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Energy Release Healing Treatment Course

Energy Release Healing Treatment Course

Energy Release healing is a treatment combining Thai massage acupressure bodywork, Theta waves, Face/body acupressure points, Chakra Rebalancing, Aura Cleans and Unconditional Love meditation, breathwork meditation, energy healing. It works in body mind and soul. Would you like to learn how to give an effective healing treatment lasting 1 hour up to 2 hours? No previous experience is needed, so this is the best way to start your path in healing and make it your life's journey. Perfect for those who already are Holistic therapists, Energy Healers, masseurs/ses, beauticians&SPA, Yoginis etc and want to add this amazing practice. Also for those who want to bring healing to their friends and family members.


☆ ACUPRESSURE THAI MASSAGE : prone and supine position, feet, back and shoulder, hands, head and face. Benefits and contraindications The giver and receiver a mutual healing Conscious breathing meditation Energy lines Acupressure points ☆ THETA WAVES by Vianna Stibal is one of the most powerful energy-healing techniques in the world. Helping to improve the connection from the universe to yourself, growing your intuition and listening to your highest self.

☆ CHAKRA BALANCING & AURA CLEANSING Energy lines, Chakra and Aura finally are scientifically proven, learn how to use it.

☆ Face Acupressure Points to release energy blockages and feel and look rejuvenated. ☆ UNCONDITIONAL LOVE MEDITATION to boost your energy level, ground to our mother Earth and get in touch with your higher self, balancing chakras and reach the divine to send unconditional love and healing allover. We can send healing to a specific person or situation. It works!!!

☆BREATHWORK movement meditation let's do the basic of healing!

☆ ENERGY ATTUNEMENT ACTIVATION source energy healing on your hands

Some of the benefits: • total body contracture released • stress and anxiety disappeared • boost immune system • improves&balances the energy flow • Feeling peaceful in body and mind • detoxifying • Experiencing an enhanced sense of well-being • Being able to sleep peacefully again • Increased energy • Feeling more in touch with who you are • Feeling grounded in the moment instead of spaced-out • Feeling stronger physically and emotionally • Having increased zest for life • Becoming more connected with yourself and others • Increasing your creativity After the treatment it is suggested to rest a couple of hours as meditation flows up spontaneously. Drink water.

You will obtain: ~ Certificate of Completion ~ Course Book ~ ENERGY RELEASE healing treatment on you ~ Unconditional Love meditation ~ ENERGY ATTUNEMENT ACTIVATION ~ CONSCIOUSNESS to give the Energy Release Healing treatment ~ AWARENESS about your and others energy

SCHEDULE: 10.00 / 13.00: meditation, theory, demonstration 13.00 /14.00: lunch break time, snacks, fruits and tea will be provided. 14.00 / 18.00: *repeat morning demostration, practise and meditation DAY 1 TO DAY 4 : ACTIVE LEARNING= meditations, theory, demonstrations, practise. DAY 5 and DAY 6: PRACTISE + EXAMINATION + CEREMONY??? Daily practise description: DAY 1: feet and legs DAY 2: low back, back and shoulder DAY 3: prone position feet, legs, arms DAY 4: hands, head and face DAY 5: practise and examination DAY 6: practise, examination and CERTIFICATE CEREMONY ???

Simona Thai is a certified Thetahealing practitioner and traditional Thai ,foot, aromatherapy therapist. After gathering experience in various practices in body and energy healing techniques, she created one strong and effective healing treatment called Energy Release and her purpose in life is spread the healing around the World.

ONLY FOR 6 PRECIOUS SOULS TRAINING EXCHANGE 600€ I need a reservation of 100€ to reserve your place at

* You'll have to experience 1hour an half of my Energy Release Healing treatment from me before the course start and is included already in the training exchange.

Others course date/time are available and taught in English, Español, Italiano.

Contact for further info via pm or mail : cmVsZWFzZXRoYWltYXNzYWdlIHwgZ21haWwgISBjb20= or WhatsApp +393477704090

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