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Buying Houses without Banks & Tons of Cash. A Sub2 Workshop


Buying Houses without Banks & Tons of Cash. A Sub2 Workshop

The typical "Sub2 "deal involves having a seller deed the property to you while leaving the existing mortgage in place. There is no “formal” assumption of the loan, you just start making the payments. There are many variations to this type of deal and as many ways to “take one down” as there are investors doing it.

The “sub2” method is William Tingle's personal favorite way of buying a property. It is fast, simple, and at least for William, relatively easy to negotiate with a seller. . . . Is it without risk? NO! There are hundreds of teachers, gurus and mentors out there selling courses that try to sell this method as “Risk-Free!” “No Cash or Credit needed!” This is simply not the case. It is a fantastic method of acquiring real estate but it must be done responsibly and with the proper education.

Get Them to Give You the Deed, This is William's area of expertise and a great way to build a portfolio for long term cash flow. Think about it, who gets better rates on a mortgage than a homeowner? Right now in 2019, a homeowner with good credit can get a fixed-rate mortgage for about 3.5 to 4% interest! Imagine having your rental portfolio full of those deals!

Maybe you are not into the rental scene (me either) but still want long-term cash flow without the management headaches. William's exit strategy on most of his deals is to sell them with owner financing. Imagine taking over a property with an actual value of 85k for the balance of 70k. Your house has an interest rate of 4% and a monthly payment of $420. You sell for the actual market value of 85k with 8k down and finance the balance of 77k @ 10%. The buyer’s payment to you will be $675 per month. You get 8k in cash up front and $250 per month for the next 30 years.

How many of those do you need to give up the day job?

Super Early Bird Pricing ends soon. Register today and save.

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Map Holiday Inn & Suites Overland Park-West, 8787 Reeder Street, Oakland Park, Florida 66214, Florida, United States
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