Business & Startup Summit 2024

Business & Startup Summit 2024

Business & Startup Summit 2024

To Be Announced

Delhi-NCR, NCR, Greater Noida, India

INR 1,000 - 8,000
Business & Startup Summit 2024, 26 June | Event in Greater Noida | Business & Startup Summit 2024


The Business & Startup Summit 2024 is a premier event aimed at fostering innovation entrepreneurship and collaboration among business leaders startups investors and policymakers. Scheduled to take place in June 2024 in Delhi-NCR this summit will serve as a dynamic platform to explore the latest trends challenges and opportunities in the startup ecosystem and broader business landscape.


  • Networking: Facilitate connections between startups investors mentors and industry leaders.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Provide insights into emerging trends technologies and strategies shaping the future of business.
  • Investment Opportunities: Create a forum for startups to pitch their ideas to potential investors and secure funding.
  • Collaboration: Encourage partnerships and collaborations that drive innovation and growth.
  • Policy Dialogue: Engage with policymakers to discuss regulations and policies that impact the startup and business environment.

Target Audience

  • Entrepreneurs and startup founders
  • Investors and venture capitalists
  • Business leaders and corporate executives
  • Industry experts and thought leaders
  • Policymakers and government officials
  • Academics and researchers
  • Media and press

Themes and Topics

  • Innovation and Technology: Exploring cutting-edge technologies and their impact on business.
  • Funding and Investment: Strategies for securing funding and managing investor relations.
  • Scaling and Growth: Best practices for scaling startups and sustaining growth.
  • Digital Transformation: Leveraging digital tools and platforms to enhance business operations.
  • Sustainability and Social Impact: Integrating sustainable practices and creating social value.
  • Regulatory Environment: Understanding and navigating the regulatory landscape.

Expected Outcomes

  • Enhanced networking and partnership opportunities
  • Increased awareness of current trends and future directions in business
  • Greater access to funding and investment for startups
  • Strengthened dialogue between industry and policymakers
  • Practical insights and strategies for business growth and innovation

Refund Policy

Refund is only applicable if the event is cancelled apart from that no refund will be processed.


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To Be Announced


Delhi-NCR, NCR, Greater Noida, India

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