Plant Medicine Ceremony Cacao Sananga Hap 60m Breathwork & SoundHealing

Plant Medicine Ceremony Cacao, Sananga, Hapé, 60m Breathwork & SoundHealing

Plant Medicine Ceremony Cacao, Sananga, Hapé, 60m Breathwork & SoundHealing

Sun Jul 21 2024 at 11:30 am to 03:30 pm

10 Winterhill Way House / Yurt, 10 Winterhill Way, Guildford, United Kingdom

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Plant Medicine Ceremony Cacao, Sananga, Hapé, 60m Breathwork & SoundHealing | Event in Guildford | About the event Plant Medicine Ceremony Cacao, Sananga, Hapé, 60m Breathwork & SoundHealing
A deeply healing and sacred ceremony exploring heart opening Plant Medicines, with an unforgettable transformational Breathwork session.

About this Event

My devotion for exploring natural healing started with Plant Medicine, later Breathwork appeared as a blessing in my life. Having lived 3 months with the Shipibo Tribe in the Amazonian Jungle of Peru, I underwent intense initiations with Master Plants which catalysed my own inner transformation. These life changing experiences birthed my passion & purpose in sharing these sacred medicines as an integral space holder.

After my first ever Conscious Connected Breathwork session where I knew after 1 90-minute session I HAD to share this incredibly powerful medicine that is simply YOUR BREATH. To teach people the power of manipulating their breath to reap the rewards of RELEASE, EMBODYMENT, CLARITY, ONENESS, STRENGTH AND ALIGNMENT!

This workshop is a very interactive event. However, if you don't feel called to all or any of the medicine you are welcome to observe and only take part in what resonate with you. You do not need ANY experience with Plant Medicine or Breathwork to join! The only condition is to trust yourself through this journey of inner exploration and ENJOY!

Any questions you can contact me directly on @Beyondbreath1 or via Eventbrite.

What the workshop will include:

💚 Indigenous Plants Hapé, Sananga & Cacao

💚 Dropping out of the mind and into the feelings and sensations of the body and heart

💚 Receiving the healing properties of each medicine

💚 Clearing stagnant energy & opening channels to create new pathways of living

💚 60 minute Transformation Conscious Connected Breathwork Shamanic Style


💚 Shamanic Drumming

💚 Journaling & Sharing

Opening sacred space

Calling in our hearts and the energies we wish to receive during our time together, which allow us to fully surrender into the experience and trust the process.


Ceremonial Grade Cacao has been used for thousands of years in sacred ceremonies by indigenous people to help us reach euphoric states of bliss, release what no longer serves us, and connect again to nature, ourselves, truth. It is chocolate in the pure raw unprocessed high grade form. The beautiful Cacao that I use in my events is available to purchase. Please ask as I bring 500g bags with me to each event, alternativley I can post.

500g of 100% Raw Ceremonial Cacao grown in Ecuadaor - £33
1kg of 500g of 100% Raw Ceremonial Cacao grown in Ecuador - £55

✨ Hapé

Rapé brings you to a place of acute attention and awareness. The mind becomes quieter, negativity clears our, and emotional tensions release. People often feel more grounded during the experience, allowing them to clear up confusions or discomfort about an issue they may have been experiencing.

✨ Sananga

Sananga has spiritual properties to clear our blocked energies, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It can help clear the mind, open up our third eye and help with meditation, and improve overall eye health. It has a sharp sting effect lasting 1-2 minutes, however it is absolutely safe. It leaves you feeling grounded in your body, cleansed yet alert.

✨ Shamanic Breathwork & Drumming

Breathwork opens the door us to heal all 3 of our energy centers. Our mental body, emotional and psychological body and our physical body.

When we travel into the deep, subconscious space accessed only by shamanic breathwork, the ego falls away and we are left truly vulnerable.

Through this process that we are able to access the deepest, most obscured and hidden parts of our psyche. Back here, all of the memories and traumas are stored, many of which are not accessible through regular counselling or soul-searching.

When we open ourselves up in such a vulnerable way, we allow ourselves to start to see the roadmap to our deepest, most fundamental self. In doing so, we begin to find the map allows us to move between these memories and emotions in a completely new and unhindered way, as new connections are drawn and solidified.

