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Know the Chakras & Aura. Cleanse Balance and Protect your Energy

Know the Chakras & Aura. Cleanse, Balance and Protect your Energy

Sat Jul 16, 2022

Know the Chakras & Aura. Cleanse, Balance and Protect your Energy

Time Sat Jul 16 2022 at 03:00 pm to 08:00 pm

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St. Mary's Community Hall, Fethard High Street, Fethard, Ireland

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EUR 75

Know the Chakras & Aura. Cleanse, Balance and Protect your Energy, 16 July | Event in Fethard | Know the Chakras & Aura. Cleanse, Balance and Protect your Energy
The Chakras/Aura reflect our well-being and place in the world, our identity. Understand your unique energy system and change your life.

About this Event

Become aware of the role of energy in our environment and how it can impact our health. Learn about energy and how it can affect us, and discover your very own unique energy system: our Aura, Chakras and Meridians. An ideal workshop for beginners who want to understand energy and improve their wellness, as well as for long time practitioners of meditation, healing, mediumship and psychic reading or anyone who wishes to grow spiritually and understand basic energy concepts within them and the universe.

This is an interactive workshop FOR ALL LEVELS (MEN AND WOMEN) with theory, including slide presentations too, handout and recommended reading emailed to participants. The programme will include:

- Historical introduction inc. reading of auras in Ancient times. origins of the 7 main Chakra system adopted today in the West (emergence of tantric schools of the 1300s, the number of chakras depends on the school of thought followed etc, work by Tantric Scholar Arthur Avalon (The Serpent Power)

- Basic energy concepts and why energy is important (shifts in scientific beliefs, everything is made up of fragments of energy), brief overview of energy in the universe and in nature (connectedness) and the earth’s chakras and meridians.

- Our own energy system; the chakras, meridians and aura (Define them and explain what they are, colours and layers (subtle bodies), mention the energy cocoon although this is for more advanced groups), mention briefly how the aura/chakras tie into trance and mediumship too)

- What is grounding / earthing and why it is important (grounding meditation, points, anchors or roots)

- The concepts of “Setting an intention” AND “Trust”

- How to protect our energy system, (grounding, centering and shielding/protecting in general), how our own energy can be affected by a location and others, negative sources

- How to check our chakras, meridians and aura, cleansing, balancing, fortifying and protecting them (use of oils, crystals, foods, water, magical invocations and protection prayers (angels), cleansing and energising breath techniques, working with angels and ascended masters), symptoms of chakra/aura imbalance or contamination,

- Brief overview of other related energy concepts including “reading” or “sensing” energy (psychometry and stone tape theory), using our sixth sense and fine tuning our senses, finding the “stillness point”

- Energy Well-being tips (how to keep chakras and aura healthy, the importance of sleep, food) effect of alcohol or substance abuse on chakras, emotional issues /stress , the importance of meditation, being mindful and being aware of energy

- QA session


Helena B. Scott is a psychic investigator, mental and light trance medium, writer, and historian as well as wellness/ spirituality coach specialising in: secret history and the occult, sacred geography and energy (Tantric background), Gothic literature and art history, spirituality and the paranormal.

Through psychometry, the clairs, automatic writing, dowsing, tarot cards and light trance, Helena attempts to solve mysteries and investigations, uncovering events purposely omitted, buried by the veil of time and history. Past collaborations over two decades include police and crime-related investigations as well as psychical research in haunted historic properties with parapsychology academics / paranormal investigators. Her last published work (a factual revisionist account and interactive occult book on Ireland’s most haunted house), Loftus The Hall of Dreams features striking photography by Steve Meyler (New Scotland Yard’s Crime Academy former head of forensic photography). Much like a crime-scene investigation but written as a Gothic story, this unique work is supported by both historical and psychical research. Helena also provides podcasts and workshops on spirituality and the paranormal, while offering consultations in many aspects of the paranormal and the occult including property profiles/energy clearings and spirit communication.

Helena holds a diploma in psychic development and received training from leading UK spiritual wellness coaches and mediums including trance medium and psychic detective Tony Stockwell as well as the Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Sciences and the London College of Psychic Studies (est. 1884), where she has been a member for many years. She is also a member of the legendary Ghost Club (est. 1862), the world’s oldest research association on paranormal phenomena and the Egypt Exploration Society (est. 1882). After living in many parts of the world, Helena has chosen to make Ireland her permanent home.

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Sat Jul 16 2022 at 03:00 pm to 08:00 pm
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St. Mary's Community Hall, Fethard High Street, Fethard, Ireland


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