Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training - Spain Aug 1-28 2024

Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training - Spain Aug 1-28, 2024

Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training - Spain Aug 1-28, 2024

Thu Aug 01 2024 at 03:00 pm

Cortijo La Casería del Mercado, Granada, Spain

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Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training - Spain Aug 1-28, 2024, 1 August | Event in Granada | About the event Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training - Spain Aug 1-28, 2024
After 10 years of Teacher Trainings all around the world, we are continuing with the next 10 years!

As always, we will be in the Spanish mountains for the month of August with our residential Teacher Training program.

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Our Partner Acrobatics teacher training program offers an opportunity to intensively train for four weeks, whilst learning the skills and tools to teach successful acro classes and workshops. We encourage and support our students in developing their own teaching style, based on the latest principals of neuroscience and motor learning and our own extensive teaching experience.

Moreover plenty of time will be dedicated to improve your personal acrobatic practice. Some time will be dedicated to prepare public performances and work on the aesthetics of your acro moves.

In our Partner Acrobatics teacher training we cover many different acrobatic disciplines: standing acrobatics, handstand training, washing machines, trio tricks, Icarian games, to name a few.

This physical intensity is balanced out with our prehab program and therapeutic sessions, which aim to heal and restore the body.

If you are unable to join for the full 4 weeks, we offer the opportunity to join for the first 2 weeks this year, and the last 2 weeks next year. Contact us for more information and requirements.


Our international team of teacher has a diverse background and skills to help you improve your personal practice as well as provide you with tools and examples of how to teach safe and fun acro classes.

Emily Baxter
As the founder of Partner Acrobatics, she has been present for all 15 Teacher Trainings. Her years of experience are noticeable in precise cues and technical details. She is the queen of Prehab and will add sustainability to your practice of acro.

Gabriel Scheurs
After years of traveling the world and teaching acro everywhere, he has settled down in Switzerland where he focuses more on different types of therapeutics. He will facilitate the process for the group of students and teachers to get through the month of intense training and encourage personal development as well.

David Worrow
The master of teaching theory and didactic styles; David will explain without explaining and show without showing. He loves to dive deep into the teaching behind the teaching and will teach both theoretical and practical classes of acro and teaching acro.

Sol Robles
The sun of the team, she will make any group smile with her enthusiasm and turn any gathering into a party with her playlists. She loves to get nerdy about whips and Icarian and flies all of them fearlessly.

Ger Suarez
With many years of experience teaching in Argentina, it is no wonder the community embraces his acro knowledge (and strong legs) in Europe as well. He will make anyone fly and makes it seem like it's easy and accessible.


To get most out of your acrobatics teacher training and to maintain a similar level for the group, we require you have some acrobatic skills. We need you to honestly and accurately self-asses whether the following skills are accessible/of ease to you (while working with someone of similar skill level) as a base OR flyer. At the time of application you must be able to accomplish the skills without a spotter helping (they can be there for safety).

-Hold a handstand at the wall for at least a minute.
-Star (shoulderstand on feet)
-Free shoulderstand in hands (flyer holding bases arms)
-Tic Tocs (sidestar transitions)
-Thighstand (any variation)
-Foot to Hand (any variation)
-2 high (hands on calves)
-Experience with pops or icarian
-Experience with whips

In the application form you will be asked to provide a link to a video showing your skills as an acrobat.

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Cortijo Caseria Del Mercado is a small organic farm high in the Alpujarras mountains of Andalucia, southern Spain.

In addition to the huge array of fruit and vegetables grown on site the farm has cats, dogs, chicken and a peacock breeding sanctuary and the farm produces its own organic olive oil.

Not only is the cortijo a working farm; it has been adapted as a retreat centre with traditional Spanish accommodation, a natural mineral water swimming pool, a yoga shala and both an outdoor and indoor training space. Therefore the cortijo is the ideal venue for our Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training!

The local area is fantastic hiking country with spectacular mountain views and isolated “White villages” (paint).


The accommodation is included as part of the course price.

The venues farm buildings offer various basic but comfortable accommodations with a communal and family feel .

Shared accommodation is included in the course fee, numbers permitting. For an additional fee single accommodation may be available, please contact us for availability.

For those camping: please bring all your own camp gear, we don't provide tents but we have lots of extra blankets.


3 organic (and local when possible) meals daily are included in the training fee. The food is mostly vegetarian and we provide a 'meat option' every few days. We cater for vegan, gluten free and various intolerances, which you can include in your application.

There is a large communal kitchen and 3 smaller kitchens where students can prepare their own snacks etc. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are available from the farm and they are amazing!

--How to get there--

The cortijo is high in the mountains close to a tiny village called Castaras. The closest town is Orgiva.

We will provide pick up from both Malaga Airport at 3pm and Granada Bus station at 4pm on the 1st and arriving back to both locations on the 28th at noon.

---Fees and Application---

Prices include the training, accommodation and three vegetarian meals daily.

The price of the course does not include flights. Group transportation is provided from Malaga and Granada.

Prices are per person. Please contact us about the availability of private rooms.

Early bird (sign up before April 1st) :

Shared room € 3,695
Camping € 3,295

Regular price :

Shared room € 4,295
Camping € 3,895

Sign up form:

Check for more information. Don't hesitate to email aW5mbyB8IHBhcnRuZXJhY3JvYmF0aWNzICEgY29t with any further questions or application information.

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Thu Aug 01 2024 at 03:00 pm


Cortijo La Casería del Mercado, Granada, Spain

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