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Conversations Worth Having (CWH) Bootcamps

Conversations Worth Having (CWH) Bootcamps

Thu Aug 05, 2021

Conversations Worth Having (CWH) Bootcamps

Time Thu Aug 05 2021 at 08:30 am to 04:30 pm

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17891 Cartwright Rd, Irvine, CA 92614-6216, United States

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Conversations Worth Having (CWH) Bootcamps, 5 August | Event in Irvine | Conversations Worth Having (CWH) Bootcamps
Conversations are at the heart of everything we do. They are key to effective communications, leadership, high performing teams, and strong relationships. We all know that they influence us, but we rarely stop to think about how much they affect our well-being and others as well as the health of our organizations and communities. Our conversations directly influence our present moment and possible futures. Are you engaging in Conversations Worth Having?

When: Thursday, August 5, 2021 / Format: Face-to-Face

Communication. It remains the top issue for organizations, teams, and relationships. Almost everyone struggles with how to effectively communicate when they are frustrated or facing conflict. The effects of poor communication are costly. They show up in organizations as:
• Employee disengagement, malaise, and turnover;
• Dysfunctional teams;
• Poor performance;
• Inability to give and receive critical feedback; and
• Negative attitudes, cliques, and gossip: a culture of “me”.

If you’re dealing with any of these outcomes, the Conversations Worth Having Bootcamp will give you the skills and tools to turn them around. This program is grounded in Appreciative Inquiry, one of the most widely used positive change approaches. Two simple Appreciative Inquiry practices can turn your entire culture around, creating a culture of conversations worth having.

Following this workshop, you will have tools to establish communication practices that will support productivity, engagement, high performance teams, regular feedback, positivity, and a culture of “we.”

Course Outcomes:
You will walk away prepared to:
• Keep your cool when you want to explode!
• Effectively challenge assumptions and preconceptions, including yours.
• Deal with conflict quickly and effectively.
• Fuel productive and meaningful engagement.
• Communicate successfully with people who hold negative attitudes or defensive positions.
• Give and receive critical feedback in ways that promote learning and high performance.
• Ask the kind of questions that deepen understanding, strengthen connections, and inspire possibility.
• Talk with colleagues in ways that invite them to collaborate on projects and strategic outcomes.
• Listen with genuine curiosity.
• Frame any conversation, even one around a highly complex problem, to inspire creative and innovative thinking and solutions.

When: Friday, August 6, 2021 / Format: Face-to-Face

A lack of strategic thinking and planning in organizations is costly. The greatest expense is the investment of time and resources into activities that do not support company goals or the mission. In addition, employees show up, do their work, and go home. This results in missed opportunities. Without a context for their work, employees are not inspired to think or plan creatively about process improvement, innovation, or cost savings. And anyone who has tried knows, it can be a struggle to get teams to buy-in to strategic goals, much less think and work in alignment with those goals.

Developing your leadership ability for strategic thinking and planning, coupled with the skills to engage in strategic conversations significantly improves your value as a leader. The days of hiring an outside agency to create a strategic plan for your organization are over; so too should be strategic plans developed at the top and handed down for others to implement. Organizations poised for growth and success have leaders who are adopting strategic thinking as an on-going way of doing business and strategic planning that engages employees across the whole organization as well as external stakeholders. They engage everyone in developing agile plans, cycles of experimentation and learning, innovation, and measuring actions against relevant metrics.

Course Outcomes:
This training will prepare you to engage your teams in strategic conversations that can:
• Increase productivity, engagements, and organizational effectiveness;
• Reduce costs, misalignment, and conflicts;
• Improve customer service levels;
• Innovate in the face of challenges; and
• Make a positive contribution to the bottom line.

Using two very powerful methodologies (SOAR and the Appreciative Inquiry 5-D Cycle), you will have the tools to engage teams from a whole system perspective in conversations to:
• Address short- and long-term challenges, systems, and innovation;
• Explore strengths, dynamic capabilities, and opportunities;
• Develop or re-evaluate organization’s values, vision, and mission statements;
• Set goals, objectives, strategies, and action plans;
• Clarify roles, relationships, and expectations; and
• Track progress through regular cycles of action learning.

This bootcamp will support your capacity and develop capabilities to have strategic conversations at the level of the individual, team, division, and the whole organization or community.

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Thu Aug 05 2021 at 08:30 am to 04:30 pm
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17891 Cartwright Rd, Irvine, CA 92614-6216, United States

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