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Maryland Psychic Fair  2023

Maryland Psychic Fair 2023

Sun Sep 17, 2023

Maryland Psychic Fair 2023

Time Sun Sep 17 2023 at 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

Clarion Inn Frederick Event Center, 5400 Holiday Drive, Frederick, United States

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Maryland Psychic Fair  2023, 17 September | Event in Frederick | Maryland Psychic Fair 2023
Psychic Fair for both those who are serious and for those who are just curious.

Event can be a life changing experience or just a fun time

About this Event

FREE Entry / Donations Appreciated. 44 vendors, indoor event, free parking,

Many of the best psychics, mediums, healers, and readers of all types, along with related arts and crafts vendors from Maryland and the surrounding areas. Besides all types of readings done at tables their will also be related arts, crafts, books, oils, crystals, sage, herbs, jewelry, gemstones, candles, soaps, smudge items, etc. Many of the vendors will be giving Fair Specials and Discounts. All tables accept cash, some of the tables will accept credit cards, pay pal, Venmo, etc. .

Info on the vendors is listed below as the bio/table info of theirs comes in.

AMY GILLESPIE of Irigenics: Welcome to the amazing world of Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading where you can discover and understand the treasure map your ancestors left you of your inherent gifts, talents, abilities, and their unresolved traumas. Get a macro photo of your eyes and order your dedicated Mini-me Ancestral video or your 36-page custom PDF Digital report of you, your eyes, and your ancestors. All readings include a 10-minute sneak peek reading at the show, by Amy Gillespie Dougherty, bestselling author of “The Ancestors Within” Book Series, journals, and activity guides. Learn about her upcoming app, podcast, and future books at or

BECKY BENNETT owner of Beyond with Becky is an experienced medium and energy healer. She is also highly skilled as a tarot and oracle card reader and will be doing readings with her cards at this event. She is trained as a Karuna and Usui Reiki Master Practitioner provides healing energy to those dealing with trauma, grief or simply drained from the day-to-day mindset guiding you in your life events. Becky has studied with numerous world-renowned international mediums to hone both her psychic and mediumship abilities, proving that life exists beyond death. In mediumship she uses a soul-to-soul connection about your departed loved ones that only you can validate. These connections will often answer unasked questions.

BREE COX : I'm from the Midwest but am currently based in Washington, DC. I'm a trained Astrologer, Tarot reader and Certified Yoga Teacher. While most of my studies are around Western Astrology, I also incorporate multiple systems from other cultures, like Hellenistic and Horary, as well as other avenues like Tarot reading and utilizing ancient Mayan knowledge called the Cosmovision. I help lead people through discovering their power and purpose in this lifetime through Astrology readings, and love to provide context and guidance to seemingly disruptive and advantageous situations.

CASTIEL McCARTER-HOLZER and their/his wife PETRA (She/her) of Tarot & Tea work together in many aspects of the metaphysical community. Cas is a shamanic gypsy healer, Reiki Master and crystal healer, and tarot reader. Petra is a sound healer and Reiki Master as well. They provide and practice ethical energy healing and a deeper insight to the world of spirits, entities, and energies around us.

COURTNEY WALTON -Maker of Gem Globes. Gold Glitter, Lots of Gems and thousands of crystals. I’ve been working with crystals ,since 1989.Created over 100,000 /Christial Balls©️ Courtney and her mom connected on a metaphysical level .Learning about the mystics of life at a young age .With the power of positive thinking.,. The Gem Globes in water, magnifies the rechargeable energy that brings clarity and Spirit is drawn to water so it’s a great tool for meditation. The Gem Globe brings balance and wellness. Each Crystal is attuned to its own frequency and match up with the energy of the receiver. Custom Orders accepted. Birthdays, Weddings and more .

DANYELLE AGUIRRE: The Divine Soul Empress: As seen on T.V. As the understanding of self grows within the human population, there will be many readers, healers & spiritual workers that will be able to offer you guidance along the way. Not everyone is able to take you beyond the veil to help you find your soul. C.G. Jung stated “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”. I help you bring the subconscious truth to the conscious mind for better awareness & understanding of self, by opening yourself to your unconscious truth, you’re able to take control of your life, thus allowing you to have a life you truly love.

