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Ayurveda Massage Training

Ayurveda Massage Training


We are very happy to present this Ayurvedic training in the heart of Ibiza.

Immerse in a magnificent and suggestive heaven of the Balearic Islands you will find and express your essence.

You will have the opportunity to learn new life tools through Ayurveda.

This inner journey will take you into magical moments of awareness and clarity.

Six days fully dedicated to you, to restore your body, rebalance your mind and release your soul.

In our fast-paced, hectic times, living a healthy lifestyle is difficult. Mental and emotional stress trigger toxic processes in the body, which often lead to health problems. Ayurveda seeks to keep you in good health by balancing your individual constitution, or ‘dosha’. It is completely natural and is designed to work with your body. If you apply and follow the principles that work for your dosha, you will notice a massive change in your life and attitudes.

During this training you will have the opportunity to wonder on your daily habits, diet and life style.

You will learn:

How to apply the principal of Ayurveda on a daily base;

How to recognise dosha constitution and imbalances in order to rebalance mind, body and soul;

How to change your diet and what are the beneficial nutrition for your body and mental activity;

Appropiate use of herbs and oils

About the science of life and gain a greater connection between your body, mind and spirit.

How to classified the three doshas in order to suggest the best treatment to rebalance body and mind.

Vata/ Pitta / Kapha elements and characteristics.

Massage lesson: Mukha Abhyanga, Traditional Indian head massage (Shiro Abyanga), Urvartana, Sarvanga Abhyanga and Shirodara.


About Anna,

Anna Franzese is a specialized Ayurveda teacher and healer with more than 10 years of experience in the wellness industry. Her journey starts working in the beauty industry more than ten years ago when she discovers her passion massaging people. Anna’s training it is vary vast as she is trained in many types of massages from the Thai to the Balinese massage. Although her life has a turning point when she mets India. During her first trip to India three years ago Anna established a deep connection with her self and her inner force. Through Yoga practice and meditation techniques she established a unique empathic energy healing style and developed a particular sensibility to aloud the energy of Spirit (Universe) to channelize in a way to guide, rejuvenate and empower others. At this point Anna understand that is time to deepen her knowledge and elevate her passion in helping people. She starts practicing Reiki, learning about chakras, nadis and universal energy. She develops her skills then start giving healing treatments as Emotional Blockage Realizing allowing the prana (Vital energy) to flow freely through the body. During her journey in India that will last for the following three years she starts studying Ayurveda and found her second love. Her passion grows more and more till she becomes Spa Manager of a renovated Ayurvedic Spa. From that moment in charge also of the training of the therapists after 2 years of intensive course starts teaching Ayurveda. Anna is actually a well known teacher in Mysore, south India and whenever she comes back to Europe she tries her best to keep sharing her passion and knowledge empowering people and teaching for to improve their lives.

Map Ianire Yoga Ibiza, Lucio oculacio 2, 07800 Ibiza, Spain, Ibiza, Spain
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