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Travel & Adventure Events in Istanbul

Adventure, Outdoor Events And Trekking In Istanbul

To Travel the world is to travel within oneself. For all the adrenaline junkies out there are cool adventure events in Istanbul like hiking in the forests, camping in mountains, hanging by the cliffs and a lot more. An adrenaline rush is sure to have when one is out there on adventure. Whether it’s swimming, river rafting, rappelling , riding with motorcycle club or cycling with friends or just a weekend getaway near Istanbul, we have got you covered.

Find your adventure and trips near Istanbul.

Upcoming Trips & Adventurous Activities in Istanbul

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    Adventure And Trips in Istanbul

    The most populous city of Turkey and even one of the most populous cities in the world, Istanbul has less space for big outdoor activities. Added to this, is the reluctance of the previous generation to participate in adventurous outdoor activities. But being at the junction of the East and the West and one of the major trade centers of the world the city has largely explored the possibility of a number of activities to attract the tourists and in doing this, it has made the local population too to take a keen interest in adventures. The subtropical climate and the sharing of coastline with two different seas have made this place to become one of the favorite tourist destinations for adventure trips over the past few years. Adventure in Istanbul is filled with activities like hiking and walking routes where one can enjoy the pleasing sights of the city and its terrains. A typical Istanbul trip is also characterized by exciting experiences of scuba-diving, which one can take at the Adalar (the islands) located about an hour away from Istanbul. 

    Adventure in Istanbul: Fun Things To Do and Best Places To Visit

    One would fail deliberately to sum up their Istanbul trip in a sentence. Istanbul offers so much to everyone that a tourist can consider visiting the city again and again. From breathtaking adventurous activities in the city’s outskirts to day-trips from Istanbul,it serves everything in one place that an adventure-seeker can expect. Apart from an adventure in Istanbul, a visitor may traverse across the early homes of Ottoman Sultans named Topkapi palace, which is famous for its beautiful grounds, exclusively ornate architecture, and sweeping views of the Bosphorus Strait. Or one can also haggle for a Turkish lamp, some candy, a cup of tea, fabric, jewelry, shoes, suitcases, or just about anything else at the Grand Bazaar, which is the home to 4,000 stores covering 60 streets and carries a stunning history of 700 years. 

    Day trips from Istanbul that one cannot miss

    With its large size and dense population, the gorgeous city of Istanbul demands time from its visitors. Thus, an Istanbul trip also includes full-fledged day trips from Istanbul like wandering to a place and to stay there to taste all the flavors of the place. One of the best day trips from Istanbul is paying visit to the Gallipoli Peninsula, where one not only admires Gallipoli's verdant shoreline scenery but also show their respect to the fallen of World War I. Or one may consume the serenely beautiful scenery at the Princes' Islands located at the northeast corner of the Sea of Marmara. Exploring Istanbul is never be completed without Istanbul camping at Omerli Lake, which is on the way to Sile, cooking in-between the dense forest that makes the precincts of the lake proven to be the ‘cherry on the cake’ on a day trip from Istanbul.