  • M25
    • Ağaçlar Ayakta Ölür
    • Irgat
    • "Vardardan Boğaza" Konser Duo Grubi
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  • T26
    • Open VC Days 1: 500 Istanbul
    • The Product Hunt Meetup in Istanbul: Product Management Night
    • Murder King - Dorock Taksim Konseri
    • Bulut Gülen Quintet
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  • W27
    • Yüzleşme
    • Autodesk PowerMill 2022 3 eksen CAM Eğitimi
    • Projection-débat autour du film "Territoire d'Exil" / "مدينة اللجوء"
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  • T28
    • Hakikat Elbet Bir Gün
    • Halloween Party 2021
    • CHILL&ART(Halloween Edition)
    • The Principal Developer – Masterclass for software development team leads.
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  • F29
    • Swingin' Halloween @Fairmont
    • Dinle Çocuk
    • Halloween: Fear The Night w/ Mano Le Tough
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  • S30
    • Halloween Latin Dance Party
    • Sine Özsoy ile Menopoz Dönemini Ayurveda ve Yoga ile Yönetme Sanatı
    • Medya, Kültür, Toplum Buluşmaları #5
    • Çok Güzel Hareketler 2
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  • S31
    • Tolga Çevik - Tolgshow
    • Şatonun Altında
    • Devlet Korumazsa, Dernek Korur! BOKS ATÖLYESİ
    • Mevzu Sunar: Halloween Gecesi
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  • Nov2021
  • M1
    • PROFINET Sistem Eğitimi (3 gün)
  • T2
    • Istırap Korosu
    • E-Ticarette Satışları Artırmak (İstanbul)
    • Tango
    • Besiktas Icrypex v Rytas Vilnius
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  • W3
    • Darussafaka v Happy Casa Brindisi
    • Uçaklı Gaziantep/Antakya Kültür ve Lezzet Turu 3/5 Kasım 2021 2 Gece Konaklama
    • Istırap Korosu
    • Söz & Müzik: Tan Taşçı
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  • T4
    • Bihter Tezcan ile Psoas Atölyesi “Ruh Kasının Keşfi ve Yapıcı Dinlenme” – Online
    • 10. ORDU GÜNLERİ
    • Istanbul maraton 2021 - putovanje iz Srbije
  • F5
    • MIX Festival 2021
    • Avustralya Wollongong Üniversitesi Dubai Kampüs yetkilisi İstanbul'da
    • CEZA | 5 Kasım 2021 - Eskişehir Milyon Performance Hall
    • Söz & Müzik: Tan Taşçı
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  • S6
    • Eşit Masallar
    • Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Istanbul Celebration
    • Wargasm Geri Dönüş Şenliği
    • Sapanca macera parkı etkinliği
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  • S7
    • Weekends Blockchain Training Course for Beginners Istanbul
    • Weekends Cybersecurity Awareness Training Course Istanbul
    • $97 Beginners Weekends Web Development Training Course Istanbul
    • Beginners Weekends HTML,CSS,JavaScript Training Course Istanbul
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  • M8
  • T9
    • Dylan Bernstein in Istanbul-Nowember 2021
    • Gabriel'in Düşü
    • Galatasaray NEF v Igokea
    • Стамбул. Авторский фото-тур. Мастер-классы по фотографии + профессиональная фотосессия
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  • W10
    • Gabriel'in Düşü
    • WIN Eurasia
  • T11
    • Infinite abundance 11/11 portal retreat to Turkey
    • Ahmet Ödemiş kızı Gamze Kına Havuzbaşı düğün salonu kat 2
  • F12
    • Vişne Bahçesi
    • Güldür Güldür Show
  • S13
    • Manu Delago
    • Demet Akalın Bostancı Konseri
    • Jeton presents SAMA' Abdulhadi Istanbul
    • Moonlight - İngilizce Çocuk Tiyatrosu
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  • S14
    • Tarihi Yarımada Yürüyüşü
    • Access The Bars
    • Tarihi Yarımada Yürüyüşü
    • Ahmet Ödemiş kızı Gamze Nikah
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  • M15
    • Birazdan Gideriz Şimdi Yağmur Yağıyor
  • T16
    • International Scientific Forum for Research and Studies
  • W17
    • Palto
  • T18
    • Silmo İstanbul Optik Fuarı 2021
  • F19
    • Terry Riley & Gyan Riley
    • Beni Sakın Yumruklardan
    • Palmiyeler - Dilan Balkay - Seda Erciyes, Düşün, Min Taka
    • Tiyatro - Bir Baba Hamlet
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  • S20
    • Serap Bora Yüksel ile Tutulmalar ve Bir Nefeslik Mola
    • +1 Katkılarıyla: Gezgin Salon: Balthazar
    • Mustafa Kaplan: Oyun Ve Doğaçlama 1
    • Dark Tranquillity // İstanbul
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  • S21
    • Uma ile Meditasyonu Yaşamına Yerleştirmek
    • Halil Akıncı'nın kızı Meryem'in nişanı
  • M22
  • T23
    • Fashionist - Fashion and Apparel Fair
  • W24

Events in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city full of history and culture. Many cultural and religious events such as Eid are held here every year. The other main events are related to arts, music, movies and concerts. Istanbul’s nightlife is not less than any other city. It has got plenty of nightclubs and pubs. International Istanbul Film Festival, Theatre festival, Puppet Festival, Jazz Festival and Music Festival are held every year. You can also take a boat cruise to explore the Bosporus. Apart from events, Aya Sofya, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and Grand bazaar are must visit places. The grand architecture is bound to captivate you. Street food as well as fancy restaurants can be found throughout the city. If you have landed in Istanbul, don’t forget to try Turkey’s famous coffee.

