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Food & Drinks Events in Frankfurt

Culinary Arts, Potluck Gatherings And Food Festivals In Frankfurt

If you are a food stylist, food blogger, gourmet chef, caffeine junkie or just a keen foodie, you definitely are more worried about your salad being finely chopped than your appearance. To keep up with your food cravings there are these street food fairs, wine tasting events and food festivals in Frankfurt. For all the foodies who are avid learners; there are cooking workshops, baking workshops, cake making classes in Frankfurt and a lot more. You can also explore various food truck festivals happening in the Frankfurt.

Content your taste buds with sumptuous food. Craving for food already? Explore some amazing food events in Frankfurt.

Upcoming Food & Drink Events in Frankfurt

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    Food – Drinks in Frankfurt

    Frankfurt is an alpha world city and a global hub for culture, education, transportation, tourism, and commerce, has been through multiple revolutions that have introduced new cultures and cuisines into the city. Being home a majority of immigrants spanning well over 180 different countries, the food in Frankfurt offers one multiple different cuisines but at the same time has managed to hold on to the culinary taste of its forefathers. One of the most famous drinks of Frankfurt is Apfelwein – an apple wine or a hard cider that is regionally known as Ebbelwoi with an alcohol content and a sour tart taste. This drink is the National Drink of Frankfurt due to which the city of Frankfurt is also called the “Big Ebbel”.


    Restaurants in Frankfurt

    The localities of the city enjoy their dishes of Grune Sobe, a cold sauce made with fresh eggs, specific herbs and sour cream. Due to the exotic herbs which can be grown in very limited areas, the dish has an EU-protected geographical status. Zum Gemalten Hans, a Hessen specialty made from thick cured, cut pork chops still on the bone. It served with sauerkraut, a slice of bread or with mashed potatoes. Fleischwurst is another popular street snack which is a finely ground, dense ring sausage cured with garlic which is also named as bologna in other parts of the world. For a luxury culinary experience, one can always visit the Main Tower Restaurant and Lounge which offers a panorama of the city or the Restaurant Villa Rothschild which offers food focussing on a sustainable and a healthy cuisine surrounded by the Taunus mountain range and a botanical park. Street food in Frankfurt has also blossomed into intriguing the taste buds of every foodie. Café Bohne, sushi lover Frankfurt or Donerboat are some of the best street food caterers who offer a wide variety of culinary choices at an affordable price.


    Food Festival in Frankfurt

    Street food festival Frankfurt, food truck festival, CRAFT beer festival are thoroughly enjoyed by the people where the celebration brings together an experience of various types of food to one place for that duration. Food truck festival Frankfurt sees a culmination of food trucks where each of them serves something different ranging from sausages to main-course or desserts. These food trucks come together yet again for the occasion of Food Truck Friday where over 40 trucks bring together every possible dish and beverage for the summer. CRAFT beer festival hosted by CRAFT and 8 other breweries who celebrate the various spirits of beer, gin, whiskey and vodka brewed from their own houses. The festival offers a tasting of multiple beers at a minimum euro deposit. If not the annual festivals, wine tasting in Frankfurt in one of the many wine yards can be indulged into to take a sip of the German wine and culture. One of the top wine yards who offer wine tasting is situated in Heidelberg and Rhine valley, also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage status. Mostly known for their pasta and pizzas, the various kitchens and houses are also open to teaching their techniques of rolling out the doughs and sauces. The platter also includes Japanese sake, Portugal dishes or even native herbs of the valley.