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    Business in Istanbul

    Istanbul is one of the fastest growing economies among Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development metro-regions and responsible for 27% of Turkey’s GDP growth. Istanbul is the production hub of diverse commodities like vehicles, tobacco, olive oil and electronics. The Bosporus waterway of Istanbul is one of the busiest waterways of the world as it is the only sea route between the Mediterranean and the oil-rich Black Sea. All of these factors contribute to attracting huge sums of investment projects across the city that aims to expand its potential. This diversification in production also resulted in a diverse business environment, with hosting of a number of business events in Istanbul like conference, seminars, summits, and expos. It also organizes a decent number of international business events that help in boosting local entrepreneurship and other startups. Added to this, tourism is also a major business in Istanbul, which is growing at a high pace.

    Business Events In Istanbul

    The city of Istanbul sits on the list of biggest cosmopolitan areas of the world with other major cities, thanks to its large employment opportunities that provide livelihood to people who come here across the world. But not only employment, as this historical city of Turkey, is modern enough to host a number of business events in Istanbul. RSEP International conference on Business, Economics, and Finance is one such platform, which gives an opportunity to submit papers on various subject disciplines. Another conference called the International Conference on Empirical Economics and Social Science is a great opportunity to exchange ideas on topics related to social science. These conferences and seminars form the backbone of business in Istanbul. To keep pace with the ever-changing world and to introduce innovations across all industries, business events in Istanbul also include events like Startup Weekend Istanbul that organizes competitions to award the most innovative mind of the city.

    Event Venues and Business parks in Istanbul

    Just like the other major economies of the globe, the environment of business in Istanbul is home to a myriad of business parks and event venues. Taking into account the substantial growth of startups and small business in the last few years, the parks and centres hosting business events in Istanbul also give the option to book venues at a low price. Located near Kadıköy and Sabiha Gökçen Airport in the Anatolian side of the city, the Anka Business Park is a one-stop solution to gather business enthusiasts. It is equipped with all amenities like restaurant, conference area, parking area and also has access to shopping and amusement facilities. And if you are in Sisli, the Bomonti Business Centre will serve all your business purpose. With luxury facilities, the centre attracts big business events, thanks to the availability of gymnasiums for the use of office owners and joint meeting rooms. Not only these two but the city does not fail to assuage your search for the venue of your choice in any corner. Check out to never miss updates on top business events in Istanbul.