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Social Meetup to share Emotional Abusive Relationship Stories


Social Meetup to share Emotional Abusive Relationship Stories

Gaslighting in Relationships! Mental Manipulation and Emotional Abuse

Join our Support Group to Recognize and Understand Emotionally Abusive Relationships to Break Free

What is Gaslighting (Gaining Power & Control)

It's Abusive Relationship - Persistent mental manipulation and brainwashing that causes the victim to doubt and lose their own sense of perception, identity, feelings, memory and self-worth.

Who is Gaslighter/Abuser?

Authoritarian, Intimidating, Narcissist Personality ((may be insecure, jealous competitive or even paranoid)- They think and believe that they are not the problem but everyone else is

Gaslighter/Abuser Tactics:

They keep their victim in relationship

They minimize their victim's thoughts and feelings

They criticise to make their victim feel unworthy and unvalidated

They chip away victim's confidence and self esteem

They make their victim feel powerless to fight back

They isolate their victims from anyone who could help them

They punish their victim's attempt to break out of dependent role

Catastrophic Effects on Victim;

Gaslighter is innocent and it's all my fault

I'm defective, I have no worth and identity, I'm needy, I'm dependent, I'm mentally unstable. Eventually, I'm doubting my own memory, normalcy and sanity....

The victim spirals into anxiety, they can't stop apologizing, they create excuses for everything, they lose confidence, they wonder if they're too sensitive or over reacting, they don't trust their own judgement and decisions, they believe they can't do anything right, they hold things back from friends and family...

Gaslighter knows how to play each card to control and manipulate the victim very naturally. It's common for them to playing on your mind. They show you love, kindness, sentiments, sweetness by showering you with special attention.

At the same time you fear of losing your partner, family, children too. Your fears maybe rational or irrational but you're stuck in a relationship. For them it's just the right moment and another way to use your emotions and fears as a tool to get what they want and make you feel guilty to believe that you're the problem, they are innocent and it was all your fault that caused them behave abusively.

Things get worse over time. Despite feeling insulted and wounded even still you come to believe that you deserve the abuse because you're just too sensitive or over reactive which leaves you taking the responsibility for their actions. You love and care to such an extent that your fears of losing them( partner, home, family, children, all financial support) results to apologizing and finding yourself in a position to forgive your partner too quickly but you're actually not getting their presence, availability and affection esp when you needed a shoulder to cry on.

Moreover, they isolate you from anyone who could help you. With time, you're drained out from the constant emotional stress, you're left to feel alone and hollow for the rest of your life until you begin to break free from your Miserable, Unhappy, Mentally Manipulative Relationship.

No one Deserves to be Abused and No one has the Right to Abuse Another!

No matter what the situation,this is where your pain can truly turn into your Greatest Power to push you through your new journey. Just leave and Move on. You never know One day One will fill you with love and pride that you could never imagine.

Let's Meet up to make your Abusive Story Your Super Power.

Let's Begin a new Chapter of your Story -The Pain of Growth is different than the Pain of Destruction.

who should join our Support Group

Victims and Survivors

Join us to share you survival experience to change the lives of other victims around you


Sunday, 11th August

6 - 8 pm


Terrace Cafe

Marriott Islamabad

Participation Fee:

Non-members:Rs. 500/p

Members: Free

Food & Drinks: Always Dutch




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