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INDIANA Intro to The Red Dot

INDIANA: Intro to The Red Dot

Fri Feb 04, 2022

INDIANA: Intro to The Red Dot

Time Fri Feb 04 2022 at 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

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Midwest Shooting Center, 4140 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne, United States

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USD 130

INDIANA: Intro to The Red Dot, 4 February | Event in Fort Wayne | INDIANA: Intro to The Red Dot
1 day Intro to the Red Dot class is for "Red Dot Sighting System beginners"

About this Event

Intro To The Red Dot 1 Day Course

Midwest Shooting Center

4140 Coldwater Road

Fort Wayne, IN 46805

(260) 308-9000

9am-6pm (ARRIVE 8:30am)

SPECIAL discounted price just for NEW STUDENTS! $170 per person!

SPECIAL discounted price for active LEOs! $130 per Law Enforcement Officer

$20 per day, per person range fee.

FUNDAMENTALS are the key to everything! Our 1 day Intro to the Red Dot is designed to introduce you to the Red Dot sighting System, defensive shooting and help improve your skills. In this class you will learn the importance of stance, grip, Red Dot sights, follow through and trigger through dry practice and live fire. We will introduce "presenting from a holster" and practice drawing during dry fire/ live fire.

The ability to present your firearm and make accurate hits sooner is the focus for this 1 day class. The fundamentals will be explored in a series diagnostic drills focused around the process of drawing the firearm efficiently. These drills will help create essential skills and solid fundamentals for the continued improvement of your Red Dot shooting competency.

The way we aim our firearm is an area that sees constant improvement. Over a decade ago rifle optics went through significant changes with the introduction of red dot sights. These sights offered a tremendous advantage in speed, accuracy, and application. Unfortunately, back then, optics for pistols were not as easy to set up or robust enough for every day use.

Times have changed and now most companies offer pistols ready to accept red dot sights straight from the factory. We now have a wide selection of red dot sights that are ready for every day carry.

Red dot sights offer a number of advantages for the pistol shooter.

The most important is "target focus" which allows the shooter to clearly see the target with a red dot superimposed on it.

Secondly, the red dot is simpler to understand. With the red dot you are only "placing a dot" on the target. With iron sights you have three planes of focus which is obviously not as simple when compared.

Next, you have the ease when dealing with certain vision issues during shooting and it is found to be easier when dealing with difficult positions.

Last, is the ability to "track" in recoil and transitions. That bright red paintbrush of the red dot optic is hard to miss.

All of these factors are significant advantages for the shooter but IT WILL require an understanding of the red dot sighting system.

The following subjects above and below will be covered:

Finding the dot during the draw

Repeatable draws and reference points

Target focus and using stereoscopic vision

Ammo makes a difference

Proper settings for the brightness of the red dot sight

Wet optics and downed optic drills


I am very honored to be a Scott Jedlinski Modern Samurai Project Endorsed Instructor. Scott recognized the need for training with the red dot sight, and is one of the leading red dot/AIWB instructors. We are proud to be endorsed by him, and to also host his classes a couple times per year at our range in Dahlonega, GA. If you shoot a pistol w red dots then attending his classes are a MUST.

My expertise is primarily in the context of the armed citizen. While I still occasionally shoot from strong side holster, and use iron sights, I have switched to red dot optic sighting system that has several benefits.

The pistol mounted red dot optic is excellent for quick and precise target acquisition, allowing a focus on the target. Transitions are greatly enhanced due to the simplicity of using the dot aligned on the target, as opposed to the three focal planes of iron sights. If you have vision issues, the dot may be the solution for you. I primarily carry in the appendix position which allows for a quicker draw, and improved weapon retention. Instruction in the proper draw stroke improves the use and safety of appendix carry, and in addition allows you to find the dot sooner. If you would like to ONLY FOCUS on Red Dot Sights then this is the class for YOU. This class will prepare you to get the most out of the red dot sight, and avoid time consuming mistakes in your training.

Brian Hill

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IN Intro to the Red Dot USD 170
Law Enforcement Officer DISCOUNT USD 130
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Fri Feb 04 2022 at 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
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Midwest Shooting Center, 4140 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne, United States

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