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STEEL & STONE - A Test Of Mettle


STEEL & STONE - A Test Of Mettle

A Test Of Mettle

Tasmania’s heaviest strongman competition of the year and singular qualifying event for the Arnold International Australia 2020.

Come along and participate in Artgym’s very first official Strongman competition! Also first event in the state showcasing the new women’s weight categories, which will now be contested at all Arnold International qualifying events. It will be heavy. It will test your body and your strength of will. Are you up for the challenge??

Weight Classes:
Females - u64kg, u73kg, u82kg, open
Males - u80kg, u90kg, u105kg, open


Yoke: 15m at set weight for time. Athletes will move a predetermined weighted yoke 15m. Multiple drops of yoke allowed, dragging/sliding of the yoke will result in time penalty. Belts, wrist/elbow/knee wraps, chalk, grip shirts allowed. Tacky, suits, not permitted.

MDB/Farmers/Axle Medley: Athletes will have 90 secs to complete 1 repetition of the MDB (either arm), can be cleaned with both hands and stabilised in rack position, but non-lifting hand must be well clear of dumbbell during overhead portion of lift, then athletes will move on to Farmers Handles and carry them 10m, then move to an axle bar setup to commence Ground to Overhead for as many repetitions as time will permit.
Use of wrist, knee, elbow wraps permitted, belts permitted, chalk permitted. Straps, suits, tacky not permitted.

Deadlift/Duck Waddle/Deadlift: Athletes will deadlift predetermined weight for a single repetition, then proceed to duck handle and carry that 10m up and back (20m in total) to start, where they can attempt to complete as many reps as possible in remaining time with original deadlift bar. Straps, belts, chalk, knee/elbow/wrist sleeves permitted. No tacky or dragging of duck handle.
Athletes must lock out each deadlift repetition and wait for referee acknowledgement.

SM Axle Squat: athletes will squat to blocks set at their parallel depth. Weights will be ascending for 4 progressions from starting weight, 10kg for females, 20kg for males, rep out at top weight. Weights can bounce off blocks, but both sides must contact the blocks on each repetition for the rep to count, and athletes must wait for referee acknowledgement after every rep and wait while loaders add plates. Any squat attempted before referee’s “squat” call will result in no rep. Belts, wrist/knee/elbow wraps permitted, chalk permitted. Suits, tacky, straps not permitted.

Stones: ascending series of 9-10 stones, competitors must attempt a minimum of 5 stones. Athlete can buy in wherever they like but cannot skip stones and must progress from light to heavy. Athlete may do more than 5 stones but not less. 2 min time cap. Tacky, belts, wrist/elbow/knee wraps, grip shirts permitted.

* These events are subject to change
* Weights TBA
* Entry $TBA

Map Artgym Hobart 37 Barrack St. Hobart, Hobart, Australia
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