DAWN METZ of Uniquely Ruff Designs. Hello, my name is Dawn Metz. I am from Falling Waters, WV. I am the owner of Uniquely Ruff Designs. I create unique custom handcrafted jewelry designs with crystals, wire, and clay. Every item that I create is magically made with love and good intentions and no two items are created the same. My specialty items are my clay Goddess’s, wands, mushroom garden jars, snails, and dragon eyes. I also offer other metaphysical items such as intention candles, jars, cauldrons, smudging items, tapestries, apparel, and more.

DEB MUELLER of Christa Healing and Wellness Center Deb is your spiritual quarterback, healer intuitive, and the owner and creative soul of the Center. Deb is certified as an Intuitive Artist, a Master Teacher/Instructor in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Psychic Intuitive Life Path Reader and Coach, and Oracle and Tarot Card Reader. As the creative behind the products offered at Christa she creates blessing & ritual kits using all natural and organic ingredients aligned with their spiritual purpose. Other products include essential oils, home decor and much more all infuses with healing energies. Every product is filled with spirit. Deb brings magic to all who seek it, find her at

DEB SCHAFFER of Enchanted Botanicals: Deb Schaffer is a spiritual herbalist & author, and the owner and creative heart behind Enchanted Botanicals. Every product she creates blends the beauty of organic herbs & flowers with their spiritual purpose. Her offerings include meditation & ritual candles, hand-blended loose botanical and resin incense, and a NEW Home Collection of scented candles & reed diffusers. Each product is carefully formulated to be true to its intention. They are spiritual tools that help you do your “work.” Because sometimes magic needs a place to start.

DINO CALABRESE: Psychic / Medium: With his ability to interpret vibrations, Dino will help guide you through your path with Clarity and Joy. Channeling for more than 30 years, Dino now travels all over the country helping people move forward in their adventures of life. Internationally known, Dino has clients in England, Germany, India and Italy. Connect with your guides and have questions answered. You will understand how simple and beautiful life is when you receive a different perspective from the energies around you. Hour, half hour sessions are available

EILEEN STRANGE: The Soul Shepherd LLC : Eileen has decades of experience in the field of holistic wellness. She provides spiritual and holistic wellness internationally. The Soul Shepherd is an Intuitive Empath meaning she feels her world and offers Psychic, Mediumship and Medical Intuitive work going through a client’s eyes or the eyes of someone who has passed. Her offerings go well beyond readings to healing work related to shadowed energy that includes the crystal bed and various other healing modalities. Offering in-person, distance and zoom readings. Check out her website

GAIL GLASSMOYER of Starchild Energy Jewelry is a Certified Reiki Master (20 years), empath, light worker, and artist. I let spirit guide me in creating and Reiki infusing all of my handmade jewelry. My jewelry is made to brighten and reflect the light, bringing good vibes to the wearer. Walking around with good vibes all day couldn’t hurt. I can be found on Fb @starchildejewelry and on Instagram at Starchildejewelry. I also sell directly though my Etsy site

GAIL ITSCHNER of She Talks To Rocks: Gail began collecting and learning about stones and crystals as a young child. She majored in silver smithing at Northern Arizona University and spent many free weekends in Sedona exploring the vortexes, canyons, and haunting the many New Age shops. She learned to use crystals for healing and how to make crystal elixirs. She got her first tarot deck at age 14 and has been reading professionally for several years. Tarot can be as detailed and mysterious as you want to make it, but her approach is one of simplicity and common sense. Rather than “fortune telling”, a good reading should give the client a clear course of direction toward the desired outcome.

Dr. GWEN G. MacGREGOR is a nationally known medium located in the MD-DC-VA area for the last 40 years. CBS News in Baltimore, MD has labeled her, “The Medium of MD.” She has appeared on national TV, received a Thousand Points of Light Award and been written up in The Washington Post. She is an Ascension Teacher, Reiki and Huna Master, a Palmist and Tarot Reader, as well as a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist.

HOLLY HIGGINS of Chakra Charms: For centuries, spiritual leaders have taught us that life-force energy flows through our bodies. Along its path, this energy passes through 7 chakras. Unimpeded this energy brings us physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being. If the chakras are open and spinning freely, we enjoy a healthy existence. If, however, a chakra is blocked, dis-ease is experienced in the areas associated with that chakra. Spiritual leaders have also taught us that gemstones can be used to clear, revitalize & heal the chakras, returning us to optimum health. Using this knowledge, Holly designed Chakra Charms -- Handcrafted jewelry featuring genuine chakra healing gemstones, allowing us a beautiful way to keep our chakra healing gemstones close at hand.