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Concerts in Istanbul

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All About The Culture And Best Places To Visit In Istanbul!

The city of Istanbul, the largest one in Turkey, is a land of mighty empires and legendary epics straddling the Bosphorus Strait that gives it an enchanting natural beauty. With magnificent monuments and historic museums retaining its massive past on one side, the city has simultaneously grown into a bustling metropolis on the other with a Grand Bazaar, an elaborate live music scene, and a happening nightlife. Some of the best places to visit in Istanbul are clustered in the Fatih area. The iconic Blue Mosque, for instance, named so for its blue interior tiles is truly an astonishing architectural marvel of the Ottoman era. The Topkapi Palace and Taksim Square are other must-visit places during an Istanbul trip. The reign of mighty empires has also left the city with some magnificent museums like the Hagia Sophia Museum, which is one of the wonders of the world for its unmatched excellence of art and architecture. However, modern contemporary works of art in the city have also been no less spectacular and the Istanbul Modern Art Museum preserves the phenomenal pieces of contemporary artists from all over Turkey. For tourists who wish to discover these marvelous treasures and explore the city’s timeless beauty but know little about where to start, there are also many Istanbul free walking tours with expert guides that cover most of the attractions and have been very helpful. 

Apart from exploring the monumental treasures, there are many fun things to do in Istanbul as well for a memorable trip. Shopping, for instance, cannot be undermined in a city that houses one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world called the Grand Bazaar. With thousands of shops lined across tens of streets, here you will find all the souvenirs you would want to take back home from your Istanbul trip. Istiklal Street and the Istanbul Spice Market are also other great spots for all those who love to shop, and are totally worth stopping by. Nearby the bustling markets are the 19th century Galata Bridge, which is a popular fishing spot. One of the most amazing things to do in Istanbul perhaps takes a beer and watch the sunset at the Galata Bridge, for it is marked for its exceptional atmospheric beauty atop the waters of the Golden Horn. Alternatively, you can also head to Miniaturk on the shore of Golden Horn and stroll through one of the world’s largest miniature amusement parks that has tiny versions of the best places to visit in Istanbul, and the whole of Turkey, in its hundreds of miniature models. 

Delightful Istanbul Food Alongside The Live Music Scene

Food in Istanbul is a very elaborate culture and exploring its Turkish food delicacies is mandatory on a Turkey trip. In fact, traditional Turkish food is extremely popular all over the world and one of the major reasons people visit this city. Some of the best restaurants in Istanbul that can give you an authentic taste of it are located in the Fatih area, like the Old Ottoman cafe & restaurant, or the Asitane restaurant. While you travel through the streets of the city for food or sightseeing, you will notice the culture of street food is also very abundant. Istanbul street food culture is one of the world’s most popular and no other city has a match to it. You can grab a Simit or a Dumur while traveling to any place inside the city, and most of the traditional Turkish food delicacies are right there on the streets. Though the Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines remain the most popular food in Istanbul, there are many international restaurants as well as serving diverse cuisines from Italian to Mexican and Chinese. For a beverage to go with food, coffee is the most sought after drink even against tea. In fact, there is an Istanbul Coffee Festival every year where hundreds of coffee brands come together and you can expect to have an incomparable experience of tasting so many types of coffee at one place.

The city’s strong ties with its ancient roots do not make the nightlife in Istanbul any less happening. It’s a party by the sea every night with amazing live music and neon lights. Many Istanbul bars are open-air since the city has got some picturesque natural beauty, and of course the Bosphorus sea. In addition to the open beauty and great food, the elaborate Istanbul live music scene adds the final touch to a fine-dining evening by the waters that make it an unforgettable experience. Be it rock, jazz or classical and folk, the city has a place for every tune with many local and international bands always there to light up the dark hours and get everybody on the dance floor. Dogzstar, Karga, and Le Fumoir are some great Istanbul bars where the music never stops and where you can definitely head if you wish to forget all worries for a night. There is also the International Istanbul Music Festival every year that celebrates diverse forms of music from European classical, ballet and opera to traditional forms of many cultures. 

Some Happening Istanbul Events

There are many happening things to do in Istanbul at whichever time of the year you visit as some or the other celebrations keep the city live all the time. There are art festivals, music events, and entertainment activities in plenty. However, the most beautiful time to visit this city would be during the Istanbul Tulip festival in summer, when millions of Tulips are planted in parks, avenues, or wherever some space is available. It is a mesmerizing sight to see. Those who would rather like some sporty stuff can look forward at the Istanbul marathon; it is the only marathon in the world that runs across two continents, Asia and Europe, in one race! For love of sports though, the annual oil wrestling competition is the craziest thing that you can attend. Turkish oil wrestling being the national sports creates lot of excitement around and draws people from far and wide for this event. To ensure you do not miss any of these exciting Istanbul events, you can check and stay updated real-time on all the activities happening in the city, and make the best of your Istanbul trip!

Things to do in Istanbul

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