✨ Sound Healing

Sound healing is an ancient healing modality for the mind, body and spirit that has its origins all around the globe. Sound healing is everything between activating, uplifting, restorative yet extremely healing. It’s a beautifully expansive journey within. It is known to shift our brain states in terms of frequencies. Sound waves wash over us at every second of every minute and hour of every day and continue to vibrate endlessly.

The vibrations produced by the bowls can help to balance the body’s energy centers, known as chakras, and promote a sense of well being. Penetrating deep into the tissues, improving blood circulation, metabolism and regulates muscle tension. Moreover, regeneration and repair mechanisms are stimulated. These frequencies can regulate your nervous system by slowing down the heart and respiratory rate. We are shifting from the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to the parasympathetic system. (rest and digest) This is where the deepest healing takes place.

Journaling & Sharing circle

There will be a chance to share our experiences with the other members of the group if we feel called too. Reflection and sharing is a very powerful integration tool.

✨ Closing sacred space

Offering gratitude for the safe space that held us, the medicines, our teachings, lessons and our vulnerability.

15 Benefits of Breathwork:

💥 Improves sleep cycle

💥 Recovery from illness or injury

💥 Boosts immune system

💥 Heal the wounds of unresolved trauma

💥 Connects to spirit, guides, power animals, angels, there is no limit!

💥 Opens up and strengthens your connection to spirit/spirituality

💥 Experience feelings such as bliss, unity and oneness with nature and life

💥 Release and reduce stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD

💥 Inspires up creativity

💥 Releases old negative patterns

💥 Allows us to heal and rewrite our outdated beliefs and create new ones

💥 Clarity in life direction and decisions

💥 Reverse ageing

💥 Creates new space in the body for clarity, peace and love

💥 Strengthens will power and determination

15 Benefits of Sound Healing:
❣️ Balances the Chakra energy centers
❣️ Regulates your nervous system
❣️ Improves blood circulation
❣️ Improves emotional balance
❣️ Deep healing relaxation
❣️ Expansive states of consciousness
❣️ Aid in harmonizing anxiety, depression, trauma dormant in the body
❣️ Improves chronic pain
❣️ Regulates muscle tension
❣️ Vibrations penetrate deep within the tissues, muscles & bones
❣️ Shifts nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic
❣️ Slows heart rate and respiratory rate
Improves quality of sleep
❣️ Shifts brain wave states from Beta to Delta for deep healing & restoration
❣️ Improves mental clarity and focus

  • Contact lenses should be removed if you are taking part in Sanaga
  • Please bring a blanket and a bottle of water with you
  • Fasting at least 2 hours prior to the event is advised. Ensure you are well hydrated, well rested on the day and have avoided alcohol for at least 24 hours prior.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before the event starts. The Yurt is located in a residential road in the garden of 10 Winterhill Way, Guildford GU4 7JX. You can park down any of the near by roads.
  • I hold these events monthly, sometimes in different locations. Feel free to email me with any questions regarding upcoming events - QmV5b25kYnJlYXRoMS0gfCBob3RtYWlsICEgY29t.
  • Refunds are not accepted due to the size of these events. An exchange of dates may be possible if agreed upon.


I declare that I am not recognizing myself in any of these contraindications below.

- Pregnancy

- Asthma

- Epilepsy

- Detached retina

- Glaucoma

- Uncontrolled high blood pressure

- Cardiovascular Diseases (including prior heart attack)

- Mental disorders (manic disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), paranoia, psychotic episodes, depersonalization, etc.)

- Strokes, TIA´s, seizures or other brain/neurological conditions

- A history of aneurysms in your immediate family

- Use of prescription blood thinners or Anti-depressants

- Hospitalized for any psychiatric condition or emotional crisis within the past 10 years

- Osteoporosis or physical injuries that are not fully healed

- Acute somatic and viral diseases

- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD-II and COPD-III)

- Chronic diseases with symptoms of decompensation or terminal illness

- Individual intolerance of oxygen insufficiency

- Cancer, unless IHT is prescribed by a doctor

- Low Impulse Control

I understand that if any of these above mentioned issues are applicable to me, I am obliged to inform the facilitator about this. If I choose to participate without the facilitator knowing these conditions, the participation will be at my own risk.

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Date & Time

Sun Jul 21 2024 at 11:30 am to 03:30 pm


10 Winterhill Way House / Yurt, 10 Winterhill Way, Guildford, United Kingdom

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Breece Stewart