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HRTX Los Angeles 2019 by RecruitingDaily


HRTX Los Angeles 2019 by RecruitingDaily

We Are Coming Back To Los Angeles with a Cause & Sourcing Legend Shally Steckerl

For the fourth year in a row, RecruitingDaily is coming back to Los Angeles. We're bringing together top TA and Recruiting Leaders for a one-day Un-Conference and Educational Event.

BUT... Things are different this time.

The format has changed.

We've added a training workshop, we've removed the clutter, and we've created the ability for real recruiters to experience valuable tech in a non-threatening, non-sales environment.


We've partnered with THE SOURCING INSTITUTE FOUNDATION, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, that provides educational grants to veterans, active military spouses, and disabled individuals who would benefit from employment in the sourcing and recruiting industry.

This means that a percentage of the proceeds for this event will be donated to The Sourcing Institute Foundation, helping to build our industry.


You arrive at 8 am.

You eat some great breakfast.

You network with other smart recruiters and sourcers.

8:30 am the bell rings and class is in session.


HRTX is a curriculum-based educational event for all level recruiters and sourcers.

It's the real deal.

You will work through a full day of exercises, work on live reqs, ask questions, and get 1-to-1 time with the industry's top resources to help you navigate, build, and integrate the techniques that you need to ensure you are at the top of your recruiting / sourcing game.

We've got an expert-level team coming:



Shally will lead the HRTX training. From tactical, everyday techniques to advanced "outside the box" and over-the-rainbow strategies, Shally will take you on a ride regardless of your level.

In most circles, Shally is referred to as the "Father of Sourcing," responsible for creating the industry we all love today.

Here's what he'll be covering:

Mastering Natural Language. NLP. Search for the Modern Recruiter

Take a deep dive with one of the most innovative minds in the industry and explore how to stay ahead of the sourcing curve.

Imagine using universal search techniques that work in any database. Uncover talent hidden in plain sight through searching for language patterns, finding people in associations and conferences, and other web-based content not easily accessible through mainstream search engines.

You’ll never be a world class CyberSleuth, unless you learn the easy magic of Natural Language Search. Forget complex Boolean logic and advanced syntax, these search hacks work in any database, and will have you finding people you have right under your nose and never even knew existed in your own ATS, on resume databases, and even people you never knew you were missing on LinkedIn.


Understand natural language search

Hacks for the modern sourcer

Latest sourcing tech

Uncovering the DEEP Web for Talent & People Lookups

Learn to use competitive intelligence search techniques to find the candidates that others won’t.

Find your target prospects using image and video search, blog post comments not visible through search engines and correlating user names and aliases on public websites. Find thought leaders’ peers, colleagues and influencers not in the limelight through unusual social search techniques on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and others.

Apply creative search strings that uncover crucial sourcing data lying deep in the Web and that standard methods never find, including associations, conferences, user groups, discussion lists/listservs, mailing list archives and more. Learn how to mine documents that can lead you to find passive talent not otherwise searchable.

People Lookups:

Learn to utilize a variety of different approaches to identifying contact details for prospects including online white pages for telephone numbers, email lookups and verification, and social network memberships.

The New Rules of Facebook: Finding Candidates AND Google Custom Search Engines

We'll dive deep into Facebook - leveraging areas of the social site that are not public or found on the FB interface.

During this session, industry pioneer Shally Steckerl will show you how to use the latest search techniques with Facebook's most recent changes to commands and Graph Search. In addition we are going to dive deep in Google Custom Search Engines (CSE's).

This is one of Shally's most popular hands on workshops.

Come prepared to build your very own custom CSE to target you very hardest candidates to find.

Google custom search engines are an amazing way to focus and limit your searches to just the relevant databases. Just want to search Github, Stackoverflow, and Hacker News? Create a custom search engine for that! Trying to narrow down your focus on designers to just Behance and Dribbble. Just eliminate all the other websites and you’re in business.

Dive deep into:

A Google Custom Search can x-ray Linkedin, filtering the results based on the primary geographies where you are focusing your search.

