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The Catalyst TOT Program


The Catalyst TOT Program

A Catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.

A Catalyst is how we see any Trainer, a person who increases our society without him/herself changing negatively. A catalyst trainer is a person who has a stronghold of knowledge & skills that aids everyone in need of it.

The Catalyst program accordingly is a Training of Trainers program. A program full of studying & hard work, yet we aim for catalysts in the end.

The Catalyst is a program for any person targeting the training & development industry or the learning industry aiming to be a Trainer.

The program uses the gamification methodology, along with many other methodologies to make the program fun and enjoyable with every step moving forward.

كاتاليست (المحفز)هو عنصر يقوم بتعجيل عمليّة أو حدث من دون أن يتورَّط في النَّتيجة.
و لهذا نرى المدرب كالمحفز, شخص يؤثر و يزيد في المجتمع من حوله دون أن يتغير بالسالب. المدرب الكاتاليست هو شخص ذو قاعدة علميه و مهارية قوية يساعد بها من احتاج من حوله.

و لهذا برنامج كاتاليست هو برنامج تدريب مدربين. برنامج مليئ بالدراسة و العمل لكننا نطمح أن نكون مؤثريين بالنهاية.

هذا البرنامج موجه لكل شخص راغب في دخول مجال التدريب أو مجال التعلم طامحا في أن يكون مدرب.

يعتمد برنامج كاتاليست على تقنية استراتيجيات الألعاب التحفيزية و أساليب أخرى متعددة لجعل العملية التدريبية ممتعة و مشوقة مع كل خطوة بها.
((The program uses specific methodologies in implementation))

1. Gamification
2. Blended Learning
3. Project-based learning
4. Game-based learning
5. Flipped classroom
6. Personalized learning

((The program consists of 6 Main Modules))

Module (1) Analyzing the elements
- Training needs analysis
- TNA tools & implementations
- Audience analysis
- Scientific research

Module (2) Designing the Catalyst
- Educational psychology
- The schools of learning
- Adult learning laws & rules
- Building intended learning objectives
- Learning methods & media
- Activity design

Module (3) Developing the Catalyst
- Course outline
- Lesson plans
- Design map document
- Content development
- PowerPoint tips & tricks
- Learning trends & techniques

Module (4) Implementing the Catalyst
- Trainer’s characteristics
- Speechifying & speech types
- Storytelling methodologies
- Tonality and characterization
- Trainer’s choreography & movements
- Handling an audience

Module (5) Evaluating a Catalyst
- Assessment basics
- The 3 types of assessment
- Utility of assessments in the classroom
- Kirkpatrick's 4 levels of evaluation
- Creating your own evaluation forms

Module (6) Branding a Catalyst
- Developing your VP(s)
- Building a profound identity
- Social Media tools & representation


The program is for individuals who want to start and/or advance in their training careers. If you have 0-5 years of training experience, this program is for you, regardless of your age or background.

((Target Audience))

- Beginners in the training & development field
- Graduates who want to start a career in training
- Teachers & Trainers who want to refresh & advance their knowledge
- Corporate trainers who want to learn specific modules
- Professionals who want to train their team members in organizations & firms

((The program’s duration))

The program duration is 80 hours / Bi-weekly / 8 weeks/ 10 hours a week

Every Wednesday from 6:00 to 10:00 pm
and Every Saturday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Starting from Wednesday, 19th of June 2019.
Adha Feast vacation from (11th till the 15th August)
Graduation date: 24th of August

((The Catalyst Trainer))

1) Mohamed Reda

With a 6-year background experience in the BPO industry, business development, a managerial post in the UN, and finally a 11-year experience in the training field. Mohamed has come to condense and formulate all of his efforts and knowledge acquired to dedicate it to the field of empowerment and development in the form of training programs & applied workshops to further enhance the youth who are facing today's dynamic global race.

Being a human development consultant has given Mohamed the chance to conduct sessions, workshops & seminars to over 40,000 trainees from different walks of life & business; starting with high school students, university students, juniors, seniors, middle management and even top management of governmental institutions and corporate.

The ray of diversity has helped tremendously with further career excavation in the field of human development along with learning & development. As he is looking into starting a master's degree in business psychology to be able to profoundly blend between L&D and T&D in a tight cohesive productive mold, also work on enhancing the means of business development and marketing processes for entrepreneurs, startups, and NGOs.

Which is one of the main aspirations being worked on currently alongside working on his first book on self-help and personal development using the simple hobby of writing to continue on the vision that he has weaved.

Linkedin account:
FB account:

2) Sara Fouad

Sara Fouad is a Brand Manager at El Rashidy El Asly Company with 4 years of marketing experience from research to branding, plus being a freelance marketing trainer.
Aside from having a full time job in Branding, Sara decided to turn her passion into profession and deliver a gamified marketing and branding trainings where she help people to discover various marketing career pathways they can pursue and identify what’s required to be a marketer.

She is a Certified International Professional Trainer (CIPT) from Missouri State University, ranked from top trainers at Catalyst program, holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Ain Shams University and studied Marketing and Sales at AUC.

She is the co-founder and ex-president of AIBE – the first workshop based student activity in faculty of commerce Ain Shams University – and she did an internship at ACYPL exchange program in Washington D.C. provided by the U.S Embassy.

Linkedin account:
FB account:


((The program investment))

Single Plans:

• Full payment before the 1st of June: 6400 EGP

• Full payment after the 1st June till the 17th of June: 6875 EGP

• Full payment via installments: 7250 EGP
First down payment (2500 EGP), Second payment (2500 EGP), and Last payment (1 week before the program ends is 2250 EGP)

Group Plans:

• Group discount (2 or more) after 1st of June: 6,150 EGP
(installments available: First payment 1500 EGP – Second Payment 1500 EGP – Last payment 3150 EGP 1 week before the program ends)

• Group discount (2 or more) before 1st of June: 5,950
(Installments available: First payment 1500 EGP – Second Payment 1700 EGP – Last payment 2750 EGP 1 week before the program ends)

(Seats are limited as the program is designed for only 15 members to attend)

((Payment Method))

1- Please register for information here:

2- Schedule an appointment to pay at Nile Academy and get your ticket
3. Pay through Vodafone cash: 01096941001

Address: 4 Khaled Ibn AlWalid, Sheraton-Heliopolis, 7th floor. The same building of Al Ahli United Bank.

((Refund Policy))

- Applicants can refund the full payment any time before the program starts

- Applicants can refund 50% payment up-till the third session


- By the end of the program only attendees who will pass the graduation requirements and final evaluation will be granted a final certificate of completion from The Catalyst.

- Attendees can demand an international recognition, as The Catalyst TOT program is internationally recognized by the ATA (The American Training Academy). Only after you pass the graduation you can apply for the international recognition and pay its fee.

For more information:
Contact us at 0105709553 / 01096941001 Or Q2F0YWx5c3QgISBwcm9ncmFtICEgaW5mbyB8IGdtYWlsICEgY29t

Map Nile Academy, 4 Khaled Ebn El Waleid, Sheraton-Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt, 11799, Helwan, Egypt
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