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Upcoming Business Events in Gent


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Upcoming Business Events in Gent, Belgium

Date Event Venue
21 Sep 2024 Torch kayaking Ghent Strandlaan 24, Gent, Belgium
17 Sep 2024 Gratis conferentie - Neurodiversiteit op het werk De Krook, Gent, Belgium
05 Oct 2024 BEAR Carrion Works of The Flesh Asgaard Gentbrugge
19 Nov 2024 Visions of the Future Inspiring Tech with KBC x Clusity Wintercircus, Gent, Belgium
30 Jan 2025 Business breakthrough live - Gent Publiek Authentiek, Gent, Belgium
29 Aug 2024 Lets Talk Design 29 Gent De Expeditie, Gent, Belgium
12 Sep 2024 European Jazz Conference 2024 Ghent, Belgium, Gent, Belgium
17 Oct 2024 Shift 24 Before it happens In The Pocket, Gent, Belgium
05 Jun 2025 Work Smarter 2025 Ghent, Gent, Belgium
26 May 2025 Sustainability in HR tangible actions to combat Talent waste Reep 1, Gent, Belgium

Places For Business Meeting & Conferences In Gent, Belgium

Learn how to grow your business or find the top business events in Gent that help you build your own startup.
List of business venues in Gent for business meetings, conferences and networking events.

  • De Krook
  • Illie Mangaro
  • WATT Factory
  • MÒRISKlein Turkije 20, 9000 Gent, Belgium
  • WestiesSint Pietersnieuwstraat 226, 9000 Gent, Belgium
  • Theater Tinnenpot
  • Kunsthal Gent
  • Oude Vismijn
  • STAM - Stadsmuseum Gent
  • MeetDistrict
  • Dok Brewing Company
  • Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde UGent
  • Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent
  • Citadelpark
  • Shoonya Dance Centre
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