JAMES MASTBROOK : James has gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, which allow him to channel freely your Guardian Angels and loved ones. A world renown psychic, James is also certified in NLP and TimeLine Therapy and is a practitioner/teacher of Reiki. He has been providing private readings since 1992, has appeared twice on Channel 8 WJLA ABC morning show, and is a Reader at the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Headquarters in Virginia Beach. James’ channelings address subjects such as: career building, relationships, purpose of life, and help with providing closure. Provides information about a person when given a name.

JEN & CHAD with Alternative Energy Healing. Chad is an Energy Healer. Chad is not your regular Reiki practitioner; he is so much more! Chad uses various forms of Energy Healing such as Reiki and other modalities that he formed himself with years of practice and development. Jen is a hypnotherapist, but she specializes in Quantum Healing Hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon. This is a form of hypnosis that allows your higher self to direct the session. In most cases we will regress to a past life but in some cases, we may travel into different realities. This allows you to connect with your higher self to get answers that you may be seeking.

JO OFFDUTY - Mixed Media Artist : Her work has been exhibited at Art Centers from Florida to D.C. Her work centers primarily on topics of spiritual, psychological & gender identity, both individual & collective. Recurring themes are power, vulnerability, sexuality, domestic violence & the sway between them. Her artwork & her Tarot deck called “The Fools Journey Tarot” that she created from scratch & her two other fierce Oracle decks “Behind Closed Doors Oracle” & “The Luscious Lenormand” deck were featured in the The Washington Blade Magazine. Jo will be selling her Vibrant Tarot & Oracle Decks, along with limited edition signature boxes, and “Not for the Fainted Heart” Art pieces, also doing some readings. .

JOANNE AMOROSI : of Mary Magdalene Medicine: Joanne is a mystic who has been working with the angels for over 20 years to share their guidance and messages of love. Her Mary Magdalene Medicine focuses on providing heart-centered healing that enables individuals to forgive and forget so they can further their life’s mission, discover their own spiritual gifts, and make better decisions. At this table In addition to doing angel card & past life readings and healings, she will be selling her 3 books: Come Walk with Me: The Remembrances of Mary Magdalene, Heart-Centered Healing: Help for Healers and Healing Seekers, and Unsent Letters of the Famous & Infamous.

JOY ANDREASEN of Whispers of Joy is a psychic, medium and Shamanic Reiki healer of the soul. She has been delivering messages from the world of spirit for over twenty years. She uses tarot and other divinatory methods or direct communication with the other side. Using her gifts and training in various healing modalities, Joy is often able to reunite clients with a sense of well-being. She is the author of three books and will have them on hand as well as various other items for sale.

KATHRYN HELMS of Intuitive Gardens LLC : As an intuitive empath, Rev. Dr. Kathryn Helms feels privileged to share sacred space with her clients. She offers: Oracle, Spirit Guide, Celtic Rune, Chakra and Aura readings. Her training includes classes from Atlantic University and a certificate in Spiritual and Psychic Development from the Edgar Cayce Center. Her business Intuitive Gardens LLC offers products that are meant to Gro.U spiritually, intuitively and creatively through meditative space for a world on the go...these gardens bring joy, beauty and whimsy to your life!

KERRIE CLIFT of Elevated Wisdom is an Akashic Records Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, & multi-frequency Energy Worker. She works with clients all around the world after appearing on several tele summits over the past 3 years. Deb and her daughter Kerrie, have a Healing Center & Crystal Shop in Baltimore County, MD, and an online Metaphysical store featuring crystals, grids, jewelry, candles, pendulums, & more. Stop by to see their unique items, including many that are only offered at the Psychic Fair, and learn about the classes, courses, retreats, and travel packages to sacred sites that are available. Check out for more detailed information and follow them on Instagram @ElevatedWisdom to catch their next Crystal Live Sale.

KEVIN PAUL is an international psychic & medium, educator, writer, speaker, host and creator of Kevin’s Mystical Quickies YouTube show, and trusted source for private readings in person or remotely. As a paranormal investigator, he creates house cleansings, rituals and advice. Kevin Paul is the creator of the Academy of Real Magick remote training program to identify and develop one’s abilities. He hosts his own online talk show called Psychic Mediums Live! and and is found on many social media platforms: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. LINKS His website is At the psychic fair, Kevin Paul will offer psychic or mediumship reading and unique, handmade magickal gift items.

