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MHRs HillTrail Run Ultra-Trails of Galliyat Mountains (UTMG)

MHRs Hill/Trail Run: Ultra-Trails of Galliyat Mountains (UTMG)

Jul 11, 2021 - Jul 11, 2021

MHRs Hill/Trail Run: Ultra-Trails of Galliyat Mountains (UTMG)

Time Sun Jul 11 2021 at 04:00 am

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Islamabad, Pakistan

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MHRs Hill/Trail Run: Ultra-Trails of Galliyat Mountains (UTMG), 11 July | Event in Islamabad | MHRs Hill/Trail Run: Ultra-Trails of Galliyat Mountains (UTMG)
Ultra-Trails of Galliyat Mountains (UTMG)

Ultra-Trails of Galliyat Mountains (UTMG) is the most beautiful, scenic, and one of the best routes for trail and hill running. #UTMG is in Galliyat, Abbottabad District of KPK, Pakistan. UTMG is a sequence of multiple trails of Galliyat, and they are linked/connected to one another and start from Thandiyni and finish at Khaira Gali or vice versa. Its total distance is around 62 kilometers and 2500-meter ascent.
It was one of the dream routes for Margalla Hills Runners (MHRs) to attempt the Ultra-Trail of Galliyat Run and establish into UTMG Club like UTMH (Ultra-Trails of Margalla Hills). The idea of UTMG was initiated by #MargallaHillsRunners back in July 2020 and MHRs broke the ice on 8th August 2020 and it was a historic day for hill/mountain/trail running community. UTMG was successfully attempted (started from Khaira Gali and finished at Thandiyani within the time limit of 15 hours) on August 08, 2020, by MHRs Club organizers and its member (Adnan Khan, Javed Ali & Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba Nasir: Read the story of the day check out the activity on Strava:
So, MHRs have already broken the ice and have been almost a year to complete the UTMG glory. Now, Margalla Hills Runners to create and facilitate opportunities for hills/trails loving runners to add more and more of their names to the UTMG list. MHRs has set certain rules to become a UTMG Club member.
Before going to attempt UTMG in a group, MHRs is organizing a recce trail run, Trails of Galliyat Run (Khaira Gali to Miranjani), at end of May or the start of June 2020. The basic objective of the Trail of Galliyat Run to familiarize the trails of Galliyat and almost half of the UTMG route will be covered. So, long-distance hill/trail runners must participate in the event and test their endurance hill/trail run at a high altitude before going attempt the UTMG. MHRs also organize weekly (on Sundays) long-distance hill/trail runs at different trail Margalla Hills. Therefore, time starts to participate in the long-distance hill/trail running event and train yourself accordingly.
Kindly carefully read the following event details.

Program Details:
Meeting Place & Time, Cost/Charges per person will be decided later and informed accordingly two weeks before the event date, after confirmation of invited/selected members.
UTMG Registration Form

SUNDAY on 11th July 2021
Running Start Time: 04:30 am
Terrain: Trail
Distance: 62km
Ascent: 2500 meters
Time Duration: 15 Hours
Level: Advanced and Very Difficult
Shoes: Trail or Multi-terrain Shoes.
Gears: Trail running waist or 5 to 10 litter running beg, Rain Jacket, extra Socks, full sleeve shirt, Sunglasses, hat/cap, head/hand torch.
Hydration and Food Supplies: You must have to carry a running vest or 5 to 10 litter running beg with water and food (1 to 2 water, dates, chocolates, banana, ORS, etc.). Participants must carry food supplies and put them into the vehicle or can refuel from Tuck Shops at Nathia Gali, Dunga Gali, and Ayubia at their requirement.


We’ll start from Thandiyani.
Thandiyani → Bern Gali → Dagri Bangla → Kunna Meadows → Miranjani Top → Nathia Gali → Lalazar Park → Mushkpuri top → Dunga Gali → Ayubia Pipeline Trek → Pipeline Trek of Kuza & Changla Gali Trek → Khaira Gali.

Note: Only invitee members are allowed and can join for the UTMG. Participants must carry their CNIC/Passport.

The Trails of Galliyat Mountains are a combination of multiple trails.
1. Khaira Gali (Changla Gali, Kuza Gali Pipeline Trek) to Ayubia
2. Ayubia Pipeline Trek (Ayubia to Dunga Gali
3. to Mushkpuri Peak trek via Dunga Gali side Uphill
4. Nathiagali-Lalazar trek Downhill from Mushkpuri peak
5. Nathia Gali to Miranjani base via road section
6. Miranjani Peak trek
7. Miranjani to Dagri Bangla trek via Kunna Meadows
8. Dagri Bangla to Bern Gali trek
9. Bern Gali to Thandiyani trek

Ultra-Trails of Galliyat Mountains (UTMG) RULES
Trails of Galliyat Mountains (all mentioned treks) have to attempt in a single continuous effort in a time limit of 15 hours. These trails can be completed starting from the Khaira Gali to Thandiyani or Thandiyani to Khaira Gali in one continuous effort in under 15 hours to be eligible to be a member of the UTMG Club.

The requirement for UTMG Register Inclusion:
1. The UTMG (Ultra Trails of Galliyat Mountains) consists of multiple (mentioned trails) Trails.
2. You can start from Khaira Gali or Thandiyani.
3. If you are starting from Khaira Gali then finish at Thandiyani or if you are starting from Thandiyani then finish at Khaira Gali.
4. You cannot skip the Mushkpuri top, Miranjani top, and Kunna Meadows.
5. Time limit to complete the UTMG is 15 hours. It's the total/elapsed time and not the moving time. (Mark your Activity as Race)

Make sure you must have to fully hydrate yourself (do not worry about PEE) drink water as much as possible and consume more and more carbs food two days before the UTMG day (on Friday and Saturday 9th and 10th July 2021). On UTMG day, early morning, we’ll take breakfast in the way.

UTMG Coordinator
Javed Ali
Adnan Khan

Margalla Hills Runners Disclaimer:
“UTMG Group Attempt” is not open to everyone and only limited and invitee members are to join the running event. For those who have joined and will participate in the event, the sole purpose to run and to become UTMG club member. Participation in the event is at the athlete’s discretion, therefore the MHRs club is not responsible for the participants' actions. MHRs is a non-registered body and cannot be held liable for anything including but not limited to any loss, theft, damage, or injury to property or persons whether arising in contract, negligence, equity, or otherwise. Additionally, all athletes should use due care under the circumstances to comply with all rules, regulations, statutes, and laws of Pakistan. Your decision to voluntarily partake in the race signifies your acknowledgment of the disclaimer and that you shall not bring any legal action against organizers of the for any claim.

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Sun Jul 11 2021 at 04:00 am
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Islamabad, Pakistan

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