Add “refinements,” which are small pieces of Boolean code that will allow you to narrow down the results based on specific criteria such as geography, specialty, or file type.

Create custom-saved search shortcuts that prompt for keywords so you don’t have to memorize Boolean and other syntax; be more productive with the Favorites and other toolbars, automated search engine alerts.

Find candidates based on:

Your key target and personal refinements


Work history

Geographic location


Job titles

Years of experience

NLP - Natural Language 

Dean Da Costa (profile)

Tips, Tools & Tricks You've Never Heard Of

Dean Da Costa will show you how to use tips, tools, and tricks to find people in ways and places you may have never heard of.

This will include how to get the information you need for outreach.

A few things we'll cover:

Recent changes in Facebook, like removing graph search, have made it less efficient to use.  It seems like Facebook OMNIbox search is always under construction, becoming next to worthless.  We will cover how to use these tools most effectively in their current state.

Learn to search for candidates and contact info in places you may not have considered to, such as, Launchpad, and more.

Bringing OSINT out of the shadows and into the light (where it belongs).

You're going to burn some energy on this one, guaranteed.

Ronnie Bratcher (profile)

Search Engine Strategy

Exploring other Search Engines

Stating the obvious, when using a search engine, most people use Google as their default tool. Believe it or not, there are so many alternatives to find different subsets of data that potentially might not be indexed on Google.

In this session, I will introduce a few favorites and will show you how they work and give you awareness to explore other search engines in existence.

After this session you will:

Have a new arsenal of active and little used search engines with the playbook on how and when to use them

My specific workflow for each search engine

An understanding of how to use each search engine to target and connect with your key prospects

An easy and refreshing source to use when you are stuck with no prospects to present to your hiring managers


How to be More Productive When Sourcing

Where is the 9th hour of your sourcing day?  You know that "extra hour needed to get more sourcing done?

Sourcing is full of many layers that include deep web mining, name generation, finding contact info, candidate engagement and so much more. 

Then wham!  Before you know it, you have gone down the rabbit hole.

You start asking yourself: Where did the time go? Did I source enough on that requisition? Did I yield results?

One challenge that many sourcers face is how to walk away from each work day feeling like they were productive and were able to manage their sourcing strategies effectively.  Learn how to become more productive while sourcing, yield results and feel like you found that "9th hour in the day!

Here's what you'll walk away with:

A toolkit that can be applied in any size organization to increase sourcing productivity

Tactical and simple techniques to manage your sourcing time effectively

BRIAN FINK (profile)

Diving into Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram

LinkedIn might be the first place recruiters go, but if you're struggling to fill a role, it's worth trying to source candidates on Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram.

In his session, Brian Fink explores how to find, engage, and recruit candidates via Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and more - quickly and effectively.

Takeaways from this session include:

Going beyond Natural Language queries on Facebook and taking shortcuts

Deep diving into Instagram's search and DM features

Using Amazon shopping lists, ratings, and reviews to find relevant candidates

Disrupting the spam filters on Instagram and Facebook

Penetrating other overlooked social sharing applications

Are you serious?

Yes. We are.

We are bringing the pain to Los Angeles and yes... it's going to hurt (your brain).

HRTX is NOT just about education.

We've invited subject matter experts from top sourcing and recruiting tools to share their perspective.

You will get to see, demo, and ask questions directly to the brainpower behind:


Skill Scout 


Symphony Talent

GR8 People

Our Cause:

A percentage of proceeds for this event will be donated to The Sourcing Institute Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, that provides educational grants to veterans, active military spouses, and disabled individuals who would benefit from employment in the sourcing and recruiting industry. This is accomplished by offering need- and merit-based full and partial scholarships to enroll in high-quality sourcing and recruiting training. More info:
Ticket Information Ticket Price
HRTX Early Bird USD 349
HRTX Educational Workshop USD 399
Group Registrations - 3 or More (10% Off) USD 359
Group Registrations - Buy 4, Get 1 Free USD 319
Group Registrations - Buy 8, Get 2 Free USD 319

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