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Making the most of the teacher's voice and body language


Making the most of the teacher's voice and body language

In this 4hr workshop, I draw on 40 years of training and observing teachers in action, to make you aware of the power of your voice and body language as essential tools for becoming a more effective teacher. This practical workshop will provide a toolkit and step-by-step guide to help teachers transform the quality of their voice and the expressive potential of body language.

From teaching vocabulary and grammar to getting attention and keeping it, these non-verbal factors are crucial to motivating your students and making language acquisition a pleasant and successful experience. In the first part of the workshop, you will learn to build your confidence by: projecting your voice; using tone, stress and pauses and drawing on dramatic and humorous effects. In the second part, we show how drama techniques, with a focus on body language and the teacher’s voice, can enhance classroom management skills, teaching grammar and vocabulary - and, above all, strengthen your most important quality: your presence in the classroom.

In this interactive and highly practical workshop, I reflect on the nature of teacher development in terms of theatrical or ‘performance’ skills; drawing on research, I will show how these qualities are an essential component in the growth of a teacher towards a more creative and effective practice. In reflecting on nonverbal behaviour in teaching.
I draw on research from the classroom (see, for example, Neill and Caswell, 1993. Body Language for Competent Teachers) to illustrate, with a wealth of actual examples from the classroom, the effectiveness - or otherwise – of the teacher’s non-verbal behaviour.

Workshop Leader: Luke Prodromou
Dr. Luke Prodromou graduated from Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Nottingham Universities. He was for many years a teacher and teacher-trainer with the British Council. He has also worked for ESADE, Barcelona, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Thessaloniki, Pilgrims Canterbury, NILE, Bell Schools et al. He currently teaches, part-time, ELT Methodology on the MA TESOL University of Sheffield International Faculty, City College, Thessaloniki. He gives talks on English literature and he also runs an international teachers’ and students’ English Language Theatre: Luke’n’Friends, which has performed at conferences in Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Argentina, Mexico, Georgia, and the UK.

Πιστοποίηση και βεβαίωση παρακολούθησης
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Πληροφορίες & Κρατήσεις Θέσεων
Τηλ: 210 6712991 & Κιν: 6980635361
Ώρες: 9πμ-5μμ

Ημερομηνία: 02-11-19
Ώρες: 3μμ-7μμ
Κόστος Συμμετοχής: €40
(Από 29-10-19 το κόστος διαμορφώνεται στα €60)
Φοιτητές: €30
Πόλη: Ηράκλειο
Ξενοδοχείο: Capsis Astoria Heraklion

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