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Operation "Neptune Storm" 19-24 Feb,2019


Operation "Neptune Storm" 19-24 Feb,2019

Primary Airborne Course & SF-10A Qualification Course

Location: Dunnellon Airport, X35, Dunnellon, FL


Course Starts: 0800 19 FEB 2019,
Course Ends: 1600, 24 FEB 2019 ,
Sunday, 24 FEB 2019 is a Weather Day and for Straphangers.

This Primary Airborne Training course is designed for those who have not jumped before or who have not jumped a “Steerable Round Parachute" within the past 10 years. It will qualify the student on the SF-10 Canopy. The SF-10A canopy is the U.S. Army's newest steerable parachute for low-level assault. It is the canopy in the new MC-6 Parachute System.

This course includes,
• Primary Airborne Training for 1st Jump Students, (No Night Jumps)
• SF-10A Qualification and Packing Instruction on the MC-1/SF-10A parachute system,
• 6 Jumps, 3 from a Cessna 180, (Two Jumpers, Single Tapout ) & 3 from the C-47 or CASA, 2 Slick, 1 w/ Drop Bag, if desired.

All jumps will be from 1500-2,500 feet, unless there is a weather problem.
The minimum jump altitude is 1,250 feet.

Items provided:
• NPTC's Primary Airborne Training manual (yours to keep)
• Main, SF10A
• Reserve, T-10R, SLCP MIRPS.
• A 6 inch Hook Knife (yours to keep)
• Equipment Bag for Last Jump.
• Lunch, catered on the DZ, Tue-Sat.
• Certificate of Accomplishment, (Draft attached)
• "Jump into History" certificate, (Draft attached)
• For Military members, we will prepare a DA-1306 for each Jump.
• NPTC's distinctive "Xperimental" Jump Wings.
(20% Discount on any NPTC, in stock equipment purchased during the course)

Cost: $995.US,

Your slot will be reserved when you make a non-refundable $100 deposit by 31 DEC 2018.
The balance of $895.00 is due by 1 FEB 2019.

20 slots for the course
7 already SOLD.

If you want to hold a Slot in the Course let us know and we'll send you a PayPal invoice for the $100.

The first 20 deposits are guaranteed a Slot & 6 Jumps, 3 from the C-47

“Refresher Student”

Cost: $500 US.

Your slot will be reserved when you make a non-refundable $100 deposit by 31 DEC 2018, and pay in full, the balance of $400.00 by 01 FEB 2019.

A “Refresher Student” is defined as a jumper who has jumped a "Steerable Round Canopy" within the past 10 years. If you have not jumped a "Steerable Round Canopy" within 10 years you will need to take the Primary Airborne Course.

“Refresher Students” must participate in the Primary Airborne Course from Tuesday through Thursday. They will make 3 jumps from the Cessna-180, one on Wednesday and two on Thursday. At that time, they will be considered “Straphangers”. And, they may participate with the other Straphangers in the larger aircraft jumps. Packers will be on-site to pack your parachute should you choose not to. The cost is $25. You may keep the parachute equipment you are issued for the rest of the week at no additional charge other than Packing, if you desire.
This class does not include instruction on packing the parachute.


A "Straphanger" is defined as a jumper who has jumped a "Steerable Round Canopy" within the past 24 months. If you have not jumped a "Steerable Round Canopy" within the past 24 months, you will need to take a "Refresher".

If you have not jumped a "Steerable Round Canopy" within 10 years you will need to take the Primary Airborne Course.

We would be pleased to have "Straphanger" join us to jump the C-47 / CASA, or other which will be available from Friday through Sunday .

There is a mandatory Straphanger briefing at 0700 Friday and Saturday mornings.

Straphanger Jumps from the Cessna-180 are $30 .
Jumps from the Large Aircraft (C-47, CASA, or other) are as follows;
1 Jump: $150.00
2 Jumps $100.00ea
3 Jumps $250.00 total
4 or more $80.00each

To reserve one or more Straphanger Slots, advise us what you would like and we will send you a PayPal Invoice for a $250.00 deposit that will hold up to 3 slots in the C-47 / CASA

As deposits are received, we are Slotting Straphangers into their preferred Chalk.

We expect to have 5 Straphanger Chalks on Friday and Saturday morning, 5 Straphanger Chalks on Friday and Saturday afternoon with 3 or 4 on Sunday.

Our parachute inventory continues to increase, we have 70 SF-10A canopies on MC1-1D harnesses and 30 complete MC1-1Ds.

They are available for Rent at $25 per day. Riggers are available to pack it for you at $30 per Pack Job. There is no charge for a Reserve, if you rent a Main. The Parachutes will be issued packed.

You may jump them and repack them as many times as you desire, but they must be returned packed.

If you do not have the time or desire to repack them, you can purchase a Packing Card for $30.

Dunnellon has hotels and motels 5 miles from the DZ. Most notably, Dinner Belle Motel, Two Rivers motel, Comfort Suites.
In Ocala, 15 miles from the airport, are all the chain motels, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Ramada, etc. and some Camp Ground/RV sites. We have a few spaces open in the "Tent" that are available for $10 a day, please let us know if you'd like to have one.

We will cater lunch Tuesday through Sunday. For those who want to eat and are not enrolled in the course there will be a $15/Day charge.

The best airport for prices, number of flights and drive time to Dunnellon, is Orlando, MCO. It is about 90 miles and a 90 minute drive. There are plenty of rental cars.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions on this operation.


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