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Royal S&S: The Advanced Program Minimum


Royal S&S: The Advanced Program Minimum

Der Workshop wird auf Englisch unterrichtet. Eine Übersetzung in Deutsch ist bei Bedarf möglich.

Royal S&S

The Advanced Program Minimum: Kettlebell Snatch and Bent Press

„To build a superman, slow movements and quick lifts are required… I have a fondness for two particular lifts. The two hands snatch and the bent press. The two hands snatch… is the best single exercise in existence when practiced as a repetition movement in various forms [read the one-arm snatch —P.T.]. The bent press brings into play every muscle of your physique and builds superstrength through all the body.“

“…if you desire improved strength and better bodily proportions, these two lifts should be part of your training regime. If no other exercises were practiced, just the bent press and „exercises that lead up to it, and the two hands snatch and exercises which build proficiency in its performance [such as snatch pulls –P.T.] you would become a superman. For men who practice these lifts are superpowerful, possess great bodily strength and all around athletic ability.“

„There are many good exercises. Most of them have merit. But a man could build a beautiful body, ideal proportions, and great physical ability if he did nothing in the exercise line except the bent press—and exercises which lead to proficiency in it and the two hands snatch—with the exercises that build ability in that quick lift.“

„I can’t urge you too strongly to include both of these lifts in your training program.“

- Pavel Tsatsouline, quoting Iron Game’s legend Bob Hoffman, in: The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades.

Enter the Advanced Program Minimum!


Competency in one-arm kettlebell swing and a kettlebell get-up - Simple & Sinister (S&S)


Move Prep

- Brettzel Armbar
- Loaded hip flexor kneeling stretch with kettlebell overhead
- Prying Hack Squat

The Tsar: Kettlebell Snatch

“The one-arm snatch is the Tsar of kettlebell lifts, fluid and vicious.“
- Pavel Tsatsouline, StrongFirst Chairman

- One-arm kettlebell swing review
- Snatch Pull Swing
- “One Inch Punch” Snatch
- Full Snatch
- “Tame the Arc” Principle
- Centerline principle
- “Wrist to the Hips” principle
- Breathing - during the set and after the set

The King: Kettlebell Bent Press

“All hail to the Bent Press. The King of Lifts!”
- Siegmund Klein, legendary strongman & all-round athlete

- Kettlebell get-up review
- Kneeling kettlebell bent press progressions
- Cheat clean and bent press rack (wing method)
- “Screw Press” - dog leash drill
- Hand position - Arthur Saxon’s method
- Lockout drill
- Full bent press
- Zen of kettlebell bent press


- QL Straddle
- 90:90 stretch
- Brettzel Stretch
- Spinal Decompression


- Optimal rep range for the snatch and bent press
- Step cycle method
- Doug Hepburn’s method
- Easy-medium-hard method and daily volume/intensity variability
- What to do if it get heavy?
- How to write a training log
- How to combine RSAS with SAS or PTTP!
- Peaking and testing
- Recommended additional training

About the Instructor

Pavel Macek, Master StrongFirst Instructor, KB5 Gym founder and Chief-Instructor, a pioneer of kettlebell lifting and an official StrongFirst country leader for Czechia, Central Europe. He started to train Chinese combatives, boxing and fencing of Hung Kyun style in 1991, studying in USA, Hong Kong and China. He is a president and Chief-Instructor of Practical Hung Kyun International Association.

In 2008 he has opened the first kettlebell gym in Czech republic, KB5 Gym Prague. He currently teaches Chinese combatives (Practical Hung Kyun), strength training (KB5 Gym Prague) and Mixed Martial Arts.

Special thanks to StrongFirst and Pavel Tsatsouline for all his teaching, help and support. Please check out his English SIMPLEXSTRONG blog, his Repeat Until Strong training log, and StrongFirst articles.

Weitere Informationen:

- Datum: Sonntag, 22. September 2019
- Dauer: 10:00 - 15:00
- Ort: KB Gym, Ruwoldtweg 6, 22309 Hamburg
- Preis: 99€
- Alle Teilnehmer/innen erhalten ein Handbuch (englisch) mit dem Royal Simple And Sinister Programm.

Schreibt bei weiteren Fragen an: c3ZlbiB8IGtldHRsZWJlbGwtc3R1dHRnYXJ0ICEgbmV0

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Map KB Gym, Ruwoldtweg 6, 22309 Hamburg, Germany, Hamburg, Germany
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