KIM GORDON of Sweet Mama’s Enchanted Kitchen creates one of a kind, ointments, potions, and skin care products. Everything is hand blended in small batches, without preservatives or chemicals. Only all natural high-quality butters, essential oils and herbs are used. With love and light each skin care elixir, blended herb packet, Intention and Spell kit is cultivated. I devise every formula from my intuition with counsel from my Spirit Guides and Ancestors. Each herb, flower, and oil are selected for its association with the Sun, Moon, Planets, and associative power of wellness. Certified in Natural and Holistic Remedies, my recipes are borne from using healing and regenerative properties of herbs, plants, and flowers. Inquire for Custom spell kits and special orders.

KRISTI METZGER of Crystal Vision Jewelry: I’ve always had a fondness for rocks and stones. When I found out they can be used to facilitate healing I was intrigued. Never one to jump into things without some sort of research, I had to search for tangible proof. I discovered that each stone carries its own frequency or vibration and would impact my mood or energy levels when I had it with me. Pairing this with my love of creating and my desire for more practical methods of carrying stones with me is how Crystal Vision Jewelry was born! My goal is to create energetically charged wearable items to share with whomever is called to wear them.

LARRY & SONDRA LAMBERT, & TAMMY STEPHENS: of Aura Photography & Sacred Journeys Center: We are energetically charged individuals who offer different healing modalities along with services. We offer Aura Photography, Hypnosis, Meditation, Past Life Regressions, Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing, Reiki, Shamantic Journeys, Energy Healing, Lunar Enchantments along with many other classes and workshops to assist you in your day-to-day life.

LAUREN QUATTROCHI of Alchemist Q: Through natural, small batch & ethically sourced crystals, Alchemist Q Designs one-of-a-kind, whimsical oddities & curiosities to wear as you navigate your spiritual journey. This wearable crystal art combines the healing properties of crystals infused with detoxing copper through electrochemistry. Be prepared for some especially unique and powerful electroformed crystal beauties for all your awakening desires. Follow me on Instagram @Alchemy_Q_Designs to see even more metaphysical creations. Crystal fantasies can be conjured ahead at

LINDA HORN of SoulLee Crystals & Things: Raising our vibration and protecting our personal energy field helps to keep us healthy; energetically, physically and emotionally. I use my connection with the animal kingdom/mother nature, intuition, and knowledge to assist others in choosing the best 'Tools' to help them on their life journey. At my booth you will find: Handmade Natural Gemstone bracelets in different styles; stretch, leather and macramé; Rainbow generator suncatchers; the glass prisms bring together the traditional four elements; light shining through a glass prism brings in the vibrations of those specific color energies; Magnetude Jewelry, bio-magnetic interchangeable jewelry that counteracts the effects of EMF, increases blood flow, and decreases pain.


MARA BERMAN: Looking for answers to your inner questions or confirmation of your life’s path? I welcome the opportunity to guide you. My insight comes from finding energy vortexes and through meditation using light involving twelve dimensional rings. This meditation brings connections to the Inner chamber of the pyramid at Giza. I also connect with angels. Through this meditation process I have met my own guides, via star seed energy & worked through dysfunctional family systems, life lessons & karmic ties in this lifetime. During readings I connect using light-based guides and read your aura colors, with tarot cards and palmistry, I put together the timing of events, answers to questions in your life. Looking forward to our time together.

MARY BETH LEMIEUX & CINDY CLARK: of Two Chicks on a Stick & Earth Bound Botanic, These Mystic Sista’s combined respectively, are both Certified Energy Healers. Mary Beth is certified in D-Codes, a modality that connects with past lives. Cindy is a Certified Crystal Healer and a Certified Reiki Master. Mary Beth puts her intentions into the candles she pours. Cindy uses her certified crystal knowledge to make manifestation pens, intention bracelets, and necklaces. She infuses the manifestation pens with the desired intention; be it prosperity, self-love, journaling, chakra balancing, among other intentions. Her bracelets and necklaces are equally created with thought and intentions. Each item is cleansed and charged accordingly for the end user’s best and highest good.

MARY GUNDRUM of Wellness Mary, LLC :Can ordained spiritualist minister, a visionary, a certified spiritual counselor, a certified holistic health coach and natural born intuitive empath. Her gifts are primarily clairaudience and clairsentient. Mary uses cards as a vessel to tap into the energy. Mary works with spirit, her guides, and your guides to bring you to your highest best. The readings may come in to release emotional blocks, processing mental and physical challenges with direction on action that should be taken. Readings usually give information on your purpose and life path. The reading is from the present energies and not fortune telling. Mary holds a high value to walking in the Light and Love of God.

MELISSA HARVEY founder of Whispering Willow Wellness LLC, located in Old Town Manassas, is an intuitive healer who has a passion for helping people and pets. She strongly believes that healing comes in many forms and customizes her services and her handcrafted jewelry to meet the specific needs of the client to promote optimal healing benefits. Melissa holds a B. A. in Psychology and certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher and other energy healing modalities as well as a Tarot/Oracle card reader. Visit her table to experience a Tarot/Oracle Card reading or find that perfect piece of jewelry or crystal to help you in your spiritual journey. All jewelry is made with intention and infused with Reiki.

MICHELE BUCKLEY of Alpha Trinity Health Ministry has offered her services for almost 20 years in the Mid-Atlantic region. She’s a holistic health practitioner, energy healer, gifted intuitive reader, spiritual counselor and teacher, and Qigong instructor who offers a variety of holistic heart-centered healing, intuitive services, and workshops. She is also known as the Crystal Whisperer for her ability to hear messages and interpret glyphs on crystals. Michele is also the founder of a new comprehensive energy healing modality called Infinite Divine Illumination Healing. At her table she will be offering a variety of unique readings (angelic, power animal, health, career, and more) and energy healing. Please see her website for the types of readings she offers and testimonials:

NANCY SAUNDERS CROSS is a long time Energy Worker, Certified Medical Reiki Master “™”, Reiki Master Teacher & Ordained Minister. The ancient energy of the Munay Ki informs her healing readings with Mother Earth, the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Beings and Masters. She can bring through your “Guides” who are often those in Spirit who make a decision to support you from the other side during your “Earth Walk” as well as Earthly Elementals, Animal Totems & Ancestors. She is deeply rooted in the Heartspace where all Love Resides. This work can help you learn to “follow the breadcrumbs” during this journey we call life.” When Heaven and Earth come together Healing Happens.”

NATALYA NIKITINA of Angelic Earth Guidance LLC Natalya is a certified angel messenger, priestess, lightworker, artist, teacher, and student of life. She provides intuitive readings using oracle cards and channels messages directly from your angels and spirit guides for you. She is the Founder of Angelic Earth Guidance LLC where she uplifts and inspires people around the world to spread their wings, leave their “cage” of limitations behind, embrace their heart’s wisdom, and trust their inner guidance.

PETER COE of “Peter Michael Practical Tarot.” I bring many years of concrete and independent study along with experience reading Tarot & Oracle cards. I teach classes & mentor those interested in studying The Tarot. What started off as a hobby turned into something much more meaningful when I began to explore the potential of helping people through readings. I channel my readings using the cards & my intuition along with the client’s own energy. My readings are practical in nature, compassionate & proactive. I am also a Certified Reiki Master & Healing Medium

SONI WEISS of Tarot Readings by Soni: The Tarot is like a map. It will show you the topography you must go through from point A to point B. What vehicle do you use, and what roads do you choose to get to your destination using your free will and choice. The Tarot can give you insight into your best choices under the current circumstances. With my psychic abilities and 40+ yrs experience in tarot reading and spiritual consulting, I will help you understand the terrain you are going through; some areas you can avoid, like mountain ranges or rivers, you have to cross, and in that case, which route would be the easiest and safest.

VALERIE FRANKENBERRY & WINDY TRAVERS: Valerie is an intuitive Tarot card reader, Reiki practitioner, and Reflexologist. She works with Tarot to give insight, guidance, and Spirit messages, Valerie also works with Tarot as a Divination tool. Windy owner of Finding Peace Within is a Reiki healer & Angel card reader uses Reiki as a natural and holistic approach to healing the mind, body and spirit, sending healing to any imbalances or emotional blocks you are facing. Windy Uses Angel and oracle cards to deliver healing messages & guidance.

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Sun Sep 17 2023 at 09:00 am to 05:00 pm


Clarion Inn Frederick Event Center, 5400 Holiday Drive, Frederick, United States


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